WPX Hosting Affiliate Program Review: How We Earned $12000

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program ReviewWPX Hosting Affiliate Program Review

Product Name: WPX Hosting


WPX Hosting is one of the fastest web hosts for WordPress which offers features like free SSL, free site migration, full backup manager etc. It also has an excellent affiliate program where you can earn up to $100 per referral. Here’s our honest review of WPX hosting affiliate program along with our earning reports.

Affiliate marketing is a 12 billion dollar industry.

According to the Hosting Tribunal, affiliate marketing spending is bound to grow by 10% in the next few years.

In fact, I earn $18K per month from BloggersPassion and the majority of that income comes from affiliate marketing.

If you’re looking for a passive income source to earn money even while you sleep, affiliate marketing is the BEST option.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, web hosting is the one industry that provides hefty commissions. But you should be picky when it comes to promoting web hosting related affiliate programs.

Why? Most web hosts don’t provide reliable servers, security or customer support. That’s why you need to pick only those web hosts that offer excellent hosting features.

Here’s where WPX Hosting comes into play. It’s the same web host we’ve been using on BloggersPassion for several years now. WPX also has an amazing affiliate program where you can earn up to $100 per referral.

We earned over $11,000 so far with the WPX Hosting affiliate program. Are you curious to find those earning reports and more details around their affiliate program? Let’s get started!

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program Review: Personal Experience, Earning Screenshots & More

WPX Hosting affiliate program reviewWPX Hosting affiliate program review

Our earning reports from WPX Hosting:

Here’s the earning report of WPX Hosting commissions so far.

WPX Hosting commissionsWPX Hosting commissions

As you can see above, we earned earned over $11,000 so far in affiliate commissions from WPX.

Here’s the screenshot of our recent commission earnings from WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting commissions newWPX Hosting commissions new

As you can see, we regularly get affiliate sales for WPX Hosting.

So yea, we’re doing pretty well with the WPX Hosting affiliate program so far.

If you’re someone who is looking to promote a faster and reliable web host to your audience, WPX is a great web hosting choice.

How much can you earn as a WPX Hosting Affiliate?

WPX Hosting pays hefty commissions to its affiliates.

The minimum payout commission starts at $70 and goes up to $100 per referral. The more referrals you send, the more commission you can make. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s their current commission structure for affiliates.

  • First 25 referrals, you’ll earn $70 in commissions per referral
  • 26 to 100 referrals, you’ll earn $85 in commissions per referral
  • 101+ referrals, you’ll earn $100 commissions per referral

How to Start a Blog on WPX Hosting

There’s one secret to generating more affiliate sales: don’t promote anything if you’re NOT using.

The same thing applies for WPX Hosting as well. If you want to make more commissions with WPX, it’s always a good idea to use it first.

As said earlier, we’ve been using WPX at BloggersPassion since 2016.

wpx usagewpx usage

Since we’re already using this web host, we know what are all the pros and cons of using it.

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Although it’s NOT mandatory to use WPX Hosting as an affiliate but you’ll get a complete overview of their features and hosting environment if you’re using it.

So if you want to promote WPX, give a try to their hosting first and if you’re looking for a simple tutorial on starting a blog using WPX Hosting, this section is for you.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit WPX Hosting homepage. Then, click on Host my Website to continue.

wpx hostwpx host

As you can see, you’ll be getting an exclusive offer from BloggersPassion where you can get 65% off on all plans for the first month payment.

Step 2: Once you click on the Host My Website button, you’ll be taken to their hosting plans where you can pick the appropriate plan (either monthly or annually).

When you go for their annual plan, you’ll pay $20.83/month instead of $24.99 monthly. Or if you want to go with their monthly plans, make sure to use BloggersPassion as coupon code to get a 65% discount on all plans for the 1st month.

wpx plans yearlywpx plans yearly

As you can see above, make sure to pick a hosting server that’s closer to your “target audience” so they can browse your sites faster. Currently, you can host your site in their US, UK and Australian hosting servers.

Step 3: After selecting your hosting server, you can enter a domain or enter your existing domain (if any) to proceed to the payment section.

In the payment page, you can enter your details to create an account and pay for your hosting package through credit card or PayPal. Once the payment is done, you’ll get a confirmation email from WPX. That’s it, you’re on WPX!

If you’re still thinking about using WPX to host your site, here are some of the solid reasons to try their hosting.

  • They will migrate your site from your existing host to their hosting servers for free
  • Offers you 30 second super fast customer support assistance
  • Offers 1-click WordPress Install
  • 28 day automatic backups
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • DDOS protection
  • Even their basic plan allows you to host up to 5 websites
  • Provides blazing fast website loading times (our website loads within 1 second)
  • Free enterprise-level security and malware protection
  • Free unlimited 1 click SSL certificates
  • Offers staging area

All in all, you won’t regret your decision on purchasing hosting from WPX. If at all you’re not happy with their hosting or features, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days as they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

What Type of Content Works Great to Increase Your WPX Hosting Affiliate Earnings?

Increasing your web hosting affiliate earnings MOSTLY depends on your content.

Here’s a list of specific content types that work really well when it comes to increasing WPX Hosting sales.

  • Reviews
  • Promo codes or discount codes
  • Comparison posts
  • Case studies
  • Compilation posts

Let’s talk about each one of them briefly with examples so you can understand better.

1. Reviews: For any affiliate program, product reviews work like a charm. Product reviews help your audience to better understand about the product and give you a chance to optimize your content for higher rankings in Google.

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Make sure to write in-depth reviews and try to use as many screenshots as possible to explain about a product (be it WPX or any other product). Be honest. Don’t give biased views. Let your audience decide whether a product is a right fit for them or not.

Here’s an example:

  • WPX Hosting Review With 65% OFF: Our 6 Years+ Hosting Experience: This is a detailed review of WPX where we also shared our hosting experience with them along with a 65% off. This kind of content works well if you already are using a product for sometime. If not, you can write a genuine review about it. It works equally well!

2. Promo Codes or Coupons: Promos and coupons come under “commercial intent keywords” which are highly profitable. If you can rank in the first page for promo codes for any product including WPX, you’ll be earning huge amounts of money.

Here’s an example:

3. Comparison posts: Comparison posts work like a charm especially with web hosting related affiliate products. Why? People want to spend their money wisely before picking a web host.

That’s why comparison posts often convert well. Try to compare two similar web hosts (you can also do more than 2 products comparison) along with their features, pricing, pros and cons.

Here’s an example:

4. Compilation posts: These posts contain a ton of similar products. In this case, you can compile a list of top 10 or top 20 (or any number) web hosts by listing their features, pricing, pros, cons and so on. That way, your audience can pick whatever that suits their budget and website hosting needs.

Here are a couple of examples:

5. Case studies: Case studies often perform well in social media. Most bloggers also link to in-depth case studies. So if you want more social signals and links, you should do case studies around the products you promote.

Although we have NOT yet done any case studies around WPX, here are a few ideas that you can consider.

Example post ideas:

  • How WPX Hosting Increased Our Site Speed by 100% [Case Study]
  • How We Saved our Site From All WordPress Security Threats Using WPX

Resources page: Alternatively, if you’re already using WPX and satisfied with their hosting, you can recommend it in a resources page. If you don’t have one, you should create one “resources page” where you can list all your favorite products along with the affiliate links.

In fact, we’re doing the same on our blog and we call our resources page as “Toolbox” where you can see our blogging tools recommendations along with WPX.

Pros & Cons of WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

Let’s now discuss some of the pros and cons of joining the WPX affiliate program.


  • As an affiliate, you can up to $100 commission per every successful referral (WPX is one of the highest paying web hosting affiliate programs in the industry)
  • Faster payouts (as you’ll be getting paid commissions as soon as 35 days after billing)
  • Their hosting is unbeatable (from staging to super fast customer support to bulletproof security, it is the #1 web host for WordPress users)
  • Excellent affiliate customer support access (you’ll also get access to the affiliate manager through Skype)
  • You’ll get access to all the promo material to promote their hosting including custom landing pages, banners, promo codes and so on
  • Completely free to join as an affiliate
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  • You need to target “specific people” if you want to generate more commissions with WPX. Why? Their pricing plans start at $20/mo (with annual billing) so you can’t promote it to everyone. That being said, their hosting is worth every single JHN Reader!

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What is WPX hosting?

WPX hosting is the world’s fastest managed WordPress hosting that offers superior page loading speed with their custom Content Delivery Network, high-spec SSD servers, optimized caching along with 30-second average support response time at very affordable prices.

Is WPX hosting good?

Yes, WPX hosting is really a good host used by pro bloggers and businesses.
FREE site speed optimization, FREE unlimited site transfers to WPX, FREE lightning fast CDN, FREE daily malware detection & removal, FREE site fixes if down, are some of the highlighted features that make WPX hosting a go-to web host.

What are the prices of WPX hosting plans?

WPX offers three plans, Business Plan (5 website installs) for $24.99/mo, Professional Plan (15 website installs) for $49.99/mo, and Elite Plan (35 website installs) for $99/mo.

Does WPX hosting offer an affiliate program?

Yes, WPX hosting also offers an affiliate program that may help you to skyrocket your affiliate marketing income ethically.

Is WPX hosting a best hosting for affiliate marketing ?

Up to $100 commissions per sale, great service, and affiliate support make financial & ethical sense being an affiliate marketer for WPX hosting.

How to get started with WPX hosting affiliate program?

All you need to sign up for the WPX hosting affiliate program for free. Then sign in, go to Affiliate Hub under your account, get your referral link, and start promoting on the platform of your choice.

When WPX hosting affiliate commissions are paid?

All commissions are paid between the 15th and 30th of the month after 30 days for annual subscriptions and 5 months for monthly subscriptions. You can also request withdrawal from the Stats section.

How can I increase my WPX Hosting Affiliate Earnings?

Affiliate marketing is all about creating great content that drives targeted traffic to your site. Reviews, promo codes or discount codes, comparison posts, case studies, compilation posts, are types of great content that may help you increase your WPX Hosting affiliate earnings.

Final thoughts on WPX Hosting affiliate program

If you’re looking to promote an ultimate web host to your audience and make hefty commissions in the process, WPX is definitely a great choice.

Make sure to create great content along with tutorials if you want to generate more sales from their affiliate program. We’ve been using the same host for several years and we’re extremely happy with their support and hosting features.

So what are your thoughts about the WPX Hosting affiliate program? If you have any more questions, let us know in the comments.

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