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Where Can I Start a Blog?

Where Can I Start a Blog

So where can I start a blog?

I pondered over this question years ago.  I have tried other programs that had a blogging feature, however I always knew the best way to have a blog was with WordPress.  There are sites like Weebly, that have a blog component to it, and I imagine there are many others as well.

But ask any really successful blogger, and they will probably point you in the direction of WordPress.  So where can you start a blog?   In a nutshell.  Right here.


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WordPress Blogs are Brilliant!

WordPress seem to have all the features to create a visually nice looking, and very easy to navigate website.  With so many plugins you can use, like adding social media icons and contact forms, you can have a site that gives a good “user” experience.  And that is definitey what you need.  A happy visitor!

Within the Wealthy Affiliate program I am part of, we have the SiteRubix feature – which gives you WordPress themes to pick, before they build your site for you.  A quick video below here shows you how it is built in seconds!


As you just witnessed in the video, it took about 25 seconds from the time I hit the Build It button.  Just amazing if you ask me.  I have never seen a site get built so quick, and ready for me to add some of my own images, and content.

I have learned alot about WordPress over the years.  It is free to use for us all, has so many plugins and features, where you do not need experience in coding.   You can write pages or posts.  And the widgets that you add to your sidebars and footer, well they are pretty much click on  ‘Activate’ and you are good to go!

Plus, knowing the posts I write have the chance of being found on Google’s page 1 is pretty awesome too.  So ideally, this should be the preferred option for you if you are to create a website with a blog.

But Why Do I Need a Blog ?

Having a blog attached to your website seems to be the best way to run business online these days.  The thing is, if you just have a website with static pages – it means you don’t really change anything on them, they remain the same.   That is your 4 or 5 pages that you are hoping will be found on Google or some other search engine.

But having a blog (as well as a number of static pages), well now you can write content about your website’s topic. You can write everyday if you like.  And with this new content being published every day, or every other day on the internet, the chances of you and your website being found just vastly increased.

A blog is vital for your business success.  Yes, you can just have a 4 or 5 page website without a blog.  But you better have a healthy advertising budget to send lots of people to it.  Seriously, how else is it going to be found?

However, frequent blogging, and knowing how to structure posts, looking visually good with appropriate images, and doing SEO, (search engine optimiztion) now means promoting it is free.  Your posts/content are out there on the internet with the good possibility of being found.

Look here at just one of my posts that ranks well on Google.  I have people visiting my website daily because I took the time to write posts, add images, learn SEO, and publish them from my site.  And I continue to do so.

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And that is unpaid, free advertising.
And those posts are online…. forever!

I now get well over 100 visitors daily to my site, because I have posts ranking on Page 1 of Google, and possibly other search engines as well.  And that visitor count is rising daily.  And what that means is some of those people are signing up, and checking out the program I am part of – for free.

In Summary

What is awesome for the newbie and also for the seasoned marketer, is creating a website and blog online can be done so easily these days.  It can be literally up in minutes. You can also see a video tutorial on creating a website and how simple it is.

But I am not going to tell you that writing posts and building out your blog is easy, because it isn’t.  It takes time and effort.  What is lucky for us, is we have detailed and comprehensive training and lessons, and support to assist us every step of the way.

So make sure you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review on this program that shows you where you can start a blog and a profitable blog business.

I do hope you liked my post on where can I start a blog.
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I will see you on the inside!
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