Top 10 Talent Agencies in NYC

In the heart of New York City, where talent and opportunity intersect, choosing the right talent agency becomes a crucial decision for aspiring and established artists alike. This expert guide offers an in-depth look at NYC’s finest talent agencies, shedding light on the industry’s nuances. It’s a journey through the labyrinth of talent representation, where making the right choice can catapult careers to new heights.

Top Talent Agencies in NYC

The Influencer Marketing Factory

Pricing: $20.000+

Agency Size: 10 – 50

The Influencer Marketing Factory, a talent agency in NYC, specializes in connecting brands and businesses with influencers and creators. They’re revolutionizing the talent economy, offering services that make it seamless for you to find the ideal partner in your influencer marketing ventures. Their commitment to diversity and inclusivity sets them apart, representing talent from all over the world. This influencer marketing agency provides the tools and connections to succeed in the competitive digital and influencer landscape.

Case Study: A beauty brand collaborated with The Influencer Marketing Factory to enhance its presence on social media. The agency connected them with top beauty influencers on Instagram and TikTok, leading to a 50% increase in online sales and significant growth in social media followers.

The Goat Agency

Pricing: $50.000+

Agency Size: 50+

Goat Agency is a prominent influencer talent agency that has revolutionized the landscape. Their approach to influencer marketing as a full-funnel marketing channel demonstrates their commitment to not just creating buzz but driving real results. From brand awareness to conversions, they tailor their strategies to meet your objectives. 

Case Study: Goat Agency helped a fashion retailer expand their reach on social media. By leveraging influencers across Instagram and YouTube, they created a series of engaging campaigns that resulted in a 40% increase in website traffic and a 25% increase in quarter sales.


Pricing: $20.000+

Agency Size: 50+

As a talent agency in NYC, Moburst stands out with its influencer marketing expertise. Specializing in identifying and leveraging the right talents, they excel in crafting campaigns that resonate with your target audiences. Their data-driven approach ensures each campaign is tailored to meet your specific goals, whether it’s brand awareness or customer engagement. With a focus on effectiveness, Moburst’s influencer marketing strategies are not just about reach; they’re about making a tangible impact.

Case Study: Moburst worked with a new app developer to increase their app’s visibility and downloads. Through targeted talent marketing campaigns and strategic App Store Optimization (ASO), they boosted the app’s ranking, resulting in a 300% increase in downloads within three months.

Take 3 Talent Agency

Founded: 2007

Agency Size: 2 – 10

As a distinguished talent agency in New York City, Take 3 Talent Agency provides you with a unique boutique experience that sets it apart in the entertainment industry. Specializing in a personalized approach, they excel in nurturing and developing talents across a broad spectrum, from budding child actors to seasoned adults. With hundreds of talented individuals under their wing, Take 3 Talent Agency matches you with the ideal person for the ideal job.

The Price Group 

Founded: 1972

Agency Size: 11 – 50

The Price Group Talent Agency emerges with over 15 years of expertise in managing and representing influencers. Their specialization in diversity and inclusion sets them apart, representing emerging and established actors across various sectors like Broadway, national tours, regional theatre, television, film, and new media. The Price Group’s approach is deeply rooted in empowering agencies like you through personalized attention and strategic development. 

Case Study: A studio contacted The Price Group for potential actors to star in a television series. Through their connections and guidance, the studio found the ideal person. Moreover, the show was a massive success. 

United Talent Agency

Founded: 1991

Agency Size: 1001-5000

United Talent Agency (UTA) in NYC is a global leader in talent representation. They cater to a diverse client base, including artists, athletes, storytellers, and brands. UTA’s comprehensive range of services connects clients to opportunities across entertainment, media, and business. Their ability to represent talents in acting, writing, music, sports, comedy, publishing, gaming, and more showcases their versatility. UTA’s commitment to providing full-spectrum services, from corporate advisory to television marketing, positions them as a powerhouse in the talent agency sector.

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Case Study: UTA represented a well-known musician looking to expand into acting. A movie studio filming a blockbuster film hired UTC to recommend the ideal person for the role. Not only did UTC identify the right person, but the project was hugely successful.

CESD Talent Agency

Founded: 1967

Agency Size: 51-200

CESD Talent Agency stands out with its comprehensive range of talent services, particularly in voice-over work. Their specialization in animation, gaming, commercial, and celebrity voice-overs, combined with their representation in print, theatrical, comedy, dance, and digital, makes them a versatile and dynamic agency. CESD’s approach is characterized by a keen understanding of the evolving entertainment landscape, ensuring each talent they outsource to clients is positioned for success in their chosen field.

Case Study: CESD worked with a voice-over artist specializing in animation. A television company needed a person to star in a high-profile animated series. CESD identified the ideal person and through their guidance, the series went on to become a massive hit. 

No Agency NYC

Founded: 2017

Agency Size: 2 – 10

No Agency NYC redefines the concept of talent representation in the vibrant city of New York. More than just a modeling agency, they are a sanctuary for diverse and gifted artists, offering a platform where unique talents and perspectives are represented and celebrated. Their focus on inclusivity and diversity, coupled with personalized attention, ensures each agency finds the most appropriate talent. No Agency NYC excels in promoting artists who defy conventional norms, making them ideal for businesses that value creativity and individuality. 

Access Talent Agency

Agency Size: 2 – 10

Location: Hackensack, New Jersey

Access Talent Agency, located in the NYC metro area, specializes in voice-over talent representation for commercials, animation, interactive gaming, and audiobooks. They cater to a niche market, providing specialized services and opportunities in the voice-over industry. Access Talent Agency offers the expertise and connections to agencies for unbeatable success in these competitive fields.

NY Castings

Founded: 2000

Agency Size: 2 – 10

NY Castings / DirectSubmit revolutionizes talent discovery for agencies in NYC, offering a streamlined platform to connect with a diverse array of actors, models, singers, and dancers. Agencies benefit from direct access to a wide talent pool, simplifying scouting and casting processes. This agency not only democratizes talent acquisition but also ensures agencies can efficiently meet diverse casting needs, making it an indispensable resource in the competitive entertainment and modeling industries.

Advantages for Agencies in Partnering with Talent Agencies in NYC

Benefits of collaborating with Talent Agencies

Partnering with a talent agency in New York City presents numerous advantages for agencies seeking to discover and collaborate with both emerging and established artists across various industries. NYC, a hub of arts, entertainment, and culture, offers a landscape where talent agencies significantly contribute to identifying and nurturing talent. Here are some key advantages for brands looking to partner with talent agencies in NYC:

Broad Access to Diverse Talent:

Talent agencies in NYC boast expansive networks across multiple industries, including film, theater, music, and fashion. This extensive reach is invaluable for agencies aiming to find unique and diverse talent. NY Castings provides access to a wide array of artists, from undiscovered talents to seasoned professionals, facilitating the discovery of the perfect match for specific projects or roles.

Expert Talent Assessment and Development:

Agencies like Take 3 Talent and The Price Group employ experienced agents with deep insights into the industry’s nuances. They offer agencies the benefit of their expertise in identifying and nurturing talent, ensuring that artists are well-prepared and suitable for various roles and projects. This professional development is crucial for maintaining a high standard of talent in a competitive market.

Skilled Negotiation and Contract Facilitation:

A significant advantage of working with talent agencies is their proficiency in contract negotiations. They work to ensure fair and mutually beneficial terms for both the artist and the hiring agency. By managing the complexities of contracts, talent agencies streamline the process, allowing agencies to focus more on their core business activities.

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Enhanced Brand and Project Promotion:

Talent agencies assist in promoting both the artist’s brand and the agency’s projects. They employ effective marketing strategies, leveraging everything from social media campaigns to public relations to enhance visibility and engagement. This promotional support is essential for the success of both the talent and the agency’s projects.

Efficiency and Reduced Operational Stress:

The entertainment industry’s demands can be overwhelming. Talent agencies like United Talent Agency and Access Talent alleviate the burden of scouting, scheduling, and negotiating, enabling agencies to allocate more resources toward creative and strategic endeavors.

Local Market Insights and Opportunities:

With their base in NYC, talent agencies offer valuable insights into the local entertainment scene. They provide agencies with tailored information about current market trends and unique opportunities, enhancing the potential for successful collaborations.

Strategic Talent Planning:

Talent agencies don’t just focus on immediate placements; they also strategize for the long-term success of the artists they represent. This approach aligns with the agency’s goals for sustained artistic collaborations and project success.

Partnering with a talent agency in New York City equips agencies with professional expertise, access to a wide talent pool, marketing support, and strategic planning, all essential for navigating and capitalizing on the opportunities in one of the world’s most dynamic artistic environments.”

Key Considerations for Choosing a Talent Agency in NYC for Your Brand

When selecting a talent agency in New York City for your brand, several key factors come into play. This bustling metropolis is not only the epicenter of culture and entertainment but also a hub for some of the world’s most prestigious talent agencies. Here are the essential considerations to guide your choice:

Agency Reputation and Track Record

The reputation of a talent agency in NYC’s competitive environment is a crucial indicator of its caliber. Agencies with a commendable reputation are often recognized for their professionalism, adherence to ethical standards, and notable achievements in the industry. Equally important is the agency’s history of client success. An agency that has consistently nurtured and propelled talent to success is likely to have the expertise and strategies to help your brand realize its full potential. A clear example of one such agency is CESD. Not only have they been in the industry since the late 60s, but they have a proven track record of identifying the ideal talent to star in television, film, animated series, commercials, and brand endorsements. 

Specialization and Industry Connections

Aligning with an agency that specializes in your brand’s specific area — be it fashion, theater, film, or music — is imperative. Such specialization ensures the agency can provide tailored guidance and opportunities unique to your niche. For example, through influencer marketing, the Goat Agency specializes in brand endorsements and promotions for skincare and fashion brands. Not only do they have the talent to fit your marketing needs, but they can also reach an audience in the millions through social media content. 

The Goat Agency Case Study Example


Client Roster and Diversity

Analyzing the agency’s current roster offers insights into its standing and capabilities. A roster that boasts diversity and talent suggests a strong industry presence and a wide range of expertise. Moreover, the size of the agency should be considered. Smaller agencies might offer more personalized attention, while larger ones may boast broader industry connections and reach.

Communication and Transparency

Effective and clear communication is fundamental in any agency relationship. Opt for an agency that demonstrates responsiveness, transparency, and a communication style that resonates with your brand’s ethos. Additionally, it is vital to thoroughly understand the terms of the contract, including fees, commissions, and obligations, to ensure clarity and prevent future misunderstandings.

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Long-Term Support and Development

Agencies prioritizing their clients’ long-term development are more likely to contribute to your enduring success. This includes offering career guidance, skill enhancement opportunities, and adapting to evolving trends. Such forward-thinking agencies can provide your brand with a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing landscape.

Client Testimonials, Reviews, and Case Studies

Seeking feedback from peers and reviewing client testimonials and industry assessments can offer valuable perspectives on the agency’s working style and effectiveness. This feedback can be instrumental in making an informed decision. Moreover, reading case studies can be equally helpful, as these are designed to provide detailed examples of the agency’s work with previous clients. Case studies outline the issue, the approach, and the outcome of each successful talent collaboration. Take The Influencer Marketing Factory as an example. Not only do they clearly showcase their case studies on their website, but they also detail every part of the process.

The Influencer Marketing Factory Case Study


Choosing the right talent agency in NYC for your brand is a pivotal decision. It requires a balance of industry knowledge, careful consideration of the agency’s track record, and an understanding of your own goals and needs. The right partnership can not only amplify your brand’s presence but also pave the way for sustained success and growth in the dynamic world of entertainment.


In crafting this comprehensive list of New York City’s premier talent agencies, our methodology was meticulous and data-driven. We analyzed over 14,000 agencies, leveraging our team’s extensive six-year experience in the talent industry. Our evaluation encompassed a diverse range of factors, including agency reputation, client feedback, success rates, and the diversity of talent represented. We scrutinized each agency’s portfolio, examining their track record in nurturing and promoting talent across various entertainment sectors. Our focus extended to the agencies’ networking capabilities, their relationships with industry stakeholders, and their adaptability to the ever-evolving entertainment landscape. We also considered the agencies’ commitment to ethical practices and their support systems for talent. This rigorous approach ensured a balanced and comprehensive view, enabling us to present you with the most reliable and influential talent agencies in New York City. Our team of seasoned experts, with over six years of experience in the talent space and having written over 3,000 articles, has reviewed more than 14,000 agencies. This extensive background has informed our selection, ensuring that our list reflects the pinnacle of talent representation in New York City.


Navigating the talent agency landscape in New York City is a journey filled with potential and pitfalls. The right agency can be a catalyst for success, offering access to exclusive influencers, marketing connections, and expert guidance. This guide serves as a beacon, helping you to discern and select an agency that aligns with your business aspirations and values. In the bustling talent market of NYC, being informed is your key to unlocking doors to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a talent agency in NYC?

Look for agencies with a strong track record, positive client testimonials, and a clear communication style that matches your needs.

How do talent agencies in NYC differ from those in other cities?

NYC agencies often have stronger connections in Broadway, film, and television, offering unique opportunities in these fields.

Can a talent agency guarantee success in my career?

No agency can guarantee success, but the right one can significantly enhance your opportunities and career guidance.

Is it necessary to live in New York to be represented by an NYC talent agency?

While not always necessary, being local can be advantageous for auditions and networking opportunities.

How do talent agencies make money?

Agencies typically earn through commissions, usually a percentage of the income you earn from jobs they help you secure.

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