15 Ways to Get Paid To Listen To Music In 2024

Ever dreamed of making money from your love of music? The year 2024 makes this dream a reality. You can get paid to listen to music and earn money listening to music like never before. All you need is an internet connection to start reviewing music from home.

Think about sharing your thoughts on the latest hits or discovering new tunes. Sites like Slicethepie will pay you about $0.10 for each review. Apps such as Current Rewards offer up to $600 yearly in cash or gift cards for listening to various music genres. Plus, you can make from $1.25 to $15 per song by curating playlists for Playlist Push.

There are many ways to make money with music reviews and get paid to review music songs. The potential to increase your earnings is great. So, get your playlists ready. Dive into these 15 awesome chances to turn your love for music into extra cash. Get ready for a chance to enjoy and earn from the latest music trends.


If you love sharing your music opinions, SliceThepie is a great place to do this. It lets you earn cash by listening to music. You can talk about anything from the songs to what the artist wears. Even your thoughts on record labels can earn you money. Your pay depends on how well you explain your thoughts and what type of music you review. On average, you get $0.10 for each review. But here’s the cool part: if you write detailed and helpful reviews, you can earn even more.

SliceThepie started in 2007 and has grown a lot. Now, more than 2 million people are getting paid for music feedback there. It pays you in US dollars and you need to earn at least $10 to get your money via PayPal. SliceThepie pays between $0.01 and $0.20 for each review. Your money arrives in your account on Tuesdays and Thursdays, within 5 days.

There’s another way to make money on SliceThepie. You can earn extra by inviting friends to join using your special code. Then, every time they review music, you make extra cash. The site also has a special Star Rating system. If your reviews are very helpful, you’ll get more pay and bonuses.

SliceThepie isn’t a big money maker compared to other sites. You might use it to add a little something to your income. But, if you’re passionate about music and want to have a say, it’s a great place. You can earn money by sharing your honest thoughts about the songs you hear.


Picture this: making money by listening to music. With Current Rewards, enjoy over 100,000 radio stations and earn points easily. This app lets you make up to $600 yearly. You do this by listening to music and completing fun tasks. Best part, it’s all free, no subscription needed.

For each minute you listen, points add up. Get 8,000 points, and you start winning. You get points for referring friends or doing quick surveys. These add up fast.

With Current Rewards, the rewards are real. Cash out via PayPal at 30,000 points, which is $20. Or, choose gift cards for places like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks. For the smart shopper, you can even get cashback online. It’s a cool way to earn by just listening to music.

But, be real with what you expect. Earnings can be different for each person. Some found it takes a lot of time to earn, and there might be some tech bugs to deal with. Yet, for those who love music and want to earn from it, Current Rewards is a great choice.


Want to work in the music industry from behind the scenes? HitPredictor gives that chance. You can earn money by listening to music and sharing your thoughts before it’s out. Sign up and pick the music you like to start.

You’ll listen to new songs and rate them. Your feedback helps shape the songs before they’re released. This way, you’re involved in new music and its future.

For every song you rate, you earn points. These points are more than just numbers. They could win you Amazon gift cards in the program’s raffles. It makes listening to music extra fun and rewarding.

HitPredictor is only for those in the U.S. It brings together a community of music fans and reviewers. Anyone 18 and over can join, but this may vary by state. If you love music and want to turn that love into something more, this is your chance.

Although there may be some technical issues, users enjoy discovering new music and getting rewards. Your feedback can truly influence what becomes a hit. HitPredictor is a great choice if you want to interact with music and get some extra rewards or cash.

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Playlist Push

Are you keen on making cash by listening to songs? If you’re good at creating playlists, Playlist Push offers a wonderful opportunity. You could make from $1.25 to $15 per song review. This makes it an exciting pick for playlist makers aiming to earn money. To start reviewing songs on Playlist Push, remember a few key things. Your playlist must be public, have 1,000 followers, and an active listenership.

Playlist Push works by linking playlist makers with tracks from up-and-coming singers. You’re free to skip a song if it doesn’t suit your playlist. But, adding the right song boosts both your playlist’s appeal and your followers. This way, you keep things genuine while making a possible income from music. Earnings go directly to your Transferwise account, making the process quick and hassle-free.

If you want to improve your playlist’s reach, consider using Soundplate, Submit Hub, and Indie Mono. These platforms offer great advice on enhancing your social media presence, engaging fans, and keeping your playlists fresh and inviting. In the playlist business, using these tools is crucial to make your work noticed. It also opens more chances to earn through music reviews.

Turning your playlist into a money-making asset requires ongoing promotion, love for music, and smart choices. Through Playlist Push, offer your unique touch and follow their advice closely. By doing this, you could create a significant revenue stream. You’ll also help new artists grow. This strategy mixes exploration with earning, improving both your finances and your music collection.


If you’re into earning passive income through music, RadioEarn is a great choice. With a free account, you can listen to online radio and earn points every 15 minutes. These points can become real cash. You can turn them into USD for Amazon gift cards, bank transfers, or even Bitcoin.

RadioEarn makes enjoying music profitable. You get to listen to your favorite songs while earning money. It’s easy to use, letting you relax or do other things while you listen. Every 15 minutes you listen, you collect points that unlock various rewards, making your time enjoyable and rewarding.

RadioEarn is ideal for saving money, covering regular costs, or just treating yourself without worry. With Amazon gift cards as a cash-out option, your listening time turns into shopping power. It’s a win-win that everyone can enjoy.

Music Xray

Looking to make some extra cash by reviewing music? Music Xray is a place where indie artists and music fans meet. Artists pay you for your opinion on their songs. You could make $10 to $20 for each review you do. It’s a way for you to help upcoming artists improve their music.

But, some people have had not-so-great experiences with Music Xray. Reviews take up to 45 days to get done. If you want to submit your own music, it costs money. There’s a $5 fee for each song you send. Then, there’s an extra charge for feedback, and more fees for other services. Even though you can send in as many songs as you want, the costs can add up fast.

Also, some users say they had to pay a lot of money but got very little help or feedback. One person even said they lost $350 without anything good coming out of it. Some professionals asked for $30 just to listen to a single song. Reviews on TrustPilot also mention issues with getting paid. All this makes people question the value and fairness of using Music Xray.

Music Xray does offer a cool way for music fans to make money by reviewing songs. But, it seems like reviewers need to be careful. They should know all the costs and what they can really get from the platform. It’s important to think about whether you could make good money or end up losing a lot instead.


Want to make money by listening to music and sharing your views? Research.fm is the place for you. They’re a top player in market research. By joining, you get to do paid music surveys that shape the future of music.

After joining and filling out your details, you’ll start getting survey emails. To take part, just listen to music clips and share your thoughts. This can be done at home or while out and about.

Every survey you complete earns you Amazon gift cards. So, it’s perfect for anyone who loves music and wants to earn from it. Plus, you see new music before everyone else does. It truly combines your love for music with earning rewards.

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Looking to earn some money by listening to music or reviewing songs? Cash4Minutes is a new way to do just that. You can turn your spare phone minutes into cash by listening to online radio. Think about it, you make money by reviewing songs on your phone. Every minute you listen helps you earn, and you can collect your cash through PayPal, Bitcoin, bank transfers, or Amazon gifts.

Cash4Minutes stands out in the world of paid music listening. It has more than 150,000 users worldwide and has paid out over $11 million since 2014. You can also make more by inviting friends. For every friend and their friend you invite, you earn a percentage of what they make. This way, your earnings can grow just by getting others to join.

When it comes to how much you can earn per minute, it varies from $0.03 to $0.10. But, some users in certain areas might find better rates. Just remember, you can only send up to 300 SMS messages a day. And, if you’re doing international bank transfers, there might be fees from $5 to $15.

Some people have pointed out that the pay might be low and there’s no payment guarantee from Cash4Minutes. Even with that, it could still be a good way to earn passively if you enjoy reviewing music. You might also want to check out apps like Current Rewards, PlaylistPush, or MusicXray. They could be good choices based on where you are and how you prefer to get paid.

In the end, Cash4Minutes is a creative way to make money off your free time. Whether you use it as a main source of income or just to add to what you already make, it’s a novel approach. It turns your love for music into a way to earn money.


Earning money can be fun, just like listening to your favorite songs. Platforms like Earnably let you get paid to listen to music. You can also earn from simple tasks such as watching music videos or online radio. Earnably rewards you with points for music-related activities. This way, it satisfies your love for music and boosts your pocket.

Going deeper, Earnably makes it easy to gather points fast. It’s a smooth process. Just enjoy music to earn money. Review new songs or have music in the background, and you’ll earn points. Once you reach 225 points, worth $2, you can choose how to get paid. Pick PayPal for quick money or opt for Amazon or Bitcoins to fit your needs.

Reviewing music on Earnably is not just about money. It helps artists and producers by providing them with feedback. This mutual support connects music fans with creators. So, you get to enjoy music, earn, and help in making music. It’s beneficial for everyone involved.

If you want to increase your earnings, participate more. The more you use Earnably, the more points you’ll earn. This makes it a great way to earn money if you love music. And you can do it all from home.

Nielsen Digital Voice

Do you love listening to songs? Imagine if you could earn money just for doing that. With Nielsen Digital Voice, your online activities, especially music listening, can make you money. By installing their software, your digital habits help with important market research. This research shapes the future of online content and services. You get paid to share your thoughts on music and more.

Whether it’s new hits or old favorites, Nielsen Digital Voice turns your listening time into cash. They value the insights you provide about your music habits. This information is crucial for understanding internet trends and behaviors. Plus, they offer rewards for staying with them long-term or when it’s your birthday and you add a new device.

Nielsen keeps things clear with a point system that lets you see exactly how you’re earning. You can turn your points into PayPal cash or gift cards. It’s a great way to make money from something you enjoy. This makes sharing your music opinions really rewarding. It helps with market research and pays you for listening to music.

But it’s not just about the money. Being part of Nielsen Digital Voice means you’re helping shape the future of digital media. Your insights make services better for people like you. This turns your tech use into a meaningful contribution to the digital world. It’s a cool way to have your voice heard and make a difference.


Want to make money while listening to music? Check out FusionCash. They offer more than just music gigs. You can also do surveys, try new software, and more. This makes FusionCash a standout place to earn while having fun online.

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FusionCash is perfect for adding income variety. Sign up and get $5 as a bonus. You can withdraw money once you reach $25. They pay through PayPal or with a cheque. You can earn by doing reviews on music.

If earning with different online activities sounds good, try FusionCash. You can enjoy music while doing surveys or using software. Your efforts can lead to good earnings. So, looking into FusionCash could bring both joy and money your way.


If you love sharing your music opinions, UniqueRewards is your go-to place. It’s not just about listening to music for fun. It’s a space where your reviews can turn into cash. This site lets you earn by giving feedback on songs and more. Plus, you can do other tasks to add to your earnings.

Wondering how to make money while enjoying music? UniqueRewards could kick off your earning journey. Here, interacting with various media can make you rich. It’s about finding tasks you love and turning them into an income. With lots of activities to choose from, making cash in your spare time is easy.

Finding new ways to make money online? UniqueRewards is a good start. It’s perfect for those wanting extra cash or a steady income from music reviews. Pick activities that interest you and start earning. So, take the chance to shape the music world, all from your home.


Do you love music and languages? Welocalize offers a special chance unlike other music review jobs. It lets you make money by simply listening to music. But it’s more than that. You’ll help translate songs and make them fit various cultures worldwide.

At Welocalize, you can turn your music passion into a job. Especially if you’re good at spotting details and enjoy using different languages. You’ll earn about $4 to transcribe a song, which can add up fast. With some speed, you could do 50 songs in a week and make a solid monthly income.

But it’s not just about the money. You’re also helping music go global. Through music localization, artists can share their songs in ways that everyone worldwide can understand and love. If you want to explore music and languages further and get paid for it, Welocalize could be your ideal start.

Music Research

Dive into the music market research scene with Music Research. Your love for tunes can now become a real job. Join us and help decide which songs hit big in the future.

Sign up to review songs and join a group of trendsetters. It’s more than just fun; it’s a way to make money by listening to music. Your reviews help artists improve and earn you some cash. It’s a neat way to make some extra money, find new music, and learn what songs people love.

Earning money is great, but so is the community you join. By sharing your thoughts, you help shape the music scene. Music Research is where your passion for music and making money meet. It’s a harmony of fun and opportunity.


In today’s digital world, making money by listening to music is more possible than ever. There are many ways to do this, from reviewing songs on platforms like Slicethepie to curating playlists with PortalPlaylistPush. Such tasks can not only support new artists but also earn you some extra cash. For example, sites like PortalPlaylistPush offer up to $12 for each song you add to a playlist. This opportunity can truly enhance any creator’s experience.

If you enjoy simply listening to music, there’s still a way to make money. Apps like Current Rewards reward you for every minute you listen to music. Although getting your points might be tricky, some users can pocket a few extra dollars every month. Plus, they get paid to play games too. For influencers and marketers, joining programs like Sonos or Amazon Music can bring in steady earnings for referring new users.

Looking ahead to 2024, there will be even more chances to earn money through music. Imagine getting paid $20 an hour for jobs like curating playlists or reviewing music. Every beat and sound can now turn into an opportunity to make your love for music pay off. So, whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a main source of income, making money by listening to music is more possible now. All you need to do is start and tune in to the beat of this new earning opportunity.

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