How To Choose The Best Timesheet App For Your Business

In the beginning, professionals used timesheets to manually record the time they spent on a project. This allowed them to accurately calculate how much time they spent on a project. As a result, they calculated the money they owed correctly. However, timesheets have come a long way now. People now prefer to use the digital (app and desktop) versions. Because you can do much more with it. Time tracking apps include creating a schedule, monitoring employee activities, sending invoices, automating various tasks and more.

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Any company that wants to generate better ROI and get the most out of their employees should use a time tracking app. So read this post if you’re not using one yet. I’ve detailed my process for choosing the best timesheet app for your business. This process actually helps you choose the best app for performing any task.

Understand how the process works:

1. Decide which features you want

The first thing you need to do is decide what features you want. This depends on the desired tool, your company, budget and several other factors. You will need to make a list of the functions on a spreadsheet or piece of paper.

2. Check what people are saying about these features

The next step is to do in-depth research into what customers are saying about the app as a whole and the features it offers. First, check out the testimonials and case studies published on the app’s site. Then you should check out more real comments about the app on blog posts, product review sites, and on social media.

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3. Test them yourself

In the final phase you test the time registration apps that contain all the desired functionalities. The apps should also have a very happy user base. These tests should be done by everyone who will be using the apps, especially the employees, as they will be the ones using the app the most.

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Ultimately, you need to communicate with all employees and complete an app. You should follow the above process when evaluating software for your business. The only thing that will differ is the features you judge it on.

Here is a list of features that you should review a timesheet app for:

Attendance registration

The basic requirements of a time tracking app are that it allows you to easily track the attendance of your employees. The app you choose should depend on the level of sophistication you are looking for. Some have simple software that allows people to clock in on-site, while others are more advanced with apps that allow employees to clock in and out directly from their own device. Some even let them do this via text message.

Time registration

Time tracking apps also allow you to track how much time people spend at work, so you can check whether they are attending within the assigned hours and whether they are taking enough breaks. Some have advanced features that can prevent time theft and track how productive your employees are at work. They also provide suggestions to get more out of your employees.

Keep track of time better with a time tracking app

Calculating wage rates

A time sheep app also automatically calculates the monthly wages of your employees. All you have to do is enter the adjusted amount you pay each employee per hour. Factors such as a fixed monthly salary, overtime and fines are taken into account and the salary for that month is accurately calculated. You don’t have to waste countless hours calculating. Some time tracking apps also automatically send the invoice to your customers (if you are outsourced by another company).

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Track and analyze

Most time tracking software gives you basic analytics, but the advanced software comes equipped with AI that allows you to better track your employees’ performance and increase their productivity. You can even input your business goals and strategy to ensure that your employees’ performance is up to par.


These are the 4 basic features you should judge a time tracking app on. Feel free to add more. If a time tracking app doesn’t have all the features you want, you can hire a software developer to create a custom app for you.

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