The Ultimate List of 149 Blog Income Reports

We’re pulling back the curtain on blog income reports with a list of 149 real income reports to learn from.

You’ll quickly realize that while some bloggers cash in millions annually, others barely scrape by. 

We’ll zero into three blog income reports to show you how you can dissect the details and learn from their progress and setbacks. Consider this your trusty guide to starting or scaling your blog and crushing your goals. 

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

When analyzing these 149 monthly blog income reports, we see that bloggers make money from display ads, affiliate marketing, digital products, services, and sponsored content. Regardless of what stage your blog is in, strategizing your monetization method is something you cannot ignore. 

Display ads

If you want to get the best earnings with the least amount of work, your best chance is to join a premium advertising network. But, make sure you have significant traffic, as more views equal higher earnings, and top ad networks require at least 50,000 monthly visitors.

The best ad networks are AdThrive, Mediavine, and Ezoic, offering high-quality ads and premium rates. Keep in mind their traffic requirements: 

  • AdThrive 100k traffic minimum 
  • Mediavine 50k traffic minimum
  • Ezoic doesn’t have a traffic threshold but you can expect a drop in quality and payout at their lowest level.

Ad networks feature payout tiers, so as your traffic grows, your payouts increase. Most site owners can expect RPMs between $20 and $60. 

Ads are your best bet if you don’t have any of the other 3 monetization methods in place as they tend to be the lowest earning form of monetization.

Affiliate marketing

One of the greatest perks of affiliate marketing? No need to create your own products. Simply earn a commission every time a reader clicks your affiliate link and buys a product. 

Take a look at Get on my Plate’s income report in which the blogger plugs their affiliate link for Rank IQ alongside their insights. 

While many bloggers opt for Amazon or popular affiliate networks, connecting directly with individual brands can boost your commission rates. Just remember, as a newbie, you’ll need to apply and be accepted into affiliate marketing programs. 

The key to success: persuasive content and the right traffic (people already looking to buy or looking for a solution to a pressing problem). You will often do better with less traffic but better traffic so don’t just run after website visits, think about the motivations of the people visiting your site.

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Digital products

These blog income reports reveal a trend: those offering blogger courses or insider memberships have the potential to rake in serious cash. Take A Self Guru’s March 2021 income report for example.  

The blogger and lawyer made $67,375 from her 25 DIY legal templates and services. 

self guru income report statsself guru income report stats

By launching your own digital product, you gain full control over pricing. And with a solid email list, your product’s earning potential spikes.


Are you a skilled writer who ventured into blogging? You can monetize your writing talent while working on your blog. Bloggers with expertise in areas like coding, social media, photography, and marketing can make bank by selling their skills. Some go it alone, while others have a crack team to deliver top-notch services. Either way, monetizing your know-how is a no-brainer.

Many food writers offer their SEO ghostwriting skills, such as Thyme & Joy, who at the time of writing was fully booked.

thyme joy service pagethyme joy service page

Services don’t have to be limited to writing however, as Johnny Africa proves with his blog income report. He makes money by crafting custom itineraries for travelers who want to explore the Southern Hemisphere.

johnny africa service infojohnny africa service info

Sponsored content

When your website starts attracting significant traffic, other websites and brands may come knocking, eager to publish sponsored content on your blog. 

This could be in the form of reviews or partnership pieces, with payment structures ranging from one-time fees to commission-based deals. 

In their income report, Local Adventurer reveals they make most of their income through sponsored content. Take this post for example, sponsored entirely by Pilot Flying J gas stations. 

sponsored content disclaimersponsored content disclaimer

As a fledgling blog, you can proactively seek out sponsored content opportunities, showcasing the value your website offers to potential partners. Once you’ve established your blog and boast impressive traffic numbers, expect brands to come calling.

Why Do Bloggers Publish Blog Income Reports?

If you want to fully understand why bloggers publish blog income reports, all you have to consider is this: 

Why are you reading this? 

As a blog owner or aspiring blogger, learning the money-making aspect is crucial. 

Bloggers know this, and they capitalize on your curiosity to drive traffic, sell tools (think blogging classes and SEO software), and promote their own digital products. Blog income reports are more than just numbers – they’re a smart business strategy.

149 Blog Income Reports

One of the best ways to learn how to make money blogging is to read their income reports. The 149 blog income reports we collected were broken down by niche to highlight categories like business, making money, travel, food and more. 

These aren’t random numbers. They’re real bloggers sharing success secrets, money-making methods, and lessons learned. We’re not just collecting data; we’re helping you master income report analysis. 

Lifestyle Blog Income Reports

Monetizing a lifestyle blog can be challenging, as there are often many bloggers in the same space. One interesting trend that has emerged in the lifestyle blogging world is the practice of publishing income reports. 

Many lifestyle bloggers have dedicated sections on their websites to share how they make money from their blogs and other passive income streams. By narrowing their focus and sharing their monetization strategies, these bloggers are able to stand out in a crowded space and potentially increase their earnings.

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Travel Blog Income Reports

Travel is bouncing back post-Covid, but it’s still 63% shy of pre-pandemic levels. Navigating the diverse travel blog scene, from budget getaways to globe-trotting families, can reveal untapped potential for sponsored content. 

Stay ahead of the curve as you explore the ever-evolving trends, challenges, and opportunities in this dynamic niche.

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Food and Recipe Blog Income Reports

Food and recipe bloggers know how to turn visuals into blogging income. They reveal their traffic secrets in their income reports, showing how they dominate platforms like Pinterest and YouTube. 

They also often share their wisdom with their readers through e-books or private strategy sessions which they plug in the income reports, helping aspiring bloggers level up their own game.

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Business Blog Income Reports

The business of blogging niche is a lucrative field, and the numbers speak for themselves. With an average monthly income of $28,500 among the 39 blogs in this niche, it’s clear that writing about blogging and business can be a profitable venture. 

These income reports can reveal some unique strategies that other niches might not be able to replicate. For instance, Adam Enfroy makes over $100,000 per month by selling his own course on blogging, One Hour Professor earns anything between $5,000 and $18,000 per month by offering consulting services on online business, and Ryan Robinson earned almost $18,000 for his Built to Blog Course Sales. These strategies allow them to monetize their expertise, authority, network, and influence in their niche. 

It’s no surprise that product sales and affiliate marketing are huge in this niche, so expect to be pitched on some products and services as you explore these reports.

  • Adam Enfroy – $281,776 (June 2021); affiliate marketing, courses, ads
  • A Self Guru – $78,000 (March 2021); affiliate marketing + selling her own info products
  • One Hour Professor – $20,144 (February 2023); multiple websites, affiliate marketing, services, courses, ads
  • Anastasia Blogger – $40,000 (December 2022); multiple sites, ads, affiliate, most of it course
  • Entrepreneurs On Fire – $182,899 (February 2023); sponsorships, info products, affiliate marketing
  • Boss Girl Bloggers -$8,621 (December 2020); digital products, affiliate marketing, display ads
  • Kevon Cheung – $4,175 (December 2021); info products, affiliate marketing
  • Perfection Hangover – $3,879 (October 2021); ad revenue, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, services
  • Crochetpreneur – $2,507 (December 2020); ads, affiliate, product sales
  • The Entrepreneur Ride Along – $16,146 (October 2021); affiliate marketing, digital product sales
  • BloggersPassion – $13,403 (December 2021); info products, affiliate marketing
  • BloggingForNewBloggers – $30,423 (May 2020); affiliate marketing, sponsored content, services
  • Full Time Blog – $35,633 (October 2021); affiliate marketing, advertising
  • The Tara Reid – $12,631 (March 2020); affiliate, digital products, but mostly services
  • SmartNancials – $6,017 (July 2020); ads, affiliates
  • FinSavvyPanda – $27,689 (March 2021); 3 sites, affiliate marketing, info products
  • Shannon Mattern – $7,462 (December 2021); digital products, affiliate marketing
  • Blog For Profit – $18,981 (January 2021); ads, affiliate marketing
  • Open Up The Cloud – £242 (December 2021); ads, affiliate marketing
  • Ryan Robinson – $35,218 (March 2021); course sales, affiliate marketing
  • Carl Broadbent – $10,376 (January 2022); affiliate marketing, ads
  • Cheers To Blogging – $550 (December 2021); affiliate marketing, info products
  • By Laura Iancu – $246 (November 2021); affiliate marketing
  • Arielle Phoenix – $1,037 (December 2021); several sites, affiliate marketing, ads
  • Below Average Blogger – $1,833 (December 2021); affiliate marketing, ads
  • CraftOfBlogging – $31,292 (December 2021); 8 sites, ads, affiliate marketing
  • The She Approach – $16,719 (December 2022); affiliate marketing, info products, services, ads, sponsored content
  • Easy Blog Emily – $2,503 (August 2021); affiliate, advertising, info products, services
  • Fat Stacks Blog – $109,222 (June 2022); 15 sites, ads, and affiliate
  • Skip Blast – $3,130 (June 2022); 3 sites, ads and affiliate
  • Create And Go – $81,030 (December 2022); several sites, affiliate marketing, online courses
  • YoYao – $5,230 (March 2021); multiple sites, affiliates, ads
  • Helmi Hasan – $120 (December 2021); affiliate, display ads, services
  • Passive Income Superstars – $5,733 (February 2020); ads, affiliate marketing, digital products
  • Let’s Reach Success – $9,876 (April 2022); sponsored content, ads, affiliate marketing, info products
  • Skip Blast – $3,925 (August 2021); multiple sites, ads, affiliates
  • Blog Blossom – $930 (July 2022); affiliate marketing, ads
  • She Dreams All Day – $7,740.77 (April 2021; affiliate, ads, products, courses, membership

Self-Improvement and Health Blog Income Reports

Health and self improvement blog income reports can reveal how bloggers in this niche use their personal stories and practical tips to connect and inspire their audience. 

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While many of them draw in significant revenue through ads and affiliate marketing, these income reports reveal just how important products can be to your earning potential.

With so many sub-niches in the self-improvement and health space, it can be challenging to stand out. However, sharing monthly blog income reports can provide an additional revenue stream and offer insights into how to monetize a blog in this niche.

Making and Saving Money Blog Income Reports

Content about money makes money. 

Money and saving money blog income reports can reveal how bloggers in this niche use their income and expense reports, budgeting and saving tips, and financial goals to help their audience manage their finances better. 

They also show how they provide valuable resources and tools, such as calculators, templates, guides, etc. to grow their email list or earn affiliate income. 

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Hobby Blog Income Reports

Top Earning Bloggers to Learn From

By diving into these three income blog report case studies, you’ll learn how to:

  • Read income reports like a pro, finding strengths in each blogger’s strategy
  • Spot mistakes made by others, so you can sidestep potential pitfalls
  • Apply best practices and tips from successful bloggers to supercharge your own blog

Let’s take a plunge into our case studies and start learning.

⏰ TL;DR: What These 3 Blog Income Report Case Studies Taught Us

💡 Network and diversify for audience growth: Collaborate with like-minded individuals and explore various platforms to attract new audiences and drive traffic. Boost your income with sponsorships, online courses, and product sales.

🎯 Retain people with consistency and engagement: Prioritize regular content production and interact with your audience on social media to expand your reach and funnel traffic to your blog.

🎨 Improve content quality to increase reach: Enhance your production skills and focus on your content’s visual appeal to captivate your audience.

📈 Generate high revenue with products on low traffic blogs: Maximize your income by developing a range of offers and products, as high-priced items can offset low traffic numbers.

Case Study 1: Entrepreneurs on Fire 

Entrepreneurs on FireEntrepreneurs on Fire

Meet John Lee Dumas, the force behind the successful blog and podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire. 

Since its launch in 2012, Dumas went from an unknown newcomer to an authoritative figure by interviewing top entrepreneurs. His approach not only grew his audience but also secured sponsorship deals, transforming his passion project into a thriving venture.

In February 2023, Entrepreneurs on Fire reported a monthly income of $145,734.

Breaking Down the Income Report

Entrepreneurs on Fire’s income report boasted the following sources of revenue:

  • Sponsorship: $126,593
  • Online Courses: $11,669
  • Affiliate Income: $7,430
  • Selling Own Product (Book): $42

These numbers reveal that Dumas has successfully diversified his income streams. Sponsorship contributes the lion’s share. That tracks because audience growth = sponsorship revenue and today, the podcast lists more than 10 sponsors. As of March 2023, the podcast had accumulated nearly 3,900 episodes and over 138 million listens. 

The report emphasized the brand’s venture into podcast advertising. It aimed for a subscriber boost and Apple Podcasts ranking surge. Dumas had some reservations though: he wanted steady growth in quality subscribers who wouldn’t drop off.

The goal: The goal was to run 4 “subscriber campaigns” over 4 months to welcome new qualified subscribers to Fire Nation, increase the podcast’s ranking in the Business category (to #1), and improve visibility to attract more qualified subscribers.

What they did: They joined a network of podcasts called HPN and got a pretty good deal on podcast ads. They also hooked up with a company that helps podcasts grow. Over the four months, the blog spent $12k ($6k from HPN).

Result: Initially, they gained 25% more subscribers and hit #1 in Business three times over the course of the period. But they also faced budget mismanagement, big spikes and drops in subscribers, and targeting issues. In the end, the campaign confirmed their worries and they realized it was not a good fit for their show.

enterpreneur on fire apple podcastenterpreneur on fire apple podcast

Key Takeaways for Aspiring Bloggers

  1. Tap into the viral loop: By interviewing guests with existing audiences, Dumas expanded his reach. When guests shared their interviews, new listeners joined, creating a snowball effect that fueled his success.
  2. Experiment and measure success: Dumas’ podcast advertising experience shows the importance of trying new strategies and learning from them. Even if a campaign doesn’t yield desired results, it can provide valuable insights to refine your approach.
  3. Embrace volume and consistency: With nearly 3,900 episodes, Dumas demonstrates that producing content consistently is crucial for standing out. Jon’s first few hundred episodes didn’t achieve his current success – the thousands that followed did.
  4. Diversify your platforms: Don’t limit yourself to blogging. Dumas combined podcasting with blogging to drive traffic and build his brand. Explore other mediums and repurpose content to reach new audiences and promote your work. Authority Hacker does this with podcasts, YouTube, Shorts, Reels, and TikTok.
  5. Monetize strategically: Dumas’ income report highlights the importance of diversifying revenue streams. From sponsorships to online courses, affiliate income, and product sales, find the right mix for your blog and audience.
  6. Learn from the best: Be inspired by successful bloggers like Dumas and apply their strategies to your own journey. When interviewed in 2016, he had grown his income from scratch to nearly $300,000 earned in May 2016 in just 2.5 years. Check out the conversation at
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Case study 2: Midwest Foodie

midwest foodie homepagemidwest foodie homepage

Midwest Foodie, a popular food blog run by Kylie, has come a long way since its inception in June 2017. After focusing on SEO, Pinterest traffic, and improving her photography skills, Kylie and her partner managed to quit their jobs in May 2020 to live off the blog’s income. 

The blog’s December 2022 income report shows an impressive $35,723 in earnings, with around 1 million pageviews per month for a total fourth quarter earning of $95,907.

midwest foodie income report 4 2022midwest foodie income report 4 2022

Breaking Down the Income Report

midwest foodie income report dec 2022midwest foodie income report dec 2022

Midwest Foodie’s primary monetization method is AdThrive, which significantly boosts the blog’s revenue. Social media drives 27% of the blog’s traffic, with visually appealing content on Pinterest and Instagram attracting 48.8k and 11.7k followers, respectively.

The blogger cleverly markets her Pinterest e-book by showcasing its earning potential. This effective strategy highlights the e-book’s value while simultaneously converting sales.

midwesr foodie pinterest updates reportmidwesr foodie pinterest updates report

Key Takeaways for Aspiring Bloggers

  1. Focus on visual platforms for visual niches: Don’t just rely on Google for blog traffic; tap into the power of Pinterest and Instagram, especially for visual niches. Kylie’s well-organized Pinterest profile, with eye-catching images and ingredient lists, significantly drives traffic to her blog.
  2. Stay patient and persistent: Building a full-time income from blogging requires time and dedication. It took Kylie three years of continuous effort to quit her job and live off her blog’s income. Success doesn’t come overnight – stay focused and keep pushing forward.
  3. Boost your production value: Enhance your skills, like photography in Kylie’s case, to increase traffic and followers on platforms like Pinterest. Stunning step-by-step dish preparation images have become Midwest Foodie’s trademark, contributing to its incredible success.
  4. Engage with your audience on social media: Actively connect with your readers on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to drive traffic to your blog and expand your reach.
  5. Promote your products using income report numbers: If you’re selling a product to your audience, such as an ebook, course, or service, showcase your income report numbers to demonstrate its effectiveness. For instance, Kylie highlights her Pinterest traffic and income before promoting her ebook on Pinterest strategies, creating a strong incentive for readers to buy and learn from her experience.

Case Study 3: By Leah Claire

by leah claire homepageby leah claire homepage

Budget travel blogger Leah Claire, who started her journey in 2019, has a strong social media following, with 27.7k Instagram followers and 69.8k TikTok followers. Although her blog’s organic traffic remains low, she made an impressive $16,955 in earnings as of December 2022. How did she achieve this?

by leah claire blog income report dec 2022by leah claire blog income report dec 2022

Breaking Down the Income Report

The majority of By Leah Claire’s income comes from promoting blogging affiliate offers on her travel site, where she teaches people how to start a travel blog. She also sells an ebook on starting a profitable blog, which made $1,695.65 in December. The $37 ebook serves as an excellent lead generation funnel for her course. In early 2023, Leah launched the Blogging Freedom Academy, further expanding her income streams.

In this month, Leah also included her social earnings thanks to a viral Tiktok that sparked a spike in ebook and affiliate sales.

Leah’s success isn’t limited to her primary blog. She also operates two other blogs in the lifestyle niche. One of them, started in September 2022, brings in over $10,000 in income from affiliate sales and ads revenue, thanks to high organic traffic.

by leah claire blog income report breakdownby leah claire blog income report breakdown

Key Takeaways for Aspiring Bloggers

  1. Diversify your blogging portfolio: Boost your success and income by running multiple sites, like Leah, whose lifestyle blog significantly contributes to her earnings.
  2. Create a value ladder: Start with affiliate offers, then add products like a $37 ebook and a higher-priced course to increase revenue without needing more traffic.
  3. Harness social media power: Drive traffic to your blog and affiliate links with engaging content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, in addition to relying on Google’s organic traffic.
  4. Keep experimenting and innovating: Emulate Leah’s proactive approach to exploring new income streams and expanding her blogging empire to stay ahead in the competitive blogging world.


When you take a deeper look at the details, blog income reports can teach you a lot about success in the blogging world. We get that you’re here to see the numbers, which is why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of these income reports for your convenience. Bookmark it, learn from it, and keep it handy for your own site’s success. 

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to apply these valuable insights to your own blog…

  1. Implement proven strategies: Keep an eye out for successful bloggers sharing their winning tips and strategies. Adapt and tweak them to fit your unique situation and boost your success.
  2. Explore monetization methods: Blog income reports often detail various revenue streams like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or digital product sales. Identify new income sources and assess their potential for your blog.
  3. Be inspired by success stories: Blog income reports showcase real-life success, motivating you to work hard, persist, and apply the right strategies to achieve financial success through blogging.
  4. Don’t forget expenses: When assessing a blog’s profitability, consider expenses like web hosting, software subscriptions, SEO tools, and taxes. This helps you make informed decisions about your own budget and spending, ensuring a more accurate picture of your blog’s financial health.

💡 Pro Tip: Set realistic expectations. While being inspired by other bloggers’ success is great, remember that everyone’s journey is different. It can take years before you start earning excellent income.

We know it’s harder than ever out there to turn your blog into a success. That’s why we like to pick apart real-life scenarios and offer you the keys to what works and what doesn’t.

Our training puts those tools right in your hands with seven secrets to make sites 83% more successful. 

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