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Work From Home in Australia in 2017

Work From Home in Australia With this Awesome Opportunity

I have always wanted to work from home in Australia. I came to live in this awesome country over 20 years ago traveling from New Zealand.  And having settled down and had a family, an online home based business was the route I wanted to take.

When I didn’t have the ideal home based opportunity or unlimited income I desired.  When I couldn’t afford overseas holidays and travel back to New Zealand on a whim – well – things just had to change.

It’s amazing when you put it out to the universe that you are looking for change. That you want to change circumstances and find a way to make a better income. Suddenly ideas start flowing to you!  Ask and it shall be given comes to mind!

So here are 5 really good legitimate reasons why this real home based opportunity is such an ideal fit for me – and could be for you!

Wealthy Affiliate – Website Creation / Niche Blogging

1)  The Leadership

wealthy affiliateKyle Loudon and Carson Lim are the co-founders and the brilliant pair who established Wealthy Affiliate in 2005.

Kyle with a background in search engine optimization and Carson tackling more of the technical issues, between them both, they bring a wealth of experience.

They contribute and participate in the community on a regular basis, with advice, tips and support, and that right there is something that is rarely seen in an online business from the leaders in any company.  Usually, it is only at an event or on a training call as to when you have access to the CEO’s of the company.

To add to the leadership team, Jay Neil, who takes the weekly live webinar training, keeps us up to date on all things blogging and marketing.  What’s great about all of these guys, is they are building a website and business just like you or I and willing to share all things learned.

2)  The Training

The training is brilliant in my mind and nothing like I have seen before, to get a profitable business moving along.  You basically start at Course 1, Lesson 1 and follow through video tutorials and tasks. And what evolves is your profitable website and blog.

So why a blog you ask?  Well with a blog you can be found online for your posts you write and the best thing about this is, you are found for free.  Free advertising online, always.

The training covers how to build your website, keyword research, how to write blog posts, structuring them and adding relevant media – images and video.  How to optimize (SEO) for best ranking results.  Best ways to promote and how to engage in comments etc.

The training is top notch and always up to date.  And there are so many video pieces of training, so there is always a ton of learning material.  Plus the community contributes training as well so there is more than enough to learn and build your business from!

3)  24 hours a day Full on Support!

There is just so much support within the program.  You get it from the community 24 hours a day from a Live Chat feature that is in the system.  So an answer to a question is only minutes away as you are speaking with people from all over the world who are part of the program too.

The co-founders Kyle and Carson often participate in the live chat feature so they are always there to assist.  Also, if you do have technical difficulties with your blog and website then help is only a support ticket away from the Site support team.  So there is more than enough support to keep you moving forward in your business.

4)  The Tools We Get to Use

Basically, the tools you get supplied here with this opportunity are everything you need to be successful in your online business. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you get the choice of having up to 50 websites.  Not that you will need that many however the choice to build as many as you like is there.

And these are all WordPress sites but hosted with the program which would normally be an additional cost.  You also get Site SSL (https) which is favored by Google and keeps your visitor data safe.  A keyword tool helps you search for keywords in your niche, with data that helps you find low competition keywords to use for your posts.

5)  How to make money

And isn’t this why we look for a home based opportunity?

There are 2 paths you could take to make money in this business.

Build a ‘Niche’ site, where you are writing about a hobby or a passion you know a lot about, and have affiliate links to products that your visitors can purchase from.

Build a ‘Make Money Online’ site, promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program and earn residual income each and every month when people join with you and decide to go from the starter, free option to the paid and premium option.

Or you can do both and build many websites.  As I said earlier, Wealthy Affiliate gives you 50 websites that you can potentially have many profitable niches on.  Win – win really!

If you want really detailed information on this program, I have a thorough review of all things involved and the minimal price points. Basically, it’s a starter (free) membership or a premium (paid) membership.  When you first start you have access to most things but to have access to everything then the premium membership is the way to go.  But like I said, check out the review to get yourself fully informed.

So if you are looking to work from home in Australia then perhaps this is for you.  I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate and am excited at what I am creating in a website and also in residual income!

Make it an awesome day!
Cheers, Sharon








2 thoughts on “Work From Home in Australia in 2017”

  1. Hi Sharon Whyte

    Even though I don’t live in Australia, or even New Zealand, I just couldn’t help agreeing with you about Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am not aware of a better place to learn how to work from home and make money online.

    Whether a person lives in Australia or Ten Buck Two, working at home makes life better for many of us in a multitude of ways.

    Wealthy Affiliate provides a strong core knowledge of marketing on the internet — that leaves the possibilities limitless when it comes to working from home.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is the place to learn. I have learned so much from them in these past 6 months than from anything I have been a part of. It is brilliant! So glad you are enjoying them too. And yes, the possibilities these days are limitless.


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