Best 10 Coworking Spaces in Mulund, Mumbai For Rent With Pricing

The idea of coworking spaces has become extremely popular in recent years, revolutionising the way people work. The need for coworking spaces has increased significantly in Mulund, a bustling neighbourhood of Mumbai, as a result of the development of remote work and the freelancing lifestyle.

For professionals from diverse sectors, these cutting-edge coworking spaces in Mumbai provide a collaborative setting that fosters creativity, productivity, and networking possibilities. This article will explore the best coworking spaces in Mulund to assist you in selecting the ideal workspace for your requirements.

List Of Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Mulund, Mumbai For Rent At Affordable Prices

Discussed below are the best 10 coworking spaces in Mulund, Mumbai:

1. myHQ

myHQ Mulund

myHQ Coworking Spaces in Mulund, Mumbai are leading coworking space provider which offer a vibrant as well as productive environment for professionals as well as entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the prime location and modern facilities make myHQ a go-to destination for individuals seeking a collaborative workspace. Basically, myHQ stands out as a pioneer coworking space for professionals looking to work in a dynamic and productive environment because of the diverse amenities it provides.

2. Lets Work – Runwal Square

Lets Work Mulund West

Lets Work, Mumbai is a vibrant coworking space situated in Runwal Square, Mulund, Mumbai. This contemporary workspace is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate the requirements of today’s entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and remote workers. With its comfortable and professional environment, Lets Work – Runwal Square fosters collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

High-speed internet, well-designed workstations, conference rooms, and designated locations for networking and brainstorming sessions are just a few of the features available in the facility. Lets Work – Runwal Square offers an ideal setting for individuals and teams seeking a dynamic coworking space that supports their professional growth and fosters a thriving community.


  1. Dedicated Desks: Rs. 8,499/month
  2. Private Cabins: Rs. 9,999
  3. Flexi Desks: INR 400/Day


  1. 2-Wheeler & 4-Wheeler Parking
  2. Tea & Coffee
  3. Power Backup
  4. Wifi
  5. Separate Washrooms

3. Regus – Dev Corpora

Regus Hans Nagar

Regus, Mumbai is a modern coworking space in Mumbai that caters to the needs of professionals from various industries. With its well-designed interiors, spacious workstations, and vibrant community, Regus provides an ideal setting for productivity and collaboration with one of the most amazing meeting rooms in Mumbai. The space also offers amenities like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a dedicated support team.

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  1. Dedicated Desks: Rs. 18,599/month
  2. Private Cabins: Rs. 13, 495


  1. 2-Wheeler & 4-Wheeler Parking
  2. Tea & Coffee
  3. Wifi
  4. Storage Space
  5. Power Backup
  6. Pantry Area
  7. Meeting Rooms
  8. Cafeteria

4. Workloft

WorkLoft Bhandup West

Workloft, Mumbai is a well-positioned coworking centre situated in the Eastern Suburbs of Mumbai, India. Boasting a strategic location near various transportation options such as public transport, the Eastern Motorway, the JVLR, and the Goregaon-Mulund Link Road, it provides convenient access for professionals. Covering a vast area of 12,500 square feet, Workloft offers a spacious and collaborative workspace environment. It allows individuals and businesses the freedom to work, network, and foster corporate relationships. With its extensive facilities and ideal location, Workloft serves as an excellent hub for those seeking a productive and engaging work atmosphere in Mumbai’s Eastern Suburbs.


  1. Dedicated Desks: Rs. 10,999/month
  2. Private Cabins: Rs. 10,999


  1. 2-wheeler & 4-wheeler Parking
  2. Pantry Area
  3. Wifi
  4. Tea & Coffee
  5. Air Conditioners
  6. Power Backup
  7. Meeting Rooms
  8. Separate Washrooms

5. Empire Business Centre

Empire Business Center Airoli

Empire Business Centre, Mumbai is a renowned coworking space provider that is conveniently located. The centre benefits from its strategic location, offering convenient access to nearby restaurants, banks, and other businesses. It is also well-connected to various areas through an extensive network of buses, trains, and roads. This centre provides a vibrant and collaborative workspace environment for professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses seeking flexible and well-equipped workspaces.


  1. Private Cabins: Rs. 13,499


  1. 2-Wheeler & 4-Wheeler Parking
  2. Pantry Area
  3. Separate Washrooms
  4. Meeting Rooms
  5. Stationery
  6. Power Backup
  7. Printer
  8. Air Conditioners

6. Kontor Space – Ashar IT Park

Kontor Space Thane West

Kontor Space, Mumbai is a fully serviced coworking space designed to cater to the needs of remote workers, freelancers, and startups of all sizes. It offers a strategic location that is easily accessible by road and rail because it is located in the center of a booming commercial district. Professionals looking for a flexible workspace or a coworking space for a day in Mumbai can find a productive and collaborative atmosphere at Kontor Space thanks to its well-equipped amenities and facilities. Kontor Space provides a variety of solutions to fit various work styles and preferences, whether you need a private office, a dedicated workstation, or a shared workplace.

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  1. Dedicated Desks: Rs. 10,500/month
  2. Private Cabins: Rs. 11,999


  1. 2-Wheeler & 4-Wheeler Parking
  2. Pantry Area
  3. Cafeteria
  4. Meeting Rooms
  5. Library
  6. Stationery
  7. Power Backup
  8. Wifi
  9. Tea & Coffee
  10. Separate Washrooms
    myHQ Coworking Space

    7. Ascend Cowork

    Ascend Cowork Thane West

    Ascend Cowork, Mumbai is a premier workspace catering to startups, small and medium businesses, freelancers, and independent professionals. Situated near Cadbury Junction, it offers a conducive office environment. The facility boasts numerous amenities, including fully furnished spaces with high-speed WiFi, complimentary tea and coffee, access to printers and scanners, meeting room availability, office assistant services, efficient housekeeping, a well-equipped dry pantry, flexible coworking space rentals, private cabin rentals, and furnished office options for rent. Ascend Cowork is designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals, providing a comfortable and productive workspace.


    1. Dedicated Desks: Rs. 8,000/month
    2. Flexi Desks: INR 400/Day


    1. 2-Wheeler & 4-Wheeler Parking
    2. Pantry Area
    3. Wifi
    4. Tea & Coffee
    5. Meeting Rooms
    6. Power Backup
    7. Separate Washrooms
    8. Lift

    8. ZTO Spaces

    ZTO Spaces

    ZTO Spaces, Mumbai is a revolutionary concept in workspaces and coworking environments, providing individuals with a personalised and conducive space for their professional growth. With a focus on comfort, accessibility, and practicality, ZTO has reimagined traditional workspaces by offering high-class amenities and tailored environments. Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or part of a small team, ZTO Spaces provides the ideal setting to thrive.

    From well-designed workstations to state-of-the-art facilities, ZTO Spaces is dedicated to creating an inspiring and productive atmosphere where individuals can work, collaborate, and achieve their goals.

    9. Workamp 


    Workamp, Mumbai is a coworking space located in a bustling industrial area. With two floors dedicated to coworking, it can comfortably accommodate over 200 people. The vibrant and dynamic environment of WorkAmp makes it an ideal choice for various office needs. Situated in close proximity to prominent buildings like Ashar IT Park, Dosti Pinnacle, and Lodha Supremus, it attracts a diverse mix of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as multinational corporations (MNCs). 

    10. Awfis


    Awfis, Mumbai is a premium coworking centre situated in a highly desirable suburban area within one of Mumbai’s renowned malls. Positioned in Mulund’s central hub, this coworking space enjoys excellent connectivity to Nahur and Mulund railway stations. Its convenient location near the bus stop, rickshaws, and food courts further enhances its appeal as an ideal office space. With its prime position and well-connected transport options, Awfis – Nirmal Lifestyle provides professionals with a highly sought-after workspace that combines convenience, accessibility, and a vibrant environment for productive work.

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    Why Choose myHQ to Book Coworking Spaces in Mulund?

    myHQ is a dynamic coworking space provider that offers a flexible and affordable workspace solution for professionals in India. With multiple locations across major cities, including Mulund, myHQ provides a comfortable and productive environment for freelancers, startups, and small businesses.

    It offers amenities like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a vibrant community, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities. With its user-friendly mobile app, and website, members can easily book workspaces on the go, making myHQ a convenient choice for professionals seeking a flexible workspace solution. myHQ coworking spaces in Mulund have become a popular choice for professionals seeking to establish Virtual Office in Mumbai.

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    FAQs on Coworking Spaces in Mulund

    Here are some commonly asked questions on coworking spaces in Mulund:

    Are coworking spaces in Mulund suitable for freelancers?
    Absolutely! Coworking spaces in Mulund are perfect for freelancers, offering flexible membership plans, a collaborative atmosphere, and networking opportunities.

    Do coworking spaces offer private cabins or meeting rooms?
    Yes, many of the mentioned coworking spaces provide private cabins and meeting rooms, ensuring privacy for confidential discussions.

    Are coworking spaces in Mulund accessible 24/7?
    While some coworking spaces in Mulund offer 24/7 accessibility, it is advisable to check each space individually as it may vary.

    Can I host events or workshops at coworking spaces in Mulund?
    Yes, several coworking spaces mentioned in this list have dedicated spaces for hosting events and workshops, making them suitable for such occasions.

    Can I get a free trial or day pass to experience these coworking spaces?
    Some coworking spaces offer free trials or day passes to allow potential members to experience their facilities before committing to a membership. It is recommended to inquire about this directly with the respective coworking space.

    Whether you are looking for a vibrant and lively atmosphere or a more focused and professional ambience, Mulund has a coworking space to suit your preferences.

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