5 Proven Techniques To Improve Productivity In Your Office

The office is the place where employees spend the most time. But if they are unhappy with the workplace, it will reflect in their productivity. This not only hinders their performance, but also your promise to meet customer deadlines.

Employees need to feel motivated when they come to work. And it doesn’t cost a fortune to give them that motivation, just if you can tweak a few things here and there. Want to know what can make things work?

Productive and motivated employees at work

Here are five proven techniques that can increase employee productivity in the office:

1. Use time tracking tools

Rewards encourage everyone to work harder. You don’t have to buy the latest cell phone to keep them happy. Just appreciate their work in front of everyone and give them a small gift. That’s enough to keep them motivated for the week ahead.

But before that, you need to give them time tracking tools or productivity tracking apps so they can measure how much work they have left that week. The faster they complete it, the more likely they are to be recognized in front of everyone. You can also track employees to compare the productivity of top performers.

2. Keep the workplace clean and tidy

Although it is also the responsibility of employees to keep their workplace clean and tidy, you must take the first initiative yourself. Hire professionals to clean the lobby, desks, ceilings, walls, pantries, toilets, etc. and ask everyone to keep them spotless. Companies such as Intrepid Cleaning offer thorough office cleaning services using the latest machines that extract even the smallest dust particles.

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3. Schedule a regular break

Employees often skip lunch because they have urgent work to complete. Make it a rule that no matter how urgent the work is, everyone has to eat lunch at a set time. And not just during lunch breaks, employees should also have taken breaks every 90 minutes.

Productivity in the workplace does not mean that the employee has to sit at his/her desk for eight hours straight. He/she needs to relax their mind so that they can focus on the work again.

Business people are working on a project

4. Don’t ask employees to multitask

Separating work is another essential task of a manager. Don’t overload your employees with multiple projects or expect them to multitask. Many employees get confused and end up producing low-quality work.

Give them the time and space to complete one project before handing over another. Multitasking is not for everyone; So don’t force your employees to do what they are not good at.

5. Check on employees occasionally

Maintaining a bossy relationship with employees creates distance. That’s not the ideal sign for improving workplace productivity. You need to monitor employees and learn what is happening in their personal lives, such as how their children are doing in school, whether their parents are doing well, what the employees are doing on the weekends, and so on.

There is life outside of work, and you need to talk about that to ensure a friendly workplace.


Improving productivity at work is not a huge task. To make things better, you need to understand things from an employee’s point of view.

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