10 Interesting Ways To Become A Famous Blogger Quickly!

Let me paint a picture of a famous blogger.

A blogger that has armies of fans online who awaits to read their new content. The blogger who’s featured on popular websites or top blogger lists. He has a massive social media following and has an influence. His unique voice makes a difference in online space which makes him recognized. He did not just buy any established blog but he build a successful blog to become a famous blogger. His blog turned into a full-time business. Inspiring?

But, how did it all happen?

What makes them successful and famous bloggers?

First, it’s not any overnight success.

Blogging is a full-time job. However, the blog results speed up when you do it with passion and creativity.

Below, I will explain ten ways to become a famous blogger quickly. You should also make it clear that blogging takes long hours, hard work and endless research. Every other day, you have to bring a new idea and share.

To achieve success in blogging, you need to set blogging goals and visualize where do you want to see yourself as a successful famous blogger online, Facebook or Instagram.

Ask yourself three questions;

  1. What’s the purpose of your blog?
  2. How much time you can give to your blog?
  3. Do you have passion to grow your blog?

If the answers are in affirmative, then go deep dive into following effective ways;

Produce evergreen content

Evergreen content is the timeless resource for helping audience with the best solutions. Successful bloggers always produce evergreen content to get long-term results.

When you create evergreen content for your blog readers, you basically cover in-depth solutions to their problems. These blog posts does require extra time and research but absolutely worth it. Too often these posts rank higher in search engines and drive free traffic for years.

Long-form and well researched content give readers an indication that you’re an expert in your field.

Here are few examples of evergreen content;

  • How-to posts and tutorials
  • Case studies
  • Detailed post on one topic
  • Complete glossary of a niche
  • List of products
  • Top influencers to follow
  • Expert roundup post on a specific problem

Just think of the most common problems of your readers and come up with an outstanding blog post that shines.

Help your readers, solve their problems

To become an authority in your niche, you should aim to help your readers. Keep your readers first. Set your priority to bring solutions for them.

People use Google or other search engines to find answers. They are eager to find out resources that help them. So, make your blog a resource to help your audience.

Figure out reader’s problems by knowing them. Understand your readers by conducting surveys, short Q/A, interactions in social media communities and collecting blog comments.

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The foremost step to get returning users is to give them the correct answers. When you write for them, they will connect with you. The readers will figure out that you are the right person to find their solutions. As you help your readers, you’re gaining authority in your blog niche.

Most famous bloggers know their reader’s pain points. They create content according to their reader’s interest and needs. This one trick works really well for long time.

Consistency is key

No one can become a famous blogger overnight. It’s the power of consistency that continue to help them grow and expand.

Whether you’re a new blogger, or a seasoned blogger, consistency is the key to success. Be consistent with your content schedule. Obtain consistency in your writing style. Interact with social media audience on regular basis.

You should give your audience something to expect. When you post consistently once in a week, your readers will know there’s something new coming from you. It doesn’t really have to post weekly but the idea is to be consistent with your blog schedule.

The more up-to-date and consistent you are, the more likely readers are to return.

Here are four key points to become consistent;

  • Always set goals for your blog.
  • Plan ahead all of your content and schedule.
  • Participate in social media communities
  • Develop a daily writing habit

This takes us to the next tip.

Find your unique selling point/Leverage your unique strengths

If someone else became popular creating a health blog, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do the same to get famous.

So, identify your unique strengths. Leverage your strengths to get reader’s attention.

You got to find out what you’re best at.

Maybe, you are a wonderful photographer or an artist. Maybe, you write short humorous stories. Maybe, you are a marketing expert for your local area. Whatever it is, you should use it!

Don’t blog just for the sake of blogging. Use your strengths in a way that people learn from you. When you leverage your abilities and skills, results turn out better.

Hone your unique strengths to stand out yourself from the crowd.

On the other hand, if you don’t find your unique selling point, building a blog audience will be a constant struggle.

Build strong social presence

Social media is huge for interacting with your blog audience. Millions of people use social media every day. It’s more likely that your blog audience is also using any of the social channels to consume stories, news, entertainment etc.

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Your job is to use those social channels where your audience is. Understand your audience. Share content that interests them on social media.

When you post a video, people would engage by liking, commenting and sharing. Likewise, when you share knowledge and add a link to your website, people will also click to read more.

Social media is all about engaging. Post consistently. Produce captivating content that attract social media audience. Build a relationship. Entertain them. Give them a reason to check out your blog. Give blog updates. Share interesting facts and trends.

Here are few tips to use social media efficiently;

  • Choose the right social media platforms
  • Post frequently and obtain consistency
  • Create and curate engaging content
  • Participate in Facebook groups
  • Build relationships first
  • Make interesting posts
  • Use captivating visuals

A strong social media presence will result in numerous benefits. It helps to get exposure to your blog, new audience, bring sales, readers engagement and audience feedback.

Network with other bloggers

network with other blogger

Networking is all about making trustworthy relationships with other bloggers. The more connections you have, the more opportunities you can avail.

What you need to do?

Make yourself available for other bloggers. Let your fellow bloggers know that you’re ready to collaborate and help. Bloggers need each other. They help each other grow and expand.

Make your network strong. Look for opportunities. Not every time someone else would drop an email to your inbox. Sometimes, you’ve to approach them and ask if there’s anything you can do for them.

Keep your eyes open. Make your contacts valuable. Think of new ideas to make long lasting connections with bloggers.

Host an interview and invite a blogger.

Give mention to other bloggers in your blog content.

Show examples of blogging friends.

Share their content on social media and tag them.

Understand your audience, and speak to them

As a blogger, it’s crucial to speak to your audience. You should always write for your targeted audience.

Establish a unique voice to connect with your readers. Your writing style should resonate with your audience. Just speak to them in the language they understand.

If your blog is for beginners, use the simple language to connect. Don’t just throw a huge sack of knowledge on them. In fact, communicate to them.

  • Use your blog posts as a mode of communication.
  • Share your wisdom and knowledge with readers.
  • Ask them to participate in conversations.

Be Yourself – Add a personalize touch to your blog

Most bloggers get successful by their own unique blog voice. You don’t need to replicate others because you heard that their strategy worked.

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But, you need to create your own style.

Be yourself.

Write with your own personality.

Just make sure people find your blog interesting. The feedback, comments and overall response from the audience is essential. It helps to note down what changes you should bring to your voice, ideas and writing style.

Whatever you write, try to present it in a different way that hasn’t done before. If many bloggers in your niche are writing text, do videos.

Be a little creative and show your own style.

Help people

Always be willing to help.

If you have visited popular blogs, you may have noticed the amount of free content they provide. Bloggers offer well-written ebooks, case studies, checklists, workbooks to their audience. They want to win reader’s trust.

So, just help your people.

Make yourself easily accessible for your audience. Always reply to comments quickly. Encourage them to ask questions through emails. Be willing to share bits of expert advice in social media communities.

Record a facebook live. Design a free workbook and offer it free on your website.

This way, people will have trust in you. They will most likely be your regular readers.

Most importantly, your email list will also grow.

All these steps will help you become a famous blogger in your niche.

Don’t forget great looking blog design/Deliver an engaging user experience

A wonderful blog design truly matter to the audience. When you deliver an engaging user experience, people will return back to your blog.

The blog design should appeal readers to click through. The website should be easy to navigate.

Your blog design should not be a place of advertisements. When a blog displays annoying ads everywhere, readers go away from the site. Too often they don’t visit again.

All top bloggers usually have a wonderful website. They believe in providing a great user experience for their audience. The blogs look clean and attractive. Every category is clearly mentioned.

Imagine yourself as a blog reader.

How would you consider your blog in terms of user experience?


A successful blogger has a years of experience, consistency, and hard work. If you really want to become a famous blogger, then you need to look at top bloggers. Read more. It’s important to get yourself updated with your niche.

Make yourself a reliable source for your audience.

Remember not to compare yourself with others.

Sketch your own path and stick to it.

I hope all the above steps will help you get closer to your dream of becoming a famous blogger one day.

If you got extra tips, leave the comments below.

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