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Having the right wholesale clothing supplier is essential if your aim is to provide quality apparel without sacrificing profit margins.

Buying retail to resell often leads to higher prices that can deter customers. A smarter approach? Partner with wholesale vendors. This way, you maintain high quality without compromising profitability.

We’ve put together a list of top wholesale clothing vendors. These are your sources for cost-effective and quality garments. Get your store’s name ready and gear up for some excellent bulk buying opportunities.

16 wholesale apparel vendors for ecommerce brands (US, China, Europe)

1. Bloom Wholesale

Based in: US

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Bloom Wholesale is a reputable clothing vendor that frequently updates its catalog with quality apparel. Each week, it adds 35 new items, some priced as low as $5. Its approach? Combing the LA area for the best wholesale deals. This diligence allows clothing stores and brands to tap into first-rate fashion at affordable prices.

Product range: Bloom Wholesale boasts a diverse women’s clothing collection, featuring dresses, skirts, tops, and more, in both standard and plus sizes.

Shipping: Deliveries within the contiguous US typically span 3 to 5 business days.

2. Sugarlips

Based in: US

wholesale clothing vendors: Sugarlips

Sugarlips stands as a premier wholesale supplier of seamless women’s attire in North America. It presents a diverse collection of fashion-forward items, endorsed by major boutiques like Urban Outfitters and NastyGal. By introducing new designs monthly, Sugarlips consistently stays a step ahead in the fashion game. Retailers keen on featuring a recognized brand will find value here, especially since every piece showcases the recognizable Sugarlips label.

Product range: Sugarlips offers an extensive collection of women’s apparel, from seamless basics to contemporary dresses, tops, and bottoms.

Shipping: Sugarlips ships within one to two business days, with local US deliveries taking one to 10 days, depending on the service. International shipping times vary based on destination and other factors.

3. LA Showroom

Based in: US

top wholesale apparel: LA Showroom

LA Showroom is a wholesale boutique clothing supplier that bridges the gap between designers, manufacturers, and wholesale buyers. It offers a range of clothing styles, with selections as affordable as $10. After signing up on its platform, you can sift through various brands to streamline your wholesale shopping. With collection pre-screening a standard practice of the company, buyers are assured of quality and consistency in their choices.

Product range: LA Showroom offers a diverse product range, from trendy streetwear to elegant formal attire, for men, women, and children.

Shipping: Domestic US orders usually arrive within two to four business days. Additionally, LA Showroom ships to Canada and Mexico, with deliveries taking three to seven business days.

4. Faire

Based in: US

buy now pay later wholesale clothing: Faire

Faire is one of the few wholesale clothing distributors that offers BNPL (buy now, pay later) terms to its customers. Its wholesale marketplace features more than 100,000 independent brands, providing a wide variety of styles for retailers to choose from. Additionally, Faire hosts online trade shows, where it showcases the best brand deals and matches all discounts by up to 5%.

Product range: Faire lists a range of men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing on its website.

Shipping: Delivery times vary by supplier, with the majority of US orders typically arriving within three to seven business days.

5. Adora USA

Based in: US

USA clothing distributor: Adora USA

Adora USA is a wholesaler and manufacturer of young contemporary women’s apparel. It focuses on creating stylish and sophisticated womenswear for diverse occasions, prioritizing customer success through exceptional products and services. This approach positions it as a trusted name among wholesale clothing suppliers in the industry.

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Product range: Adora USA stocks more than 60 styles of young contemporary clothing, including fashion apparel, dresses, sportswear, and outerwear, along with trendy plus-size options.

Shipping: Standard shipping takes three to 10 business days, while expedited delivery arrives in two to three days.

6. Wholesale Fashion Square

Based in: US

Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square (WFS) streamlines boutique shopping with a vast online selection of women’s clothing and accessories. Instead of bulk orders, WFS offers smaller bundles of six items, ensuring boutiques get just the right amount. As a top-tier US wholesale clothing vendor, it prioritizes quality checks before shipping. Buying from WFS means growing your inventory affordably while enhancing customer satisfaction with stylish, quality-assured selections.

Product range: WFS offers women’s apparel, chic accessories, plus-size options, kids’ wear, and stand out graphic tees.

Shipping: WFS delivery times within the US typically span one to two days.

7. Yabelo

Based in: Sweden

yabelo sweden

Yabelo is an online clothing distributor and B2B wholesaler of authentic fashion merchandise. Its catalog consists of high-quality clothing sourced directly from original retailers and manufacturers in Europe. Collaborating closely with its clients, Yabelo ensures tailored solutions to meet their diverse needs. Moreover, it provides wholesale clearance stock for sale at up to 95% off the retail price, reinforcing its commitment to value and affordability.

Product range: Yabelo offers a diverse selection of men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing, as well as mixed lots to meet varying consumer needs.

Shipping: Shipping times vary for different European and global destinations.

8. BrandsGateway

Based in: Estonia

BrandsGateway is considered the best wholesale clothing vendor and dropshipping supplier for luxury designer apparel. Based in Europe, it offers a vast selection of high-end brands (think Gucci, Michael Kors, etc.) that you can source for less. With reductions of up to 90% on certain items, BrandsGateway leaves you ample room for a higher profit margin.

Product range: BrandsGateway boasts a luxury collection of men’s and women’s attire, from sleek jackets and suits to premium swimwear, all sourced from top-tier designer brands.

Shipping: BrandsGateway vendors typically deliver within Europe in three to five business days. For customers in North America and Asia, the average turnaround is five to 10 business days.

9. F&P Stock Solution

Based in: Germany

F&P Stock Solution stands out among wholesale vendors with its commitment to sustainability. It breathes new life into fashion overstocks, contributing to the circular economy. Each item, whether a return or from liquidation, meets rigorous quality standards. If you run an online store and are looking for eco-friendly inventory, F&P could be your go-to partner.

Product range: F&P Stock Solution offers women’s wholesale clothing, fitness wear, kids’ clothing, and diverse stock clothes.

Shipping: F&P Stock Solution delivers on average within two to four days in Europe. International delivery times depend on the exact destination.

10. UTT Europe

Based in: Hungary

European clothing wholeasler: UTT Europe

UTT Europe specializes in wholesale distribution of premium fashion brands. With over a decade in the industry, it has become one of Europe’s leading suppliers. UTT Europe works closely with embroiderers and clothing manufacturers to maintain quality throughout its supply chain.

Product range: UTT Europe offers t-shirts, corporate wear, sportswear, jackets, and accessories for men, women, children, and unisex styles.

Shipping: Average delivery times vary based on the shipment’s destination and local processes.

11. MX Wholesale

Based in: UK

MX Wholesale

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MX Wholesale is an established international clothing wholesaler that directly works with manufacturers and brands to offer competitive prices. You can easily browse and order a variety of wholesale clothes and other products through its user-friendly website, which supports secure checkout and real-time stock updates.

Product range: The vendor supplies a wide array of wholesale clothes, including footwear, scarves, general apparel and accessories.

Shipping: MX Wholesale provides free next day delivery to Mainland UK on all non-pallet orders over £200.

12. Catwalk Wholesale

Based in: UK

catwalk wholesale UK

Catwalk Wholesale is a wholesale clothing supplier known for its trendy styles. It allows retailers to buy individual items instead of full packs. This makes it easy for stores to get exactly what they need. Catwalk Wholesale also doesn’t have any minimum order requirements, so it’s great for any size business.

Product range: Catwalk Wholesale has a wide selection of fashionable items like tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, and dresses. This variety lets retailers find the perfect styles to offer their customers.

Shipping: They deliver quickly across the UK and the US, with next-day options if you order by 1 p.m. For Europe and other areas, it usually takes one to five days.

13. Alibaba

Based in: China

Alibaba is a popular choice for finding Chinese wholesale clothing manufacturers. It’s mainly for bulk buyers looking for a wide range of apparel. You can find suppliers on Alibaba who focus on quality, offering clothing that fits various markets. This could really help boost the variety and appeal of your online clothing store.

Product range: Alibaba’s selection includes everything from daily wear and luxury items to accessories, kids’ clothing, and specialty garments for global markets.

Shipping: Shipping times on Alibaba can vary. Air express might take anywhere from three to 10 days, air freight about 20 to 45 days, and sea shipping could last from 30 to 60 days.

14. Wholesale7

Based in: China

affordable China clothing distributor: wholesale7

Wholesale7 is a prime choice for retailers prioritizing style and affordability. This Chinese clothing importer emphasizes transparency and convenience. Purchasing in larger quantities yields bigger discounts. Furthermore, it offers enticing policies such as hassle-free returns, frequent discount promotions, and substantial savings on clearance items.

Product range: Wholesale7 offers an array of menswear and womenswear, featuring essentials like dresses, tops, bottoms, and coats.

Shipping: Wholesale7 typically processes orders within five to eight days. The actual delivery time varies based on the selected shipping option.

15. Zaful

Based in: China

Zaful is a leading Chinese wholesaler, boasting more than 400 unique pattern copyrights. It doesn’t just follow trends, it sets them, empowering customers to be style leaders. Every design aims to inspire daily life, underscoring its deep appreciation for fashion’s role in sparking creativity. Plus, with an expansive online platform, Zaful offers a seamless shopping experience to online merchants worldwide.

Product range: Zaful’s extensive clothing selection encompasses women’s and men’s clothing lines, as well as curve and plus-size clothing.

Shipping: Zaful’s shipping ranges from one to three weeks, with Standard taking two to three weeks and Express delivering in one to two weeks, depending on the destination.

16. Kisswhom

Based in: China


Kisswhom offers specialized women’s clothing for overseas stores and online retailers. Its team scrutinizes each product for quality before dispatch, ensuring only the best items reach its customers. Additionally, Kisswhom uses real-shot photos for most of its products, empowering merchants to make confident purchase decisions.

Product range: Kisswhom offers sexy clubwear styles, alluring lingerie, contemporary swimsuits, and other trendy women’s apparel for every occasion.

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Shipping: Kisswhom ships globally, with UPS deliveries averaging three to four working days and EMS deliveries taking five to seven days.

Choosing the right wholesale clothing vendors

Choosing the right wholesale clothing vendor is crucial to your business’s success. Here’s a breakdown of key considerations to ensure you make informed decisions.

1. Quotation requests

Start by requesting a quotation, or RFQ. This isn’t just about asking for a price—it reflects your business’s professionalism. Be careful how you handle it. When you write your email, be clear and specific about what you need. A well-organized RFQ can cut down on back-and-forth and save you time.

2. Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

Understanding a vendor’s MOQ is crucial. Each vendor has different requirements, so check if you can meet and afford the MOQ of your chosen vendor. Also, ask about tiered pricing. Many vendors offer discounts for larger orders, which can help with budgeting and forecasting.

3. Delivery and turnaround

Timely deliveries are critical for ecommerce success. Ask about average shipping times and how quickly the vendor can dispatch items. Be aware of potential delays. It’s also important to understand the vendor’s payment terms, as each may have different expectations.

4. Sampling process

Finally, consider the sampling process. While some vendors might offer samples at a discount or for free, others may charge full price. Getting samples allows you to assess the product quality firsthand and set realistic expectations for your customers.

By methodically approaching each vendor with these considerations, you’ll be better equipped to identify a partner that aligns with your business’s needs and goals. Remember, the right choice involves more than costs—it’s about value, reliability, and partnership.

Lock your clothing vendors today

Launching or scaling an online clothing brand necessitates a reliable wholesale partnership. It’s not just about browsing platforms. It’s about thorough analysis, comparisons, and ensuring alignment with your brand vision.

The process might be time-consuming, but the outcome—a vendor that matches your needs, budget, and quality expectations—will pave the way for satisfied customers. Dive deep, ask the right questions, and act now. Your brand’s growth is a partnership away.

Wholesale clothing vendors FAQ

How do you buy new clothes wholesale?

First, figure out what kind of clothes you want to buy wholesale. Then, find some wholesale clothing vendors and reach out to them for info on making a test order. Talk over the prices, how many you need to buy, and how they’ll send it to you. Once you agree on everything, go ahead and place your order. After the clothes arrive, check them out to make sure they’re exactly what you wanted. If all looks good, start selling them through your business.

Is wholesale clothing profitable?

Profitability in wholesale clothing depends on the quality of your products, your pricing strategy, overhead costs, marketing efforts, and market demand. Successful wholesale businesses often stand out by offering unique or high-quality products, setting competitive prices, and nurturing strong customer relationships.

Can you buy in bulk from Shein?

No, you can’t buy in bulk from Shein. Sure, you can place a large order, but Shein isn’t set up for wholesale purchases. It’s a retail site aimed at direct consumer sales, so you won’t find any bulk discounts or typical wholesale deals there. If you’re looking to buy large quantities, you might want to check out other bulk clothing vendors like TiaFashion or Wholesale Central.

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