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The No.1 Work From Home Based Business

Work From Home Based Business

After total challenges of not having the ideal work from home based business opportunity, not having the unlimited income I desired, and not being able to go to any holiday destination when I felt like it – it was time things had to change!

It’s amazing when you put it out to the universe that you seek The best work at home based businesschange, and that you want an ideal home business or a way of making lots of money – the ideas that get presented to you!

And now I have 3 fantastic legitimate reasons why this work from home based business is such an ideal fit for me – and could be for you!  Read below and see how you could turn a passion of yours into a thriving online business.  Can’t wait? Learn more from my Review now!

No 1 – The Leadership

The owners of this business are a pair of young successful entrepreneurs who have provided an amazing Blogging platform to use and to get instant access for free to thoroughly check out.  Kyle Loudon nd Carson Lim have put together an overwhelming amount of training and the program is step by step and task-based to get you up and running with your own website almost immediately.

They participate frequently in the community and offer ongoing support.  And they are the probably the first Company owners I have seen that continually comment on your shares within the community and so just willingly wanting to help.

Jay Neil, who is also part of the leadership runs weekly Live training calls to keep you up to date with anything and everything that will help you with your blog, learn how to blog and marketing.  Like Kyle and Carson, Jay is always open to questions and support and regularly mingling in the Live Chat feature that runs 24 hours a day.

No 2 – The Trainingwork from home based business

The training is brilliant. As soon as you get Instant free access to the website (no credit card required), you have a small tour of the site to get a feel of where things are.  Then it’s just a matter of clicking on the Get Started here area and following the training.  And each training comes with a task so each lesson, you are building a different but important part of your website.  When you come back to this training, it picks up from where you left off.

Other training’s within the system are the Live Interactive training that Jay holds weekly.  Plus once you have been within the platform for 3 months you can create and share a training of your own.  There are many people who are part of this system that have shared their own knowledge to assist everyone.

There is so much up to date training covering the most important things about your website and your blog.  After a few short months, you will feel like an expert!

No 3 – Full on Support

I have never seen 24 hours a day Live support before until now.  I could go onto the live Chat feature now or 10 hours from now and ask a question and there would be someone to guide me to a training or have an answer to whatever I needed.  It is brilliant and instant!

If it is an internal website problem, the Company is fantastic too.  They get back to you pretty quickly after you put a support ticket in.

And like I said earlier, the leaders of the company offer up their help and support as well.

In Summary

So there you have it. You’ve got 3 REALLY good reasons to give this a try. You have the platform you need to get a successful website and blog up that can be very profitable.  Leadership and 24 hours a day support from a very active community.  Again, a chance to really check it out and a Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

It truly is a complete business in a box – just add a Passion!


GET INSTANT ACCESS now – No credit card required!


If you’re ready to join a legitimate work from home based business, then click on the link above.  Please message me when you get in, I am there to help you and I have a couple of bonuses up my sleeve that will assist you moving forward.

Come join the best work from home based business today!
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16 thoughts on “The No.1 Work From Home Based Business”

  1. I can vouch that wealthy affiliate is in fact, a great opportunity for anyone. The founders really know what they are doing, and they teach you HOW to be successful, provide excellent personalized training, and the community is awesome. Great job on this review. I would recommend them to anyone.

    • Thanks for that Jen and I am the same. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I have seen and been part of many things and this trumps them all in everything. But it still comes down to our efforts. If you are willing to work here you will get the reward

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I can only agree with you: Wealthy Affiliate is almost too good to be true! I’ve been dealing with a couple of years with internet marketing and I’ve seen and tried a few things, but you can find almost nothing without Upsells. And this is annoying and I feel unjust. And even that fits with Wealthy Affiliate: No Upsells. What Kyle, Carson and the genial webinar men Jay have put on their feet is a dream. I hope you also have so much joy with WA as I and wish you the very best,


  3. Hello there,
    I’ve been searching for a way to make money online. In this post of yours, you explain I can do that by creating a blog. How much programming knowledge would I need to create a website or a blog? Is that thought in wealthy affiliate as well? Also, do you have any examples of people that actually made money from this, I am kind of careful when trusting people around this topic. There’s a lot of scams out there.

    • Hi Dejan,

      Thanks for your comments. You dont need any knowledge on programming at all and your website can be up in minutes. You are taught step by step how to blog and each lesson has you understand how a blog is structured and what works best so your posts are found by the search engines.

      We have heaps of testimonials and success stories in WA. It is what got me sold on this platform. If they can do it from scratch then why can’t I? I am thrilled I have found it.

  4. Hello,

    Being a WA myself I totally agree with you! Starting a home-based business is an opportunity for everyone who is brave and disciplined enough to exploit its god-given talents and I think that training on WA is awesome too! It allows you to do Something you really love without coming out from your home! Good job!

  5. Hello Sharon
    Thanks for your post on home based business one can do online.In today`s economy everyone is looking for ways to make extra income but 2 or more part time jobs is not for everyone.
    I agree that earning extra income is almost a necessity for most of us and doing it online is the best way to go.Unfortunately, many people get started without any help and soon give up because they get stuck and no one to ask for help.
    Building online business requires so many pieces to fall into place and if it does not, success can be hard.And this is why one needs training and support to succeed.
    Finding the right training and tools can be hard and when one finds such tools, they arwe usually scattered all over the place and alot of time is spent looking for one thing or the other, this is why I like Wealthy Affiliate training, they have all the tools in one place, website builder, domain, hosting just to name a few and im sure anyone who joins wealthy affiliate and follow the training can be very successful.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I totally agree Roamy. Wealthy Affiliate has it all in 1 place. The ingredient,missing is the person and what they do with the tools. I say it is like a business in a box! Thanks for your comment

  6. You have lined up the important reasons to join Wealthy Affiliates. The beneficial points were stressed. I am sure more and more people will sign up given this well written review. Having read all the good points, who would not be convinced to sign up and have a worthy experience with WA. Thanks.

    • Hi Jenn, thanks for your comments. Yes just follow the WA bouncy ball, do the steps and I cannot see any reason why others cant have a worth and successful experience.

  7. Hi Sharon,

    When I was in Grad school, years ago, one of my interest was organizational management. I was especially keen on understanding what makes a “learning organization”.

    I came to appreciate the fact that true learning organizations succeed with a process not a program. Anyone can put together a program that will teach “the 10 greatest facts about anything” and charge you a lot of money for it. However, leaders of a true learning organization build on a process that encourages active participatory work . I think that’s what WA does through such things as coaching, community forums and comments–etc.

    I think WA, as evidenced by a recent change to the way the lessons will be presented, is becoming more and more of a learning organization. I think that’s great.

    • Hi Thabo,

      That is absolutely what I think is great about Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t learn heaps and heaps, you learn something, then apply, learn apply…. it is fantastic. It’s great to watch your website evolve. I love it and so thrilled I am part of them and this community.

      Cheers, Sharon

  8. A great summary of reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate. It certainly is everything you need all in one place to start, build and grow your business.

    All you need to do it have an idea or subject you’re passionate about to get started.

    But even then, Kyle and Carson have helped you out if you’re struggling there too, with the Bootcamp option. One feature that I love is the ability to create your own training and earn from it when people share it.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Jenny

      You are right. You just need something you are passionate about. Wealthy affiliate covers everything else and such a great place to be! I love it. Thanks heaps for your comments.

      Cheers Sh


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