Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Malad, Mumbai for Rent With Pricing

The concept of coworking spaces has completely changed the working sector. Coworking spaces provide adaptability, affordability, and a supportive environment that encourages innovation and productivity. Coworking spaces in Mumbai have grown significantly in popularity among entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small enterprises looking for an energetic and welcoming work atmosphere in Mumbai’s busy district of Malad.

The best coworking spaces in Malad, Mumbai will be examined in this post, along with some of their distinctive qualities and advantages.

Best 10 Coworking Spaces in Malad, Mumbai For Rent

Some of the top coworking spaces in Malad, Mumbai are listed below:

1. myHQ

myHQ Coworking Spaces in Malad, Mumbai offer the advantages of working in an office, but without the overhead costs. Areas are shared by varying numbers of members, offering everything you need to run a business. The advantages include access to meeting rooms, communal kitchens and cafeterias, and other amenities that can help reduce your overhead. Unique coworking spaces are easy to find and usually operate on a monthly membership fee that varies by location. Furthermore, one can avail myHQ Virtual Office in Mumbai as well.

myHQ offers the best coworking spaces where like-minded people like to gather together to work on their projects. It is also an excellent place to network and meet people from various fields you can consult with on multiple projects and discuss your ideas.

2. Carnival Hub

Carnival Hub Malad East

Carnival Hub, Mumbai, located in Malad East, Mumbai, is an extraordinary centre that offers a plethora of modern facilities. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it provides a stunning ambiance for visitors. Carnival Hub prioritises customer satisfaction, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone. With its state-of-the-art amenities and well-planned layout, the centre offers a wide range of services and entertainment options, catering to diverse interests. Its commitment to providing top-notch facilities makes it an exceptional coworking space in Malad East, Mumbai.


  1. Dedicated Desks: Rs. 13,799/month
  2. Private Cabins: Rs. 14,499

3. Shared Office

Shared Office Malad West

Shared Office, Mumbai in Malad West is a cost-effective and efficient workspace located on Link Road, conveniently positioned next to Infinity Mall. It offers a range of amenities and services at an affordable price. The courteous staff ensures that all customer requirements are taken care of, providing a pleasant working environment. With its functional design and reasonable pricing, Shared Office is an ideal choice for individuals and businesses seeking a productive and budget-friendly workspace in Malad West.

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  1. Dedicated Desks: 6,000/month
  2. Private Cabins: Rs. 8,500

4. WeWork – Spectrum Tower

WeWork - Spectrum Tower Malad West

WeWork – Spectrum Tower, Mumbai is a four-floor coworking space located in Mumbai, India. Its interior design combines the sophistication of brown woodwork with calming blue hues, creating an elegant and peaceful work environment. The space offers a range of amenities, including common lounges, hot desks, private cabins, meeting rooms, and team seating.

Conveniently located near the Chincholi Bunder Bus Stop, it provides easy access to nearby areas such as Somwari Bazar in Malad West, allowing occupants to explore the suburbs of Mumbai. Whether you need a dedicated workspace or a collaborative setting, WeWork offers a conducive environment for productive work.


  1. Dedicated Desks: Rs. 11,999/month
  2. Private Cabins: 19,599

5. Bloomdesk

Bloomdesk Kandivali West

Bloomdesk, Mumbai is a strategically located office space facility in Mumbai. Designed to foster a sense of community, Bloomdesk provides a diverse range of workspace solutions catering to both startups and established enterprises. The centre aims to create an environment that encourages collaboration and networking among its occupants. With its well-connected location and variety of offerings, Bloomdesk offers a suitable workspace for businesses seeking a productive and vibrant work environment. Additionally, it serves to be a great coworking space for a day in Mumbai to work out of.


  1. Dedicated Desks: Rs. 9,500/month
  2. Private Cabins: Rs. 9,500/month

6. Smartworks – Fleet House

Smartworks Andheri

A tech-enabled coworking space, Smartworks, Mumbai was created to fulfil the changing requirements of contemporary workers. It provides a variety of conveniences to increase productivity, including high-speed internet and flexible workplace alternatives. Smartworks also provides personalised services, community engagement activities, great meeting rooms in Mumbai and access to a network of professionals across industries.


  1. Dedicated Desks: Rs. 14,999/month
  2. Peivate Cabins: Rs. 16,999

7. Awfis – Auram QParc

Awfis Ghansoli

Awfis, Mumbai is a leading coworking space known for its state-of-the-art amenities and a wide range of flexible workspace options. Awfis offers a relaxing and effective workplace with ergonomically designed furniture, high-speed internet and well-equipped conference spaces. It is a great option for freelancers and business owners because they also provide a variety of membership options that are customized to meet individual needs.

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  1. Dedicated Desks: Rs. 12,000/month
  2. Private Cabins: Rs. 12,000

8. 603 The Coworking Space

603 The Coworking Space Mumbai

603 The Coworking Space, Mumbai is a vibrant and conveniently located workspace. It provides the perfect setting for coworking, allowing experts to work effectively and cooperatively. 603 The Coworking Space is the ideal location to develop your business and widen your network since it has cutting-edge amenities and a welcoming environment.

You will discover a successful and motivating environment to support your success, whether you are a freelancer, business owner, or small team. Bring your work to new heights by being a part of the vibrant community at this coworking space.

myHQ Coworking Space

9. CfE Offices

CfE Offices Mumbai

CfE Offices, Mumbai are collaborative workspaces located in Mumbai, offering shared office spaces to individuals and businesses. This professional working space is strategically situated in prime locations throughout Mumbai. CfE coworking places bring together freelancers and companies of various sizes under one roof, fostering a dynamic and productive environment.

By providing a shared workspace, CfE Offices encourage collaboration, networking, and knowledge exchange among professionals from different industries. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or part of a larger organisation, CfE Offices offer a convenient and well-equipped space to work, enabling individuals and businesses to thrive in a vibrant community.

10. Regus – Romell Tech Park


Regus – Romell Tech Park is a premier business centre located on the 13th floor of Nirlon Knowledge Park in Mumbai. This high-tech hub offers a perfect opportunity for businesses to establish a presence in the bustling city. The workspace features expansive windows that provide stunning views and ample natural light, creating an inspiring and productive environment.

Additionally, the spacious coffee bar fosters networking and collaboration among coworkers, making it an ideal place to forge new connections. With its prime location and modern amenities, Regus – Romell Tech Park offers a prestigious and convenient workspace solution for businesses in Mumbai.

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List Of Best Coworking Spaces in Malad East, Mumbai With Pricing, Address & Connectivity

Given below is the best coworking spaces in Malad East Price, Location & Connectivity.

Sr No. Name of Workspace Dedicated Desk in Malad East Price Private Cabin In Malad East Price Address Metro & Train Connectivity
1 Executive Spaces – Shah Trade Center ?9,999 ?10,999 7th Floor, Shah Trade Center, Off Western Express Highway, Rani Sati Marg, Malad East, Mumbai, Maharashtra Malad Local Train Station (Western Line) – 1.4 Kms away
2 Teloz Spaces – Express Zone ?11,099 ?13,299 Suite 612, 6th Floor, A Wing, Express Zone, Western Express Highway, Malad East, Mumbai, Maharashtra Dindoshi Metro Station (Line 7) – 0.8 Kms away

List Of Best Coworking Spaces in Malad West, Mumbai With Pricing, Address & Connectivity

Given below is the best coworking spaces in Malad West, Mumbai Price, Address & Connectivity:

Sr No. Name Of Workspace Private Cabin in Malad West Price Dedicated Desk in Malad West Price Address of Coworking Spaces Metro Connectivity
1 Toutle Space – Mindspace ?7,999 ?7,999 4th Floor, 98-103, Co-Op. Premises Ltd, Near Aditya Industrial Estate, Evershine Mall, Malad, Ram Nagar, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra Malad West Metro Station (Line 2A) – 1.1 Kms away
2 Smartworks – Paradigm ?15,999 ?15,999 Wing- A, Paradigm Towers, bearing CTS No. 1406/18, Survey No. 504 (Part), Malad, Mumbai Not specified
myHQ Coworking Space

FAQs on Coworking Spaces in Malad, Mumbai

Here are some commonly asked questions about coworking spaces in Malad:

Are coworking spaces suitable for small businesses?
Yes, coworking spaces are ideal for small businesses as they provide flexible workspace options, access to amenities, and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

How much do coworking spaces in Malad cost?
The cost of coworking spaces in Malad varies depending on the provider and the type of membership or workspace chosen. Prices typically range from affordable options to premium packages.

Can I host meetings or events at coworking spaces in Malad?
Yes, most coworking spaces in Malad offer meeting rooms and event spaces that can be booked for meetings, workshops, or networking events.

Are there any additional benefits to joining a coworking space in Malad?
Apart from a productive workspace, coworking spaces in Malad often provide additional perks such as networking events, skill-building workshops, access to a supportive community, and amenities like high-speed internet and cafes.

To join a coworking space in Malad, do I have to sign a long-term contract?
No, the majority of coworking spaces include flexible membership choices that let you pick the length of time that best meets your needs, whether it is a daily, monthly, or long-term agreement.

These flexible coworking spaces in Malad have transformed the way professionals work, offering a blend of flexibility, affordability, and collaboration. Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or part of a small team, these coworking spaces provide an array of options to suit your needs.

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