Top 18 Sites To Get Legitimate High Paying Remote Jobs In India in 2024

Remote jobs in India and taking up freelancing as a career has become the new dream of urban Indians. As per Freelancer Incomes Around the World Report 2022, nearly 15 million people are living this dream of working as per their own convenience, and oft-times, not even stepping out of their homes.

And remote jobs can be of all kinds, from consulting to being virtual assistants and from software developers to content writers and translators – the list is really endless. Remote jobs are amazing – they help people who cannot commit to a full-time career or want to take a break and seek out other opportunities 

Best Work From Home Jobs In India That Pay You Well

Top 18 Job Sites To Find Remote Jobs In India

If you are someone willing to give this a shot, given below is an exhaustive list of remote jobs listing websites in India that are high-paying as well. Get a look: 

1. We Work Remotely

This one is the largest remote job community in the world. It has over 2.5 mn visitors every month and hosts remote jobs for every category from Finance and Legal to Programming and Systems Administration.

It is one of the best work from home websites in India for people looking to work location-independent and for employers looking for good candidates for remote jobs.

Ideally, applicants must possess a little experience and skillset and a good educational background to be able to bag good jobs from here. Through this platform, you can connect with companies from all over the world. However, it doesnt handle applications directly but shares the link to your potential employer so you can send across your resume, portfolio and cover letter and be directly in touch with your potential employer.

For posting a single job here, the employers need to pay a fee of $299 and the job listing will reflect on the portal for the next 30 days.



This website goes knows it is a two-way street and wants good employers to find good candidates. Fair enough, right

The key highlight of this website is that its founder champions the cause of a flexible lifestyle and has promoted remote work in his talks around the country. It is able to source job listings which might just be entering the flexible work community.


3. Flexjobs

Highly user-oriented, this website aims to make finding a remote job everyones cup of tea.

The founders realized how difficult it was to find long-term remote-jobs, therefore, besides hosting myriad job openings for every domain on it, it also has a team of experts working which help in scouting and aligning the right remote job with the right candidate.

They have a library with resources like skill tests, job checklists and video introductions – all designed to help you find the right job. Their VIP service and expert advice can be availed at $14.99 per month as a Flexjobs member.


4. Working Nomads

This job board is all about hosting a curated list of work from home jobs from companies all over the world.

In case you are a digital nomad and would like to both work and play at the same time, this site would be your go-to place as it is updated daily and showcases jobs from various domains like design, sales, marketing,  development, and many more. You can dig both long-term projects and short term gigs from here and the job posts are reliable as well. The talent pool of Working Nomads is pretty good and the platform is ideal for people looking to ditch the 9 to 5 grind. 


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5. Remotive

It is a bi-monthly newsletter and offers an ample amount of remote job opportunities. You will never work alone is a message that prevails in the blog of Remotive.

Its community members support each other and share productivity hacks and the job board has job posts from Customer Support to Sales and Marketing to Human Resources. Generally, you will tend to find a lot of techs and Saas oriented jobs there from profitable startups. It also provides the job seekers with the facility to use a geographic limit specific filter as per their own location.


6. Jobspresso

This remote job portal is unique as it doesnt have to scrape other sites to find its own, rather, each listing is hand-picked, reviewed and curated by their internal team.

The jobs posted here are of every nature and domain, from creative fields to HR and software development to creative fields. It is both visually-appealing and user-friendly and is rapidly turning into a favourite among remote job seekers. Do check it out for a quality remote career as each job advertised by them is legitimate and is posted by reviewing both the employers websites and social media accounts. 

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This website is ideal for remote job seekers looking for tech and digital remote jobs. Their website is minimal, direct and neat in layout and has job board rich in remote work opportunities. Their listing includes open positions in Quality Assurance and System Administration, Design, Marketing, Development and more. This website is hassle-free and there is no chance of running into any possible scams. This one of the work from home websites India,


8. Dribbble

Dribbble is considered to be a community of the creatives, i.e, illustrators, web and graphic designers and other creative profiles who leverage it to share and showcase their work portfolios and respective projects. Companies looking for the right fit in terms of top-notch software developers, designers, and small studios can find the right match within 24 hours.

The registered users in Dribbble have been known to provide high-quality work. The website boasts of over 30, 000 projects from big companies. It has successfully played mediator between the clients and the freelancers and delivered great services at 4 times less the price of a typical agency. From the users point of view as well, Dribbble is an amazing place to be in. As nearly 93% of freelancers have reported finding work without any hassles.



One of the most popular websites among freelancers, this Australia-based organization serves a freelancer job market offering a smooth rendezvous to both the clients and the freelancers for long and short-term projects.

Here, the clients place a bid over the projects posted by them. Interested candidates try to win the bid and bag the project. Also, it offers free membership, so freelancers can register themselves for free on the same. The website allows freelancers to bid for a maximum of 8 projects per month. Additionally, one can also avail more perks like bigger allowances for bidding, custom profiles and zooming past the competition with the help of a paid membership plan (ranging from $0.99 to $59.95). This website can also provide international remote jobs in India. Additionally, it is also considered one of the most genuine sites for work from home in India.



For remote workers, digital nomads, and remote teams, there is a site called that offers resources, guidance, and relevant information. Making a dream come true for many individuals who want to work remotely or as digital nomads from a location of their choosing based on their interests such as a beach, a mountain, another city, or while travelling to other places is the goal of the founders of

They have the facility of free remote jobs board where any company may post a remote job ad to quickly hire, as well as allows job seekers to look for remote based jobs. They empower remote working with guides and events.’s ratings indicate that most customers are satisfied with their choices and proves to be one of the best work from home sites or job marketplaces. If you are looking for remote jobs India, then this portal is the one for you.


11. Jobgether

The top Flexible and Remote jobs in the globe are accessible with just one click thanks to Jobgether. Finding you a career that will provide you with plenty of flexibility and fulfilment is their goal. It is easy to look for the perfect job with Jobgether, as everything is divided by “type, category and location”, on their website. It is a legit and safe site with available remote jobs that pay a high salary. Indeed, it is one of the most genuine job websites where you get legit work from home jobs.


12. LinkedIn

The largest professional network on the internet is LinkedIn. They can help you locate the ideal job or internship, establish and strengthen professional connections, and get the knowledge you need to further your career. Anyone who wants to develop and maintain a professional presence online can join LinkedIn for free.
You can access more of LinkedIn’s products and features by switching to a Premium subscription. Products for marketing, hiring, selling, and learning are available through their premium subscriptions.

Along with traditional job options, LinkedIn also hosts tons of remote or work from home job options. It has a wide range of sectors that allows you to choose the kind of job you are most suitable for.


13. Arc

Their goal is to support individuals in creating amazing remote occupations from anywhere. Arc is the top remote job search site that links major startups and tech organisations hiring remotely with software developers all over the world. Arc is a remote career platform that eliminates the friction involved in the hiring process on both sides. They facilitate the process for businesses hiring remotely by making it easier for developers to find and apply for remote positions.

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14. Indeed

With more than 250 million unique visits each month, Indeed is the top employment site in the entire world. 94% of the world’s GDP is covered by Indeed, which is available in more than 60 countries and 28 languages. Indeed is the most cost-effective source of candidates for thousands of businesses as the top pay-for-performance network for recruitment advertising. Indeed drives millions of targeted applications to openings in every industry. It was founded by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan, Indeed is a subsidiary of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.

Indeed has an enormous range of job postings, which includes both traditional jobs as well as remote jobs.


15. JustRemote

JustRemote is one of the most popular remote job websites in India for searching for remote jobs in India. JustRemote helps people find jobs in different niches, ranging from development, HR, marketing, design, customer success, writing, etc.

Once you sign up for the JustRemote platform, you can easily filter the locations, which will have certain conditions such as country specifics, time overlaps, etc., and so on.

Once the filters are applied, you will be able to shortlist the list of jobs that suit you and start applying for your desired jobs accordingly.

16. Virtual Vocations

If you are looking for telecommuting field jobs such as technical writing and paralegal, then Virtual Vocations is the best genuine job site for work from home in India. All of the jobs available in virtual vocations are entirely remote jobs in India.

Apart from various job listings, the websites also have productivity tips that users can use in their everyday lives and incorporate into their work lives. Additionally, it is one of the best work from home sites in India.

17. AngelList

Angellist is one of the Tech Hub job search websites. If you always dreamed of working for tech companies but couldn’t find remote tech jobs, then Angellist is your best option.

Angellist offers tech jobs with various options such as on-site, hybrid, remote, etc. Hence, if you want to find the remote jobs in Angellist, all you have to do is enter the job title in the Angellist job search platform, and under the filters, you will have to choose remote.

That’s it; all the tech remote jobs will be listed on the site, and you can shortlist the jobs that fit your profile and start applying accordingly.

18. Career Vault

Are you tired of expired remote job listings Worry not. Career Vault is one such remote job search website in India that posts trusted work from home jobs. It automatically removes expired remote jobs from its database. It is one of the best remote job portals in India.

Career Vault tracks more than 1800 companies and lists 200 new remote jobs every day. The remote jobs listed on this website range in different fields, such as design, marketing, content writing, tech jobs, software development, etc.

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Why People Are Opting for Remote Jobs in India and Reasons Behind this Shift

As per a recent India Today Report, nearly 60% of millennials are seeking remote jobs. Remote jobs in India are not simply looked upon as alluring but are being considered as a viable career option as well.

The future is of flexible working. People are increasingly taking to it so as to avoid relocating to other cities, saving on transportation costs and traffic hassles.

Previously, only writing and coding jobs were in vogue, where remote jobs were concerned. But now, finance, accounting, consulting, HR and even admin-related jobs are catching up with the modern workforce trends.

As per a survey by job portal,

  1. 43% of Indian employees already have access to flexible working hours.
  2. 52% feel the need of working for an organization with flexible working options.
  3. 20% of the employees feel the bosses and colleagues have a negative perception of work from home and grant zero flexibility with work. This tends to bring down employee morale significantly.
  4. Another 22% of respondents said they had to work beyond their typical working hours in the work-from-home situation and had to resort to attending calls, multitasking, checking important emails and such.
  5. Finally, 17.5% of people stated a lack of coordination and team spirit as a huge hindrance of working remotely.
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However, virtual retreats, sabbaticals and coworking culture are becoming the norm at a fast pace and 2020 will witness a global shift towards similar practices.

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Important Tips to Find Remote Jobs In India

The question of the hour is “How to find remote jobs in India” There are certain job boards/websites which hist remote jobs which are segregated domain-wise and as per the openings and if the company wants you to be based out of a particular country or you can be a nomad and work and play like that. There are hundreds of listings being posted every day, but that is met with an equally high number of candidates which make even finding good remote jobs a tedious task.

But, where there is a will, there is a way and there are certain practices you can adhere to in order to lock down good remote jobs in India. 


Like mentioned earlier, there are tons of jobs posted every day on remote jib boards, and scrolling through them mindlessly and sifting through them mindlessly will end up wasting a lot of your time. So, instead, what you can do is to narrow down the industry you are interested in, seniority (fresher – mid-level – senior) and search exactly for the designation you are looking for as per your skillset. Do some research on good job portals like Linkedin,,, Angeljobs, etc and you will surely find what you are looking for.

Be Distinctive

The job space, remote or otherwise, is highly competitive. Therefore, to stand out from the plethora of candidates, you must be distinctive in terms of your resume, cover letter and in other aspects, Identify your strengths and weaknesses and highlight the facts which will make you sound like a good remote employee in your application and you will boost your chances of being shortlisted immensely.

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Employee Mindset

Remember, you aint a college student submitting a second-grade version of your group project and hoping it gets you a pass. You are applying for a position here and your prospective employer would be scrutinizing you from head to toe, so better make a lasting impression and get that job.

Top 10 Companies That Offer Work From Home Facility in India

Apart from the above given legitimate and genuine websites for finding work from home jobs in India, the following list is for people who are looking for companies with permanent work from home facility:-

  1. Adobe
  2. Airbnb
  3. Buffer
  4. Capbase
  5. XapoBank
  6. Uplers
  7. Digital Ocean
  8. GitLab
  9. Google
  10. MangoDB

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FAQs on High Paying Remote Jobs in India

The frequently asked questions on high paying remote jobs in India are given below:

What is the highest-paid remote job
Some of the highest-paid remote jobs in India are software developer, content writer and SEO specialist, web designer, project manager, customer support specialist, etc.

How much do remote jobs pay in India
The average salary of remote employees ranges between 7 lakhs and 18 lakhs, depending on the employee’s experience, job role, and the company for which they work.

Which company in India provides remote work
Some of the top companies that offer fully remote work to their employees are Atlassian, Brex, Coinbase, Dropbox, Novartis, ONVU Technologies, Quora, Twitter, Shopify, Slack, Spotify, Square, Upwork, and Zillow.

Is remote working possible in India
Yes, there are many companies that are focusing on remote working. Thus, remote working is completely possible in India. All you have to do is search for companies that offer remote working facilities and start applying for them.

Is remote work legal in India
Yes, Remote work is completely legal in India. Also, there are many companies that offer remote work, and working for those companies is completely legal.

Remote jobs and work from home concepts are gaining momentum really fast. The world is being technologically-driven, and all the old traditions and customs would be shunned soon. We are nearing a time when remote jobs in India will soon be taken equal to a full-time job. This will help people be more productive, manage their time better and display professionalism and sincerity towards their work while striving for a work-life balance at the same time and live a life full of vigour and peace. 

Remote jobs also give a boost to networking. Skilled professionals from all over the world come together to create a community. 

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