Is Legit? My Honest Review makes playing games and apps for money exciting and more productive in your free time. Multiple paid opportunities are available, and you can earn over $100 with the highest-paying offers.

The rewards site offers cash and gift card redemption options for easy redemptions. Our Freecash review covers the best ways to make money and optimize your earning potential. 

What is

Freecash is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that pays you to try out new apps and games on Android, Apple, and desktop platforms. It also pays you to complete short online surveys. You receive rewards by completing in-game tasks and your redemption options include cash and gift cards.

It partners with mobile game and app developers trying to expand their user base and get more downloads. In short, you get paid to complete certain tasks and can potentially discover new tools you may use in the long term.

This online rewards site launched in 2020 and originally operated as before rebranding in 2021. In addition to several offers with competitive payouts available 24/7, it offers unlimited withdrawals without a minimum redemption after an initial $20 payment request.

You can access the mobile-friendly rewards site from a web browser or the Android app. Although an iOS app isn’t currently available in the United States, I had no difficulty accessing my account from my iPhone, and the desktop platform is easy to navigate, too. 

You can join when you’re at least 16 years old by registering your email, Google, or Steam account. It’s free to join, although some offers may require in-app purchases to gain the full reward.

First, you can create an account in less than five minutes and receive a $5 signup bonus. You don’t need to verify your identity to join but may need to submit documentation before your first cashout. The site also asks which devices you have so it can recommend relevant offers that you can attempt immediately. 

Making money on is a straightforward process:

  1. Choose an offer: Up to six offers are available for your desired platform, but more unlock as your platform activity increases. The listing describes the payout tiers and completion deadline. In my experience, the vast majority are for games.
  2. Earn rewards: Achieve the specified steps to receive rewards. You can partially or fully complete the offer and earn the corresponding amount. The offer may offer ways to earn bonus cash, such as spending $3 to earn an extra $5.
  3. Receive payment: Your rewards become available once Freecash verifies your offer progress. This verification process is near-instant in most cases, but it can take up to a week for select apps.
  4. Cash out: Your first withdrawal must be $20 or more, but you can easily earn that with a single offer. All future redemptions don’t require a minimum balance. 

I found the available offers and payouts similar to many of the best GPT sites. In particular, I like that you can filter options by device type and preview the activity requirements before signing up to estimate your time commitment and income potential. 

However, it’s a small frustration when only a handful of games and apps are available at one time when some sites unlock dozens upon joining. You can unlock more offers by enrolling in the ones already available to you and track your progress in the “My Offers” tab. For instance, I went from having six to 20 offers available in minimal time.   

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How Much

It’s free to join Freecash, but sponsored games may require in-app purchases to advance beyond a certain rewards tier and earn a full payment.

Additionally, some redemption options may incur transaction fees. Case in point, bank transfer and PayPal withdrawals charge a flat 5% fee but gift cards are fee-free.

Key Features

Here are the various ways you can make extra money through this micro-task site.

Paid Offers

You will earn more from Freecash if you enjoy playing games for money, as these are the most common offers and have multiple reward tiers which makes it easier to receive partial payment if you don’t have time to fulfill the every activity requirement. 

Games consistently have a higher maximum payout potential, normally between $100 to $300, although it requires frequent playtime and in-game purchases to advance toward the rewards ladder. As a result, you may only earn partial compensation, but it’s still income.

There are plenty of entertaining game categories:

  • Bingo
  • Card
  • Role-playing (RPG)
  • Slots
  • Strategy    

Sponsored apps are less common and have smaller payouts but take less time to complete. 

These new apps can help you discover the following activities:

  • Banking accounts
  • Credit score improvement
  • Gasoline discounts
  • Investing apps
  • Shopping rewards

Premium offers that earn more per task become available as you complete existing ones.  

Paid Surveys

Consumer opinion surveys are a secondary way to earn a few extra bucks with a minimal time commitment. Most studies take between five and 30 minutes to complete and are available through six providers.

I like the possibility of diversifying your income stream while you wait for enticing offers or only have limited spare time to make money. Unfortunately, you most likely won’t earn as much for your time. Additionally, you must pass the screener questions to qualify for the paid survey questions.

Survey availability also ebbs and flows, with fewer open studies on weekends and evenings. Several customer reviews indicate that the survey payouts don’t increase for long-time users. So, anticipate earning up to $1 for most studies, which is relatively low compared to partially completing app and game promotions.  

To consistently earn income and enjoy low minimum redemptions, you may have more success with the best survey apps.       

Leaderboard Rewards

Most micro-task sites offer bonuses and loyalty rewards to their most active members. That’s no exception here with daily and monthly cash prizes.

Below are the ways to earn bonus cash:

  • Leaderboard: Active users can compare their earning activity against other members on the leaderboard. It’s possible to win a share of the $500 daily prize pool and $5,000 monthly share. First place finishers win $50 and $500, respectively.
  • 7-day streak rewards: Collect up to $50 by earning at least $1 in seven consecutive days.
  • Daily bonus ladder: Claim a daily free reward or try to double it by cashing out later.
  • Refer friends: Earn up to 30% of what your referred friends earn on the platform. 

You can also claim bonus codes that the rewards site periodically posts on its social media channels.   

These incentives are similar to other GPT sites and can motivate you to complete more offers. In particular, the daily and weekly leaderboard bonus is nice as the prize pool is available to hundreds of participants instead of just the three highest scores.

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How Much Money Do You Make?

The earning potential varies by activity and time requirements. Below is a range of the typical payout for fully completed offers: 

  • Games: $0.50 to $320
  • Apps: $1 to $75
  • Surveys: $1 (per five to 10 minutes)

Be sure to read the reward details page before accepting the offer. Specifically, you will see the necessary steps to earn the full payout amount and how many days you have to do so.

The average user earns $28 daily and is eligible for their first cashout within 17 minutes, according to The key is finding an easy-to-earn offer to make money in one hour.  

It’s possible to earn a total income between $100 and $300 for most mobile games, but you must usually complete 10 different tasks of incrementally higher difficulty to earn the various tiered rewards. You usually need to reach specific levels within so many days and potentially make in-app purchases. 

Some pay for installing the app and after playing for several minutes. Realistically, you can earn from $1 to $25 per initial level that you must reach within the first seven days.

App offers are usually easier to earn as they require less time, although the total payout is lower. For example, I could earn $42 just by investing at least $5 with a free investing app.  

How Do You Get Paid?

Your redemption options include cash and gift cards. A $20 minimum is required for first-time cashouts, which is slightly frustrating. Thankfully, there are no minimums for future withdrawals. 

As a reminder, you enjoy an instant $5 signup bonus so you only need to earn $15 to make your first redemption. You can quickly earn this amount on your first offer.

Currently, there are three cash redemption methods:

  • PayPal
  • Stake (up to 30% bonus)
  • Bank transfer

Bank deposits and PayPal withdrawals have a 5% transaction fee, which may encourage you to opt for gift card rewards instead.

Gift card options include:

The platform may sometimes offer cryptocurrency withdrawals to participating wallet storage platforms. Rewards options periodically rotate and differ by country. I enjoy the many redemption options, but the 5% cash withdrawal fee is annoying, thus making some competing platforms more appealing for cash rewards.

Customer Reviews has an excellent Trustpilot score along with stellar ratings on Google Play. Below are some positive and negative insights from rewards-earning members.

I’ve made a few hundred bucks with this app in my spare time, and only once did it include an offer that cost money to complete. I’ve also gotten an additional 30 bucks from affiliate commissions. It would be 5 stars except their support for non-payment of completed offers is underwhelming to say the least. Luckily they are pretty dependable with paying so it’s not an issue for me.” — Mia D.

Doesn’t take forever to earn cash rewards. I’ve successfully cashed out on 2 occasions with no problems and an easy verification process. Customer service was prompt and helpful. The app choices cover almost any gamer’s preferences. The goals for each game are surprisingly easily attainable with little effort put forth.” — Megan C.

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I do think Freecash was better before. Then, the payout was instant and the offers were better. Now it’s much more game offers that are filled with ads which makes it unplayable, at least for me. And the earnings get put “on hold” for 10 days before a payout can be done. This doesn’t apply for surveys though.” —Andreas

Overall I like this app. The games are pretty fun but you need to make sure you have never downloaded the games previously or signed in on your Google account or your Facebook account otherwise you will not receive credit for playing the game. Also, I don’t like how long it takes for you to be able to get your winnings for completing your challenges. They shouldn’t take over 5 plus days to get the prizes you earned.” —Chris C.

Alternatives to

You may enjoy these competing online rewards sites, which provide more ways to make money online. They also don’t charge fees for cash withdrawals, assuming that’s your favorite redemption option.

  • Swagbucks: Earn rewards points from paid offers, surveys, and online shopping. Amazon gift card redemptions start at $1. PayPal Cash and most gift cards only require a $5 balance which is easier to reach than’s $20 first-time minimum.  
  • InboxDollars: Complete surveys, shopping offers, and mobile games. Receive a $5 signup bonus and enjoy cash or gift card withdrawals. The first-time minimum redemption is $15 and subsequent payouts require a $25 balance.  
  • Branded Surveys: This rewards community specializes in short online surveys and higher-paying focus groups. Product and service offers are available for bonus offers, but are somewhat uncommon. Cash and gift card redemptions become available with a $5 rewards balance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions help you decide if is legit and worth using for your personal income goals.

Does Freecash pay real money?

Yes, since the rewards platform reports its users earning over $88.4 million with cash, gift cards, and alternative cashout methods since 2020. Further, many verified payouts from long-time members on Trustpilot and Google Play exist.  

Does have an app?

An Android mobile app is available and has positive customer ratings with over 69,000 reviews. Select countries can download an iOS app, but U.S. members must currently access their offer walls from their iPhone or iPad mobile browser. The rewards site also provides instructions to install a home screen shortcut to simulate a mobile app.

Does Freecash pay instantly?

Most cashout requests are processed within 30 minutes, with the majority being distributed in less than two minutes. It’s possible to request payment 24/7. 

What are the Freecash customer service options?

Members can send an email 24/7. Live chat is available during select hours, but response times depend on the number of inquiries. Additionally, the online FAQs section contains several helpful support articles. 

Summary is a legitimate way to play games and try new apps to earn extra money. Some offers are easy to complete, while others can be time-consuming, and you may only receive partial credit.

Its flexible redemption options and many positive customer reviews attest that the site is worth it for many pursuing online side hustles.

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