Guide to creating an ergonomic workplace

Whether you run a small business, a corporate office, or work from home, you need to think about creating an ergonomic workplace. Research shows that improved ergonomics in the workplace improve health, boost morale and improve productivity in the office.

All factors will improve your business in the long run. Who doesn’t like having an efficiently running business with proactive and happy employees?

Many areas can benefit from ergonomic changes. From enforcing breaks to providing training in physical activities such as stretching and exercises. Including and not limited to making changes to the design and layout of your office space to create an environment that promotes employee well-being as a priority.

Even making changes to the office furniture will make your employees and their bodies extra happy. Here’s a guide to help you create an ergonomic workplace.

Office design

Listen, employees today spend a third, if not more than half, of their time at work. Their workspace should be considered not only safe but also effective. We can all agree that the standard desk height doesn’t work for everyone. Not having proper ergonomics in the office can take a toll on your body and joints. This means you need the right desk setup, chair height, and posture reminders to help you. Things like having an adjustable or standing desk have proven to be beneficial to employee health.

If you have a home office or work in a building, make sure your desk and chair not only fit your height, but are also comfortable and help you maintain proper posture. This is especially important if you spend hours in front of a computer.

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As workplaces increasingly transition to in-person versus teleworking, you should also consider the layout of your office space and make adjustments if possible. You want to make sure that outdated furniture is updated as well. The goal is to make sure the members of your office feel comfortable so they can be productive and focus on important things other than their aching back or neck.

Organized agencies

Believe it or not, desk organization improves productivity and promotes a positive workflow. Instead of stacking papers on your desk or tossing them aside, try implementing a filing system. Make sure your essentials, such as your stapler, pens, paper clips, etc., are organized and in one place within easy reach. You want to avoid unnecessary reaching as it takes a toll on your body after long periods of time.

If your space is cluttered with wires, try using a desk wire organizer. This makes your environment look neater and safer at the same time. Declutter your space and create a layout that not only makes sense, but also enhances your workspace for maximum productivity. A tidy desk ensures a tidy brain.

Safety first

Safety comes first because a safe workplace will not only keep you out of a lawsuit, but employees will likely stay with your company for years to come. Nobody wants to end up in an unsafe workplace. If things are broken, replace them and remove any hazards immediately.

The priority should always be that everyone is safe, healthy and satisfied with the environment in which he or she works. By caring for your employees in this way, you show that they matter, that their well-being is a priority and that you are loyal to them. If you have a foundation built on loyalty, you will have an employee with longevity in the company.

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Take that break

Breaks are needed and necessary for our bodies and brains. For better mental function and clarity, breaks are a must. Encourage your team to take breaks to improve the quality of their work and avoid burnout. To build morale, you could even force the entire office to eat lunch at the same time once a week.

Go outside and enjoy some fresh air and natural light with your employees. Building morale within your company is the key to a healthy workplace. Increased morale ensures that your staff enjoys their work. If your employees enjoy coming to work, they are likely to perform, produce and create while earning more for your company.

Ergonomics has been proven to be effective and necessary in the workplace. As research has shown, it reduces stress, callouts, employment turnover and burnout. While increasing productivity, quality of work and quality of health within your employers and boosting team morale. It should be applied in all office environments, whether you are a sole proprietor or a company.

Conducting regular assessments and making regular ergonomic changes is beneficial to the quality of work delivered and to the growth of your business. An employer who focuses on the well-being of his employees ensures that they feel valued and safe and that ensures loyal and satisfied staff.

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