How to Structure a Blog Post

how to structure a blog post

How to Structure a Blog Post

There are definitely things you want to consider when writing a blog post and knowing how to structure a blog post is vital for your google rankings.  From the title to the content, the images to the call to action – each element plays a different role.  Get your posts looking great!

Following is a list of really important steps and things to consider as your put you blog posts together.  Get in a habit of having a check list (when you are new to blogging) to make sure each element is covered.


A Catchy Headline

This is the first thing that your audience will see in google searches so a catchy headline with your keyword is vital.  And do your best to place the keyword/s first.  They play a major role in being found in Google so place your keywords wisely.


Small Paragraphs

Make sure you are writing in smallish paragraphs.  Your blog post has to be easy on the eye and an easy read so writing just 2 to 3 sentences per paragraph is ideal.  It looks more appealing to the reader and you don’t want people leaving your site before they have even read your posts because of unsightly big blocks of text.


Place Ideas Separately and Have Sub-headings

Make sure you have sub-headings throughout your posts.  Just as I have here in this post. Some people will just scan and if you have good sub-titles – even though your visitor may not read the whole post – they will skip to the more relevant tips within your post that interest them, and perhaps stay on your site a bit longer.


Black on White

Black words on a white background is probably the easiest way for someone to read a lengthy post and one of the best tips on how to structure a blog post.  Too much color can be distracting and hard to read and a simple text font is also a much better option.


Be Conversationalhow to structure a blog post

When writing, talk similar to how you speak.  Your reader isn’t visiting to read a boring essay!  So make sure you structure a blog post with your wit and personality shining through.



It is always good to add a featured image so if you are sharing your posts to social media platforms, it will pull up this image and become a clickable image to your post.

Having this featured image before the fold means it will be viewable to the reader as soon as they visit your blog post. Make sure the picture you have chosen is highly relevant to the topic and when adding the image in your blog platform media area, make sure you place your keyword in the “alt text.”   If somebody finds your image via Google images it will be linked to your blog.


Links Throughout Post

Your post should contain a few links however do not over do this.  It’s always good to link to another post within your blog, to some more relevant information to the post – hence, keeping the reader on your blog for longer.

You are reading and learning how to structure a blog post.
Want some content ideas?   Click here to learn 11 Blogging ideas!


Call to Action

Towards the end of your post you must tell your visitor “What to do”.

Do you want them to get on your list?  Then send them to your ‘sign up form’ for a free offer.

Do you want them to check out what you are doing online?  Then invite them to click on a link to check out a review or other information.
Look I do hope you take away some of these tips on how to structure a blog post.  Following these will have your posts looking visually good and a pleasing read for your visitors.
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To your success in blog post writing!










How to Write for Blogs – 6 Ideas

how to write for blogs 6 ideas

How to write for blogs.

There are many ways on how to write for blogs and many styles. It all depends on what your blog is about as there are millions of topics to choose from.  However, it can be quite challenging at times thinking of what to write on your blog and also what to add visually.

Recently I learned about these blog content ideas and I implement most of these on my blog every time I write. (And if you are new to Blogs and want to learn more about a blogging platform then do check out my Review on a worthy platform here)


Creative Titles and Content

Get attention with your titles.  For example if I had of just titled this post “How to Write for blogs” – yes it would be helpful to someone.  But saying “How to Write for Blogs – 6 Ideas” suddenly the reader is not only getting ideas but there are 6 possibilities of help for them.  So give a bit of thought to your titles.  That is the very first thing anyone sees of your post content so make it captivating!

When you are scrolling through the news feed on Facebook or Instagram you generally move at a pace.

Yes, we are all busy!

how to write for blogs
6 Ideas on how to write for blogs

But if something catches your eye, a Creative title, an image, a profound statement, quote or a video, something just that little bit different we are more inclined to check it out. For content, action pics and videos often capture attention so get creative!  Captivate your audience.


Always Be You

As you write in your posts always write as you would speak and please do not “be”  like anybody else. Let your personality shine. Writing like you speak comes across as more enjoyable and entertaining and not like a common school essay.  People come online to get solutions and to be entertained.  Not to be bored.


Be Inspired by Similar Content

The topic you are about to write about – go and Google it and see what comes up.  Then be inspired by what the author has written and put your own spin on something similar.  And no, that doesn’t mean copy and paste. Just be inspired by what others do.

A good reminder on how to write for blogs is that your style and your personality will be different and relate to a slightly different audience. But stressing again here – never copy!


Share Personal Experiences

Depending on what type of Blog you are creating you also can share what you do with your family. Share the fun you have with your home business. Share your wins. People love seeing others in family situations and are inspired by successful achievements.  So be proud – and share!


Quotes – and Quotes with imagesjim rohn quotes

Posts with Quotes and quote images are always a crowd favorite.  And no matter what niche you are in, you can be guaranteed there is someone noteworthy that has shared a quote or two in that field, whether it be business, sport, arts, philosophy… the list goes on.  So definitely start sharing some inspiration with the odd “Quotes” post.


Add Videos to Your Posts

These can be fun, family videos or a video where you are offering value or a solution to your niche. Either way videos command attention (especially if you speaking in them) and if you are regularly doing these your audience will get to know you a whole lot quicker.

If you are new to videos and want to learn how to video market then I have a fantastic Video Marketing product by Mark Harbert to get you set up and getting engagement, likes and leads from your videos.  Check My Review on it here!


And after you have written your posts:

Make sure you post your recent blog post and content regularly to popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to name a few.

Also a good measure for your Social media posting;
You can share your recent blog post, info about your day, images, quotes, (and your business adverts occasionally)  A good measure is around 5 to 7 updates a day of sharing good quality content. Of course that doesn’t mean 5 of those are of your business opportunity – actually they should never be!

Being active on Social Media and regularly posting will have your audience engaged and looking for your content.

And a big must – connect with your audience.  Don’t just put your content up there and expect everyone to like and share. Get commenting and liking other people’s posts. Be engaging if you expect engagement on your content.  Connect with new friends and talk to them!  It’s an absolute must to be engaging with people on all the social media platforms!
I do hope you enjoyed these 6 ideas on how to write for blogs and a couple of tips on marketing for yourself to implement into your own business.  Do comment below a tip you can think of for a blog writing idea.  I would love to hear it!

Make it awesome day!



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6 Reasons Why People Fail Network Marketing

why people fail in network marketing

6 Reasons Why People Fail Network Marketing

There are many things a new business owner gets hung up on, when first starting out in business. Of course you will only get better as you progress forward and with trial and error in many areas.

However sometimes its good to get a few ideas or reasons why people fail network marketing.  And of course a head start in knowing what to avoid, so you are NOT making every mistake there is when starting a new online business.

Following are 6 reasons why people fail network marketing.  Now there is probably a whole lot more, however I found these were some I definitely did and now daily avoid.

1)  A BIG one is Self Doubt

And this one usually starts early when you start in business. Yes,  you start excited and full of enthusiasm, but when things don’t go to plan you start second guessing why you started business in the first place.

“I can’t do this”.  “Who do I think I am being a business owner?”

Its definitely this self talk that can completely stop you from moving forward and just a few word track changes to “I can do this”  and  “I will do this, I will make this work” make all the difference.  So be aware there will probably be self doubt – and its up to you to turn that around!  And of course, this is where working on yourself and your mindset come into play.  So be working on yourself daily.

You can and You will !!!

2)  Fear is a BIG one and similar to Self Doubt

You will never grow if you never face your fears. So you just have to do it!  That can be easy for others to say but just little steps, even baby steps of facing your fear.  Every day, a little step tackling a difficult task is progress towards facing your fears. The feeling you get for accomplishing this will be the most rewarding of all.

3)  Competition or Comparison to others

Stop competing with others. So you just started a business and 6 months in you are pissed because you are not making the 6 figures you thought you would like the leaders in the company.


why people fail network marketing
You only fail if you give up up in network marketing

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it wasn’t built in 6 months either so just STOP THIS!

The only person you should be competing with is yourself.  Look in the mirror. There… there is your competition. So go get busy bettering you!  Compare your results to those you did yesterday.  But compare only with you.

And yes, it is going to take time!

4)  Perfection

The fourth reason of why people fail network marketing is, you have to stop thinking everything has to be perfect.  I started with this new blogging platform – you can check out my Review on it here.  I am building a Blog and it is far from perfect.

But it didn’t stop me promoting it in the beginning.  Even when I only had a couple of posts written.

And my business Facebook Fanpage.  Again, far from perfection, an far from having heaps of Fans, however I still share value from it regularly.

So stop waiting for things to be perfect.  You just wont get started – I can guarantee you that!

5)  Responsibility

Sorry to break it to you but you are responsible for your success. You will have mentors like I do in my Blogging Platform that will mentor and guide you but ultimately it is up to you to get out there and get busy doing what you have been taught.  Do not ever blame your mentor or the company you signed with as their fault for you failing.

You fail when you quit.

If you fail whilst trying to build your business – GREAT – Lesson learned, move on and try something else on for size.  But never ever blame anyone else!

6)  Lack of Belief and Worthiness

I think in any business you truly have to be passionate about what you are selling. That will definitely lift your belief in what you have. Then it’s just believing you can share that with others – if you believe in your product or service then belief should come easy…

And never think you are not worth it.

You are always worth it.  For you and your Family!
I do hope you enjoyed this post on why people fail network marketing.  I hope you are one step ahead and don’t go through half of these hiccups in network marketing, however it is through trial and error you will get past each of these.

Can you think of another reason why people fail network marketing?

Do comment and share your thoughts below!
To your success!
Sharon Whyte




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How to Make Money Online for a Beginner

how to make money online for a beginner

How to Make Money Online For a Beginner

As a beginner to online marketing, it can be quite mind boggling the amount of businesses you come across as you research to start something, part time, beside what you are currently doing.

I want to give you a few tips on things to look out for and an idea that I think is great for someone who is very new to the online world.

Tips on What to do While Researching

If you do find something you are interested in, make sure you check out Reviews on the company.  I have a really good beginners guide here of important things to check out on your journey of how to make money online for a beginner.

I also have a page dedicated to Reviews, so check this out too, as it will give you an idea of what information should be provided in a review to get you fully informed.

Also be checking out the owner/s of the company to make sure they are reputable. If they have done wrong by anyone, you will definitely learn all about it online – somewhere!

Ideally look for things that you can sign in for free to check out.  Alot of MLM’s do not do this and only give you a company video to look at, however if you can get inside “behind the curtains,” so to speak, then do it.

Too many MLM companies get you in on a cheap product then on your way in they are upselling you left, right and centre.  Or you bought in at say a $500 product because all the “Testimonials” quote how there life has changed because of this product.  However, you get in and the reason they are earning the big $$$ is because there are higher ticket products in the tens of thousands to buy and sell – and that is where the “big” money is made.

So be very wary of this tactic when joining a business, and learn everything there is to know about the Company, the products etc (inside and out), so you get no surprises along the way.

An Idea to Make Money Online as a Beginner

In one word blogging.  In two, Affiliate to make money online for a beginner

AAARGGGHH!  You say, (or not!)

But hear me out here.

Imagine instead of throwing money at this MLM or that one, (yip I can probably guarantee you will try more than one and spend a ton of money doing it – not to mention advertising costs!)  but just imagine you could have a website online.

You are putting up content in the form of blog posts – just like this one – however, it is to a niche, a more targeted group of people.  And you are writing about something you really enjoy, which then makes doing these blog posts a lot more fun, because you like and know what you are talking about.

And How to Make Money Online for a Beginner?

Well, the people who are visiting your site, are enjoying what they read because it is specific to what they are looking for online.  They become repeat visitors because you are providing value, answers and solutions to their problems.

And in time they will either join you, or be directed to products or other things (affiliated to you) because you suggested it, which is where the whole Affiliate Marketing comes into play.  And because it is a good solution to what they were looking for.  (As an affiliate to products online you get from 1% to 75% of the sale).

My No. 1 Recommendation

wealthy-affiliateBottom line and from years of experience online, and without hesitation – Wealthy Affiliate.  Check out My Honest Review here.

Why I think this is a really good option for a beginner is because you are in a place where you have not spent thousands to enter into an MLM and bought into their big compensation plan promise.

You would not have spent thousands on advertising $$$ that you could not afford either.  These are huge mistakes I have made and if you are not careful you could make the same too.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you are taught step by step how to get your posts ranked onto Google Page 1.  As I said earlier, you have a Website that is “niche specific” so you have material for a target audience.

And what I love the most about all my efforts with this “blogging” thing,  is every post has the best chance of making page 1 of Google.  As your site ranks better over time, so do your posts which means free advertising, ongoing, forever.

And all of this, and everything you need to know to do this, is with this platform Wealthy Affiliate – sign in here for Free to check us out!

Get your Website Posts onto GOOGLE Page 1 !!!

keyword search seo toolThis is one place where you can make a lot of money online, you are taught everything you need to know all in one place.  The support is out of this world, 24/7 on the spot community help.

And you get to check it all out for FREE, stay a free member ongoing and should you choose to upgrade, then it is a minimal membership of $49.  No upsells, no surprises!!!

And for an example of how you could get your pages onto Google’s Page 1 – just like I have and only because that is what they have taught me since I have been with them!

I do hope you enjoyed my post on how to make money online for a beginner and definitely go and check out a thorough Review on this Wealthy Affiliate program.  Or do contact and connect with me directly on Facebook. I will be more than happy to speak with you!

Make it a great day!
























Beginner Guide Online Marketing

how to make money online

Beginner Guide to Online Marketing

If you have been online for longer than 5 minutes you will have discovered there are many ways on how to make money online for a beginner.  Actually hundreds, even thousands!  In this beginner guide online marketing I want to give you a few things to think about.  Being new and learning how to make money online can be daunting, frustrating and if you start paying for things before researching them – it can quickly become a very costly exercise.


So Where Do You Look?

I guess most of us these days we turn to Google for just about anything.  And we all do it if we are looking online to make money as well.  So, to know how to make money online for a beginner, then Google is definitely the first port of call.

So you stumble across something interesting that you think you could do.  But is it legitimate?  Or is it a scam?  Can I really have a $5,000 sale by next week?

Seriously, you have to be realistic and below I list a few pointers through my own experience on what to look out for – when you are a beginner wanting to make money online.


Tips For A Beginner to Look Our For!

So you have found something good – Now what?

So you have found something that is going to make you the money.  And the company is called – lets say – The beginner guide online marketingMillionaires Club.  First things first. Get the company name and go and Google it for a Review.

Google;  The Millionaires Club Review or Millionaires Club Review.

And go through the Reviews on the first page of Google that you find.  Don’t do just one!  Some people are bias, and some people may be part of that company, again being very bias.  Hopefully you can find an insiders honest and genuine Review.

The Review should cover prices, the training and tools, support if it is provided and what the company as a whole is about.  It should give a pretty good indication of whether it is a good company or a downright scam.  (You can check out my Review on Wealthy Affiliate and get an idea of what a good Review should cover)


Now it’s on to the Company owners

Go and Google them and see what you come up with. The last 2 companies I was participating in (and discovered both were scammy!)  After researching one owner I had discovered he had been charged with fraud a number of years ago and there are many complaints about how he operates all over the internet – so I got my money back and high tailed out of that one.

The other one I was with for 5 months and doing really well.  However after 4 of the 5 Leadership team left, we discovered there was NO product – which makes it one BIG Ponzi scheme – so I got out of that one too!

So another big tip from this beginner guide online marketing.  Do your research on the owners, it is really important.


Does The Company Let you in for Free?

These days alot of programs will let you get in and trial their product, or platform for free.  Even for a period of 7 days which is great.  It gives you time to get in, get a feel for the platform.  Of course you are not going to be rich in a week however it gives you the chance to look around and see if what the Company offered you is all it’s cracked up to be.

My latest online business I am part of did just that.  Wealthy Affiliate is their name – you can sign in here and Check it out Free for yourself!  The brilliant thing is you can remain an unpaid member for an unlimited time if you want.  But more importantly you get to go in, see what it is about, see the training and support and if its exactly what they offered from the outside looking in.  And a month in I can say it is what they said it was… and a whole lot more!


I will only Work with You If….

Another tip I want to give you, is don’t fall for the Leaders that will not work with you unless you buy into their business at a high level.  I heard that recently about a business that specific Leaders wont work with people unless you bought into a $125 “inner circle” membership per month.

I can also remember my mentor saying in a personal development company I was part of years ago, that she wouldn’t work with people unless they bought the first product.  To her that meant they were serious.  To the beginner getting started, that meant $2285 out of pocket – just so they would be working with her.  It’s just not on!  So be very wary of the “conditions” that these Leaders put upon you as a newbie.


Are there Upsells You don’t know about?

Some Companies have a range of products however there is nothing worse when you’re “sold on testimonials.” and if you buy this product and resell it etc…. you too can make a lot of money.  Only to get into the business to find out there is a bunch of higher ticket products.  Alot more than you were made aware of when you joined.

So really do you your due diligence and make sure you know exactly what costs are involved when you go into an online business.  There are many factors to look out for and the fact we have the internet at our fingertips these days, you have a much better chance of finding out about the scams, the overpriced, the downright B.S  Companies before you put a dime down.
I do hope you found some good tips on this beginner guide online marketing and use them!  There is so much online you can research about and make a truly informed decision.

Definitely Check out what I do for absolutely FREE and take your time, it wont cost you anything to make a good business decision.

To your success online!
Make it a great day







Building Your Own Website Free

free building websites

Building Your Own Website Free

Have you ever thought you could be building your own website free?
No, neither did I until I discovered this wonderful platform and feature online.

I have now learned the absolute importance of building your own website.
And it is Yours and a place you can call home to your creative “stuff” when online.

Everything you do (as in blog posts) have the possibility of being found organically on Google or other search engines which means you are not paying for advertising. And the good thing is, these posts are out there online, being searched forever!   At NO COST to you.

With your website you can become an Affiliate Marketer and have links of products and services to send your audience to.  Check out how affiliate marketing works here.

You can become an Authority in your chosen niche.  The more you know and the more informative posts you put up, the more people are going to favour you for as the  “Go To” guy or gal for information and more importantly a solution.

Which brings me to your Passion.

You will no doubt have a passion for one or many things. Well get sharing that with others. You know heaps about it, You love “it” and others will enjoy your shares and see your Passion shine through!

You can direct people to your website to provide value and service, solve problems and possibly send them to affiliate links of related products to your niche that will result in you making money.


Below is a platform called Site Rubix where you can try it out for yourself Free!

With this you can create either a website for yourself, for your own niche or for a local business or even a client.  Never before has it been simpler to create your own website.  The guidance within  Wealthy Affiliate has made it “user friendly” and easy to make a website with Site Rubix.

So if you are looking to build a site, and with Site Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate then read on…


building your free websiteWith Site Rubix – when you fill in your Name for a free website, you will be taken to the Wealthy Affiliate platform where you can be guided step by step on how to set your website up for free.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you 2 websites as a free member but more importantly they give you the training and support to get your website up and running and this is especially important for someone who really, has no idea.  I know when I first started blogging and building my own website I welcomed all the help I could get!

Once you are in the site, there is an area that basically says “Get Started Here” and from there you can follow the easy laid out steps.

There is a paid option with Wealthy Affiliate which is under $50 (which means up to 50 websites and access to extra training) but for now and for free, you can enjoy so much that this platform has to offer. Check out the Wealthy Affiliate Review here


With signing in here you will become a Starter member – YES it is FREE – and have access to the following:

    •   Certificate 1 and our Affiliate Bootcamp course – All lessons in Level 1 and the bootcamp are training and step by step guidance to get your website up and running.
    •   The Activity Dashboard – you can read all posts and read members blogs and comment threads.
    •   Jaaxy a premium Keyword tool – Get 30 searches free to find keywords for your niche
    •   You can also promote WA as an affiliate, and earn commissions as a free starter member.
    •   So Get started here!


So seriously, what are you waiting for?  Enter a name for your Free website and get started today!
My only regret with this platform is I didn’t start it sooner.

See you on the other side!




















Small Home Business Ideas

small home business ideas

Successful Small Home Business Ideas

For successful small home business ideas I am always on the lookout to better my blog for my business, but when I discover what Leaders in the internet marketing world are truly doing, it is definitely not what I thought. So I have put forth a list of important things you may want to consider in your home business everyday.

Be grateful

Wow, that was definitely not what I was looking for but now I know how important this daily expression of just being grateful for what I have and what I will have. When things just are not going so good and “the sky is falling” and “nothing is working” you have to just stop and remember what you have and be very grateful. So important and probably why it’s on top of the list.

Be Super Organisedsmall home business ideas

I think “Super” applies to the online business owner who still has a j.o.b. You probably have a family to attend to and work to go to – I know this for myself as I am still self employed so being super organised is key for me to get my business practices done, my home to run smoothly, my kids organised and to school on time, personal development studies and fitness addressed…. PHEW!  The list goes on.

But knowing what and when I am doing these things is imperative if I want to succeed!  So definitely add this to your “daily must dos” for your small home business ideas.  I have written an article on your Daily Method of Operation that you can check out here!

How are you Representing Your Business?

As part of small home business ideas I have included this one. You should be passionate about what you are representing. Not just for the compensation plan but because you genuinely love what you have and do. I definitely love what I do everyday and you can read my Review about Wealthy Affiliate here if you like.  So be really passionate about your business and it will truly shine through to the interested people you are putting it in front of.

Know Your Vision

Seriously, what is it that you truly wanting out of life?  What are you wanting out of life and for the rest of your life?  What is going to get you so pumped that at 5-6am, 6 days a week (I know, this is what I do!) that getting up is suddenly a normality to work towards your dream business and to fire your boss. Knowing your Why? is incredibly important as well. This alone will fuel you and get you out of bed when at times you really don’t want to.

Are Your Goals Written Down?

You have goals don’t you? Stop focusing on what isn’t working and start focusing on what is and what will be. Get your Goals written down on a card. Refer to them often.  When you are getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning and you suddenly don’t want to be, then reading those goals you have written down will without a doubt remind and motivate you on why you are doing this in the first place.

Be Yourself

So the last of my small home business ideas and this one especially applies to online marketers is – Be Yourself.  At the end of the day People join People not businesses so BE YOU!  I want to partner with people like me, who want to have fun, are genuine, want to travel and enjoy the good things in life with their families as I do, so I am not going to make out I am something I am not!  So be You!


I hope you enjoyed some of my tips for and these small home business ideas.  I have realised that is is not about finding the next best shiny object out there and I hope you realise that too. If you enjoyed this blog then feel free to check out the Wealthy Affiliate platform I use.  It may just help you in building a successful home business!

If you have have any other successful small home business ideas do share below – I would love to hear them!
Make it a great day – to your success!





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Start a Blog Business

start a blog business blogger

Are you wanting to Start a Blog Business ?

Blogging as part or your business is so important. Especially if your Multi Level Marketing or Direct Sales Company that you are part of is online too.

And most are these days!

Having a blog, you now have a home online, a place you can send people to share value with and give advice too.  And also a place you can share links to, your chosen business opportunity or a product that is in alignment with your niche.

It’s your Online home.start a blog business

And it’s the only thing you actually will “own” online besides your list – Your list of subscribers you create via your blog with free offers and with an autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse.

Being part of a multi-level-marketing or direct sales company is awesome and a great part of how we can succeed big online.  And it is this company that you are passionate about, somewhere you can direct people after they have visited your blog.

You see with a blog, people can get to know you through the value you provide in posts and various things you share on Social Media platforms. (Or if you learn how to rank your post correctly like we do here, you will be found organically on Google)  Through this blog they will get to like what you share and like the solutions you provide for them.

And with that comes trust.


Blogging for your Business is Really Important

What say the MLM or Direct Sales Company you are part of – folded – came to an end – a screaming halt!

Where would that leave you?

And I have been in that position before.  Going from daily pay to nothing!

If you had a blog, then even though sadly, the MLM you loved so much has disappeared, your blog and your list you created from your blog, still exists.

And you can continue to create awesome content, email your loyal list of subscribers, provide value, service, and suggest digital products, affiliate products or e-courses that they can purchase from you.

Because you saw the importance of a Blog and were smart enough to Start a Blog Business.


start a blog busisnessMy Blog is associated with Wealthy Affiliate for the very reasons I will explain to you below. You can check it our for free Right Here!   They provide 2 free websites, but 50 websites if you go premium which is valued incredibly cheap for under $50. They have easy to follow step by step training to get your new blog/website up and running so you can get your posts ranked and people visiting.

You have a huge supportive community where you can get live help from the Live Chat section. Which means you ask a question now and you will get an answer right now!

The Site Rubix feature is where you follow a step by step guide and build your website. Once you know how to do one, you can then build many.

Full, detailed and very comprehensive training of what is working right now with advertising and what works best for your blog is included with the Certification Courses you go through.

Live Video Classes, which are held weekly, are always informative, and always with a question and answer segment at the end of the call.

Hosting of all your websites is covered in the very minimal cost.  There is a keyword tool to select the best keywords for your post and have them ranked faster.

You can check out my Full Wealthy Affiliate Review here where I go into alot of detail about this platform to see if it is a fit for you and your business.



So are you ready to Start a Blog Business ?

Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing I have discovered in all my years online.  I have had blogs in the past but they were never structured correctly, I was never taught how to find keywords efficiently and how to rank my posts correctly so I am thrilled with what I use now for business.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out –  Get it here!

To you and your successful blog!
Sharon  xx



















How to Make Money as a Blogger

how to make money as a blogger

There are probably many ways on how to make money as a blogger however today I wanted to share with you what I have discovered and what I am doing specifically so you too can consider blogging to make money!

Recently I discovered a very advanced platform for entrepreneurs who wanted to learn how to share their passions, and do so via a blog.

Making money online is definitely not the easiest thing to do. But if you are equipped with all the right tools and all in one place then this journey becomes alot easier than you think.


Some Tips to Help How to Make Money as a Blogger

You must definitely find your passion.

To begin with your blog can take time to take shape and receive consistent traffic, so writing about your passion will feel like more a labor of love than an arduous, monotonous event!

Writing what you love and what you know will keep yourself interested and you have to really consider “Who is my Visitor?”

They came to your blog, because they typed in specific keywords.  They want relevant, good honest information and someone (that’s you) who knows what they “need” from their visit. You give the goods, the “solution” and you not only have a happy reader, you will no doubt have a loyal follower and them coming back.

So if you want to really know how to make money as a blogger – then picking a niche that your are passionate about is a fantastic start!


You have a Niche to Assist Others – Now What?

how to make money as a bloggerNow it is time to start sharing your knowledge with others about your niche.  A platform I use is Wealthy Affiliate, you can check it out here.  This teaches you how to structure your blog and write it, the keywords to use etc – but ‘you’ have to come with the niche, the passion and your ideas to share with others.  And as my picture states you can see the detailed training, tools and support that is on offer with this platform.

Sharing links to Affiliate products is how to make money as a blogger. Of course these products will definitely need to be in alignment with what your niche is about.

You wouldn’t have a blog you have taken the time to write on say – weight loss and exercise tips – and send your visitor via a link to jewellery or something that is nothing about what your topics are about. Very important to stay congruent with what your are promoting.  Of course there are many blogs out there that have a variety of topics and this would be fine, but if yours is on a particular niche, then keep your content and affiliate links on the same page so to speak.

Get Social Media and Other Bloggers Commenting

Google loves sites that prove to have engagement and are popular so get sharing your value based content on Social Media – become part of groups that assist each other in blog comments.

How does this help you and how to make money as a blogger?  Well more engagement means your content will probably be found more often in organic searches, hence unique visitors checking out your posts and your offers.  So get social and engaging now!


Affiliate Marketing

That niche you are writing daily about. Well now it’s time to connect worthy Affiliate products that you can send your interested reader too.  There are many affiliate networks and places like Amazon and Click bank where you can find suitable products.

Wealthy Affiliate, the program I am associated with has pretty much “a blog business in a box” and covers everything in regards to having 50 websites to enable you to have a variety of niches, to all the tools and support you will need to make money as a blogger.  Check out my Review on this Wealthy Affiliate program now!

So in conclusion, I do hope this gave you a few tips on how to make money as a blogger. Blogs do take time to take shape however there is no better way than to get your personal passion, your creativity into your posts and sharing them with others.  Oh yeah, and perhaps being paid for all your efforts as well!   Don’t forget to leave your comments below – let me know what you Blog about.

So get blogging – Check out the Wealthy Affiliate Platform now!

Cheers, Sharon Whyte