Is Apex Focus Group Legit? Apex Focus Group Review

Online surveys are a popular way to make extra money, but you might want to try focus groups and clinical trials that pay more. Apex Focus Group is an online platform that makes it easier to find the highest-paying studies.

The service is free to join and claims you can earn as much as $150 per one-hour session. But is it legit?

This Apex Focus Group review analyzes the site’s money-making opportunities and helps you decide if joining is worth your time. 

What Is Apex Focus Group?

Apex Focus Group is an online website that shares new paid research studies looking for eligible applicants. It has over 800 active participants from 41 states. 

The company was founded in 2019, and its primary office is in Marietta, GA. Secondary offices are located in Florida and Singapore, but all paid opportunities take place online or at local testing centers.

According to the company’s homepage, “We help you find paid focus groups near you. Our team gathers focus groups from around the web and works directly with some of the top market research firms to bring you legitimate paid focus group opportunities.”

Unlike most paid survey sites that issue award points when you complete questionnaires, this service is a middleman. You apply through the study provider and receive payment from the company running the trial or focus group. 

It appears that Apex receives a small commission if you apply through their referral link.

You will likely receive emails highlighting these study types:

  • Clinical trials
  • Focus groups
  • Paid online surveys
  • Product testing 

This isn’t a get-paid-to (GPT) site that pays you to complete micro-tasks, including playing games, watching videos, or doing data entry work. It’s strictly to get paid for your opinion. 

Who Can Join Apex Focus Group?

There are no published age restrictions since the application requirements differ between each market research company. Generally, you must be at least 18 years old and live in the United States to register. 

The focus group opportunity may also require living near one of the platform’s local testing centers, which are located throughout the country. 

Each study listing includes the geographic requirements to help you determine if you qualify for the in-person study or need to apply for an online survey instead. 

How Does Apex Focus Group Work?

There are multiple ways to make money online through this research platform so that you can supplement the income from your full-time job.

Signing Up

It’s free to join Apex Focus Group, and the first step is providing personal details like your age, ZIP code, and email address. Anticipate receiving a few emails each week with relevant openings. 

It’s wise to use a secondary email address to avoid clogging up your inbox.

This initial questionnaire takes approximately one minute to fill out, and you answer these simple questions:

  • Are you currently employed?
  • Are you interested in paid online surveys?
  • Do you have children?
  • What is your current education level?
  • What type of phone do you have?

If you have experience answering surveys, you will realize these questions are not comprehensive. You can expect more in-depth questions during the survey screener. 

Then, you will receive an introductory email from Justin Jones, the principal officer of Apex Focus Group. The message has links to join third-party research platforms to start qualifying for surveys, but it’s optional to enroll. 

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It’s also possible that you may already be a member of the platforms Apex recommends in follow-up emails. New members will receive a separate email to join InboxDollars after submitting their registration profile. 

Identify Focus Groups

The primary reason to consider this site is to find a paid focus group that meets online or locally. These opportunities can be challenging to track down on the top survey sites that specialize in helping you make quick cash.

Focus group topics include:

  • Automobiles
  • Business travel
  • Cell phones
  • College students
  • Current events
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Parenting
  • Pets
  • Sports

In addition to receiving almost daily emails about new studies, curated listings are found online. You can browse them without providing your email.

It’s important to note the platform states that the highest-paying Apex focus group opportunities require an email subscription. 

The online links take you to the study host website to apply for an open spot. Each listing includes the following details:

  • Study topic
  • Research company
  • Pay potential
  • Location
  • Age and gender requirements

You may find that several of the studies no longer accept applications. Despite this potential drawback, this site is still one of the easier ways to find in-depth research studies quickly.

Find Clinical Trials

There are multiple clinical trial openings that can help you make some extra money. Some even let you receive complimentary medical care and medication if you have a qualifying illness.

Only consider this route if you are comfortable with experimental care that can hopefully advance medical research.

You can click on a specific condition, and there is also a nationwide option that looks for open trials in your area. 

Some of the trials are for the following medical backgrounds:

  • Child migraine
  • COPD
  • Endometriosis
  • Fatty liver (NASH)
  • Heart disease
  • Lupus
  • Uterine fibroids

The pay potential varies by study, and the informational boxes list the maximum payout. Several factors determine how much approved participants can earn per session.

Identify Paid Survey Panels

While in-depth focus studies are the best reason to use this platform, it can be challenging to qualify for them consistently. Apex Focus Group solves this issue by recommending several sites that pay you to take surveys for money.

These are third-party platforms, so you won’t complete the studies through Apex. You may decide to join one or two survey apps to streamline your efforts and make money from home.

Most surveys take less than 20 minutes and are easier to qualify for than focus groups or clinical trials. You will answer questions about your shopping habits, hobbies, and daily activities.

While most of these surveys are a one-time side gig, some may lead to an invitation for follow-up studies with higher pay rates.

Phone Interviews

Phone-based surveys can also pay more than the standard online survey. While you won’t get rich, it’s a unique way to make money with your phone as you answer questions requiring personalized responses. 

A primary benefit of this income stream is the flexible geographic requirements. You may need to live in a particular city or state, but you don’t have to commute to an in-person research center. 

The phone interview topics can mimic the national and local focus studies but with a one-on-one approach.


Is Apex Focus Group Legit or a Scam?

Apex Focus Group is a legitimate way to earn side income with focus groups and clinical trials. However, it doesn’t offer its own surveys or rewards program, and you need to apply with several research companies to make money. 

Additionally, the online survey opportunities are from credible paid survey sites.

Some people will find the website content a tad misleading since it appears you are becoming a panelist exclusively for Apex Focus Group studies. The personal survey links will take you to another survey site instead. 

Consequently, you may want to avoid this site due to this inconvenience.

This platform aggregates the latest opportunities, and you end up having to share your personal details and create accounts with multiple sites in hopes of making money. This means more emails from different study providers and reduced privacy. 

Other factors verifying that Apex is real include:

  • Email-based customer support 
  • Publicly-listed business addresses
  • Social media presence

Unfortunately, this company doesn’t offer phone-based customer support or a mobile app. Make sure to research each study provider before signing up so that you can decide if the opportunity seems real or fake.

How Much Money Can You Make From Apex Focus Group?

The pay potential varies by study type, but you can anticipate earning between $75 and $150 per one-hour session. 

Studies requiring multiple sessions award a total payout from $300 to $750. More extensive trials can pay as much as $3,000 in total.

Short online surveys from the recommended survey partners award up to $6 per hour. This is the typical rate since these paid panels are not exclusive to Apex members.

As survey income is variable, learn how to make money on the side with other local and online activities if you need more consistent payouts. 

How Does Apex Focus Group Pay You?

The payment method varies by the study provider since each individual provider facilitates the payout, not Apex. It’s common to be paid via PayPal or gift card. 

Your payment possibilities can include:

  • Direct deposit
  • Gift cards
  • Paper check
  • PayPal
  • Prepaid debit cards

These payment methods are standard for most online surveys. You will usually earn points or cash rewards that you can start redeeming once you meet the minimum redemption amount. 

The minimum redemption usually starts at $5 with most platforms.

Who Owns Apex Focus Group?

Apex Focus Group appears to be independently owned and not a subsidiary of a well-known market research firm such as Dynata, Kantar, or Prodege. 

The company lists Justin Jones as the principal contact and company officer. It doesn’t disclose an owner or founder.

While Apex has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) business profile, it doesn’t have BBB accreditation. Lacking official accreditation isn’t uncommon for legitimate companies, but the lack of information might be cause for concern. 

Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using this site to make money online.


  • Specializes in focus groups and clinical trials
  • Works with multiple research companies
  • Recommends other survey platforms for extra opportunities
  • Free to use


  • Must provide your email address to get exclusive study openings
  • Acts as a “middleman” without an in-house loyalty program
  • Doesn’t guarantee getting approved for studies
  • Lacks non-survey side hustle options

Is It Safe to Join Focus Groups?

Focus groups are a safe way to earn money, although you should examine the company before handing over your personal information. 

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It’s also important to decide if the time commitment is worth the pay because you may not receive reimbursement for commuting costs. 

You can receive invitations when you have extensive experience with a particular product, are a frequent shopper, or have a unique personal background that researchers want to learn from.

Consider brushing up on these money-making scams to avoid disappointment.

Apex Focus Group Alternatives

These platforms help you make money from home via surveys and other online tasks. The minimum redemptions are low, and you don’t have to travel to research facilities or endure a rigorous application process. 

In fact, Apex recommends some of these reward sites.


Swagbucks is a micro-task site that lets you earn rewards points by completing short surveys, playing games, shopping online, and enrolling in free and paid product offers. There are monthly challenges to earn bonus rewards.

The minimum redemption starts at 500 points for a $5 gift card and PayPal cash. Amazon gift cards are available with a $1 account balance, which is one of the lowest payout thresholds among survey apps.

New members can get a $10 signup bonus after completing required activities.

Read our Swagbucks review for more.

Branded Surveys

You can complete studies on behalf of Fortune 500 companies through Branded Surveys. This rewards site awards bonus points to frequent panelists through its loyalty program and survey streak.

There are over 100 gift card redemption options, starting with a 500-point balance worth $5. You can request payment by PayPal or direct deposit as well.

Receive 100 bonus points when you join Branded Surveys for a $1 award headstart.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the highest-paying survey platforms since each study pays $3. Product testing offers can earn more but are less common and are usually a follow-up to short surveys.

The minimum redemption starts at $3 for bank transfers and gift cards. As a result, it’s possible to cash out after each successful completion.

One unique feature of this survey site is that you must apply to see if there is an open spot for your household background. Additionally, you must wait for survey invitations and will likely only be able to answer a handful each month.

Read our Pinecone Research review for more.


InboxDollars is a GPT site that offers many ways to make extra money. Online surveys are the most common option, but you can also shop online, play games, buy participating groceries, and sign up for product trials.

The minimum redemption is $15 for a member’s first payment and $25 for subsequent cashouts. You can redeem your earnings for gift cards and PayPal cash.

New members receive an instant $5 signup bonus after joining.

Read our InboxDollars review for more.

Bottom Line

Apex Focus Groups can make it easier to find the best research studies. However, the panelist qualifications are strict and challenging to qualify for frequently. 

It’s worth pursuing the highlighted opportunities, but you should consider adding other side hustles if you need money now to pay your bills. 

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