Partners House Network – How to Monetize Push Notifications

Push notifications are all of the buzz lately. If you aren’t taking advantage of what this latest trend in advertising and monetization has to offer, then you are simply missing out big time.

Today we are going to cover some of the most important stats and the basics of push notifications, and how you can start growing your brand and business through these powerful methods as well.

We will also be taking a look at both Push.House, which is one of the largest and fastest growing push notifcation networks on the internet today — and we will also be taking a look at Partners.House, which is the affiliate and partner side of the business.

Let’s get started!

How many times have you been to a website and a little popup appears on the top left corner of your browser and asks if you’d like to receive updates and notifications? I’m sure it happens all the time. Well, it turns out that a lot of people like these notifications, and they work extremely well.

From a mobile perspective it’s the same thing, but more in reference to alerts, notifications and promotional deals. For example, think about when you use Uber and your car is just a few minutes away and you get a text notification — that is also considered a push notification.

As you can see through the chart and stats laid out above, push notifications perform at a much higher open and click rate than that of email marketing — which is already one of the most effective forms of online advertising. This should lead nearly all advertisers who are already focusing their efforts on paid ads and email marketing online to immediately see what push notifications can do for them.

Now that you have a good understanding on what push notifications are and how they work, let’s take a look at how you can start using them to grow your business and brand.

What is Push House and What Do They Do?

Just like all forms of advertising, there needs to be a platform or system in place in order for site owners to make money from their traffic, and for advertisers to control and manage their ad campaigns. In short, this is exactly what Push.House does — it gives site owners the ability to monetize their push traffic, whie giving affiliates and advertisers a way to promote their offers.

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When it comes to making money online and using platforms to generate new traffic and leads, there are usually two sides to each platform — the affiliate/publisher side, and the advertiser side. The publisher side is often for the site owners and those who can provide traffic, while the advertiser side is for those who are looking to buy more traffic to send to their own offers, websites or brands.

In this example, it works out like this:

  • Partners House — For site partners and affiliates
  • Push House — For adverisers that want push traffic

First we will take a look at the Push House business site and how they provide traffic to their advertisers. We will then take a look at Partners House in the next section.

As highlighted on the main Push House page, their network of sites and traffic sources are currently serving to more than 94 million active subscribers and serving over 1.612 biion impressions with over 4 million clicks out. The coverage of Push.House is also quite impressive, as they have access to traffic in more than 180 different countries around the world.

Advertisers on the platform will appreciate the benefit of having their own personal support team that is accessible 24/7, while aso having live stats displayed in real-time, along with real-time traffic bidding as well. With these features in place, advertisers can quick increase or decrease the activity of their accounts within just seconds.

When it comes to making a payment or deposit with Push.House, they have pretty much every payment option available — which includes ADVCash, MasterCard, Payeer, PayPal, Visa, Bitcoin and more.

With all of the basics covered, now let’s take a look at the Partners House side of the business.

How to Make Money with Partners House?

With most site owners focused on ways to make money with their sites, we will now look at some of the opportunities that Partners House offers.

According to Partners House, they currently have site partners in more then 180 different countries around the world, while also serving more than 85 milion clicks per month. All of this equates to more than $320,000 in payments being made to their site partners.

After signing up with Partners House as an affiliate or partner site, you will be able to log into your account and pull the necessary ad codes to start deliver ads and push notifications through your site. Once the code is placed on your site, you will then have the ability to log into your account and check on the status of your campaign and earnings.

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Partners House was also set up to make the process of working with their platform not only profitable, but also quite easy. You can see a list of their conditions, benefits and features below.

Some of the most popular benefits and features include:

  • Montization of push notifications across more than 180 different countries
  • 100% of all ad serving is monetized and payable
  • Ability to add new landing pages and ad copy for better conversions and earnings
  • Split testing across different sites, landing pages and languages
  • Referral program that pays out 3% earnings on all paid referrals
  • Program manager for each partner that is working with Partners House

As you can see, Partners House has everything in place to keep their site partners happy, while aso giving them the tools and resource to help them make the most money possible.

While there are other push notification platforms out there, Partners House likes to make themselves stand out from the crowd by offering 2X profit opportunities, which include “instant sale of push subscriptions” and “long-term income at revshare”. This way partners can be paid for either method, no matter which their referring advertisers and sign ups go with.

You can learn more about each of these opportunities by visiting their site.

Payments sent out from Partners House can be made through WebMoney, QIWI, Paypal, ePayments, Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard and a few other options as well.

BONUS: If you would like to learn more about how to make money with Partners House and Push House, be sure to check out this case study.

Please note however, it is in Russian, so you will need to use a translation tool, or your Chrome browser to automatic translate the written text content.

With most site owners and brands having a business model of their own, it’s likely that they would be interested in learning how to use the advertiser side of Push House as well — which is exactly what we will be focusing on next.

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How to Begin as an Advertiser at Push House?

As with most advertising platforms, everything is done online. To get started with Push House as a partner or advertiser, simply follow this five step process:

  1. Sign Up with Push.House
    First, you will need to create an advertiser account on the Push.House network platform.
  2. Create You Advertisement
    Next, create your ad with a variation of text and images from within your account.
  3. Setup GEO Targeting
    Play around with the ad settings to make sure you are targeting the right geographic locations.
  4. Review and Manage Your Campaign
    Once your campaign is reviewed and live, it’s then time to wait for your first set of stats to come in.
  5. Analyze Results and Optimize
    With new traffic and leads coming in, you should be analyzing your campaign and improving it over time.

After going through each of the steps above to get started with your ad campaign, it’s then time to make sure you are paying attention to what traffic sources and offers are converting best. In order to accomplish this, Push House has the following settings and targeting options in place for all advertisers.

  • Brand safety and 24/7 support team
  • High CR/CTR compared to other push platforms
  • High volume in comparison to other push traffic sources
  • Ability to split test landing pages by traffic, offer and language
  • Easy to learn platform with no skills required
  • Worldwide geographic targeting options

All of these setting and targeting options can be accessed from within your advertiser account.

Final Notes on Partners House and Push House

With so much attention on push notifications right now, there are a lot of traffic sources and ad platforms to choose from. Push House has been establishing themselves as one of the leaders in this space not only with their massive reach, but also with their business practices and features for advertisers as well.

At the same time, they’ve also been growing out their massive list of partner sites through Partners House as well. It’s great to see both sides of the business when it comes to push notifications, while also allowing sites to work with both sides.

To learn more about Partners House and how to start making money with your own site traffic, be sure to join their platform today.

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