youtube video marketing strategies

Want These Youtube Video Marketing Strategies?

Youtube Video Marketing Strategies

Are you looking at Youtube video marketing strategies to get more traffic and eyeballs in front of your blog and videos?  Then good on you!  You are definitely on the right track if you choose to pursue video marketing.

Having purchased and owning Youtube since 2006, Google tends to favor Youtube videos (amid other authority blog posts) and ranks them well in searches. There will often be times when you do a google search and you will see displayed within the results a few youtube videos as well.

Because, who doesn’t like to watch video?  I know I do.

And with so many people, young and old and businesses taking the internet by storm suggests it’s the best strategy to take if you want to be ahead of the pack.

video marketing strategiesDoing video marketing and getting your videos onto your Youtube channel and embedded in your blog posts is definitely the way to go.

So why is that?

Well using these Youtube video marketing strategies will without a doubt quicken your traffic flow.

And are you branding yourself?  If not, then maybe you should consider it. For 1, imagine becoming the authority in your niche because people get familiar with you on video talking about solutions to their problems.  And secondly, there is nothing better than getting someone to know, like and trust you really really quickly, through video.  Why?  Because it’s raw, it’s real and it is you!


Video Marketing Ideas

Here is a straight-to-the-point training that you can check out to get some ideas to do some simple videos for your marketing.  In this quick 6 min video tutorial, you will learn how you can create videos from existing posts on your blog.

You will see how simple is it to process these ideas using Screenflow in Mac or Screencast for PCs, (of course there are is probably other software than can record your screen and available online for free.)

Also explained is the sections of your video and how it should be set out.  People do visit Youtube to watch video however they don’t want to sit around for lengths of time to watch a long drawn out tutorial.  (Yes we do in company training’s etc and we don’t mind then), but try to keep your videos short and to the point as this small training below demonstrates that here.

In the video also, Kyle refers to pointing your visitors back to Wealthy Affiliate, which of course is what I am part of – you can learn more here in a Review about this program –  however you can use these youtube video marketing strategies to point back to any business, service or product that you are promoting.

Click Below to Watch Video Marketing Video Tutorial Now!

youttube video marketing strategies

Some great sites to share your Videos

Youtube is not the only video hosting site on the internet.  You can share your videos on sites like and or  just to name a few. And be sharing your videos to all your

And be sharing your videos to all your favortie Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  I can almost guarantee you have seen a viral video being shared on Facebook or another platform. So to be seen and shared you have to get your content out there!


I hope you found many ideas on how you can get content from your existing posts, and how to structure and film them with the tools explained in the video.

And who knows, maybe I will see some of your video content out there.  If you have any other youtube video marketing strategies that may assist others, then do comment below – I would love to hear about them!

Make it a productive day!





12 thoughts on “Want These Youtube Video Marketing Strategies?”

  1. Hello Sharon,

    Thank you for such an interesting article.

    You are so right about Google and YouTube. You have to pay attention to Google once you have an online presence – it can only mean one thing – traffic.

    Branding yourself in that way is an excellent idea.

    I have not heard about Veoh nor Dailymotion. Will surely check them out.

    Much success to you.


    • Yes it sure can Michelle. Those others are video sites you can share your content too. Glad you liked the article.
      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Thanks for the Great post , I agree with you on the importance of making your own video , it boosts your ranking up especially that you can control the tags , titles, keywords and other SEO stuff .

    And regarding Wealthy Affiliate , it is very well known and reputable online learning site .

    • Hi Sam,

      Yes it does boost rankings and yes WA is a very reputable and successful learning site. Thanks for your comments and stopping by!

      Cheers, Sharon

  3. Sharon

    I’m still struggling whether to go on an adventure with YouTube. I’m not a person who likes to be found in front of the cameras but are increasingly recognizing the need for such a way of presenting my site and the work that I do. I am also all I know about online business have learned the Wealthy Affiliate, and I am very happy that there is such a large number of courses and tutorials, without whom I would never have started online business.

    • Yes it is very confronting but sometimes we have to face our fears and do it anyway! Really is the best way for people to get to know, like and trust you quicker! Yes WA has everything it is fantastic for anyone who wants to start a business. Thanks for your comments

  4. Hey Sharon,
    You make some good points about Youtube video marketing strategies. I recognize this as an excellent approach to drawing more traffic. So many Internet users are drawn to visual presentations and videos can be quite engaging. I’ve been putting off adding this traffic-generating strategy and your post is a timely reminder to me that I need to move forward. Thanks for giving me a needed nudge in the proper direction!

    • Hi Linda.
      Yes it is an excellent approach for more traffic and people do love video. Yes it is confronting but you do get an audience quicker! I must add video myself to my own blog when it is suitable.
      Cheers, Sharon

  5. Hey Sharon,

    Thank you for the awesome article. I was wondering about the video making process that comes before the video marketing process. Do you use in-house team or a freelancer or some marketplace like ? What do you use in your professional life?

    • Hi there Sasha,
      No I don’t use anything complex because as the course I went through – you can see the review on it here – you don’t need all the expensive equipment to do videos and video marketing these days! I use my iphone! Hope that helps.
      Cheers, Sharon


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