what to write in a blog

13 Ideas of What to Write in a Blog Post

What to Write in a Blog

When people first start their websites and blogs the question is often raised of what to write in a blog post?  I probably asked the same thing too.  But if you find a niche that you are passionate about, or a hobby you absolutely love and you couple that with your blog, well you will have tons to write about.

If you know that your niche is a profitable one, and most are, then the more posts you write, the more you are likely to be found!

Some Factors to Consider First

What is really important is the niche you are considering is in a buyer’s market, meaning it is a profitable niche.  And affiliate networks  stock products (that are in your niche) and you earn a good commission.

Plus, people have a passion for it, or they may have a problem and your blog (and affiliate links) provide solutions.
And you have a platform where you can create your website, with continual up to date training so you know how to get your posts found in the search engines.

Digging Deep and Finding Your Niche

what is a niche websiteThis is so important that I wanted to mention it again.  Finding a good profitable niche is one thing, but what is imperative is you have to like what you have chosen and are going to be writing about.

Just imagine, in 10 or 20 posts time you suddenly have nothing to write about.  Or, you get bored with your topic.  This should not happen at all if you choose a niche you are really passionate about.

Your writing should capture that enthusiasm about the topic you have chosen to create a website around.

I know my website here at Online business opportunity is pure passion for me.  It has me blogging about sharing online marketing tips. I just love learning then sharing what I learn to others.  Your posts and website should reflect what you love too!

Get Creative with your Titles

Think about what catches your eye when you are reseraching and looking for something online.  Why did you click on that particular post when there was one above or below?  Well usually it is the title and the title that most appealed to you in those few seconds.  So that is what you have to do as well.

An example for you.  I was just going to call this post;

“What to Write in a Blog”  but I thought, for it to be more interesting and to give it some substance I added;

13 Ideas of What to Write in a Blog Post.

I know I would definitely click on the latter as that is telling me there is alot of ideas for writing a blog in this post.

So definitely get creative.  Ask a question,  perhaps a how to, or learn this…. or even be a bit controversial.  And always make sure you have your keywords in the title as well.

Be Solution Oriented in Your Posts

In some of your content, make sure you are providing your reader with value and solutions if that is what your niche calls for.  My niche is in the online business marketing and their are tons of marketer and new people to the online world who need help in many things.

I provide value to my visitors by giving them tutorials on things, or how to find free images for their sites.  You tube marketing ideas and assistance in blog writing.  So be solution oriented and your visitor will definitely be back for more!

Adding Images to Your Posts

Make sure after putting together your posts that you go to the effort of getting relevant images.  There is nothing worse than seeing a post and it is just all blocks of text…. BORING comes to mind and I am less inclined to read it.  Putting images within your text is way more appealing so make sure you do it.

Quotes and Images that Contain Quotes

Depending on your niche, you could be in the self help or personal development field, sharing insightful posts of quotes and images is another creative idea.  There is definitely not a shortage of entrepreneurs, philosophers, sports stars and even celcbrities who have shared many quotes.

Be Inspired by Similar Posts

Go and research your niche and then write something similar.  If that post you just read is on Page 1 of Google then chances are it has some really good and relevant content on there.  Make sure though you NEVER copy somebody else’s work.  Be inspired and write your interpretation of it.  Because there will always be someone online that will relate to you.

Product and Company Reviews

Share reviews on products or company’s you have been part of.  Give a detailed insight into a company you have been part of with the costs involved, the type of tools and training they have and support you got and just your overall experience.  Do you look for reviews online?  I know I do and the more detailed the better!


This could be in video content or with images throughout.  Perhaps tutorials that could have you doing a number of posts to get the full training across to your audience.  I am now doing tutorials on various things in my niche, like how to find free images online, so not only do I have a video to watch visually, I explain also in some written information.


Lists of anything are always good so get creating lists in your niche.  If I knew some good Facebook or Youtube marketing techniques I could share something like “13 New and Proven Social Media Strategies.”  It gives your reader many ideas and having internal links in your posts can send them off to more of your informative content.

What You Learn – Teach Others

If you are on a blogging platform like mine or part of a marketing platform, you will always be learning something new.  So what ever you learn, teach that to others.  In blog posts, tutorials, videos, images etc

Share Your Wins and Results

I really enjoy seeing peoples wins in online business and especially when they prove it with results in images.  These could be of google analytics and showing how much traffic they are getting on their site – and how it grows.

Or it could be monetary results and images of money made online from Amazon or Clickbank.  What that demonstrates to me is it is possible for you and I to do exactly the same.  A huge motivator and realisation that it is possible for us all to make money online doing what we love!

Use Bar or Pie Charts for Comparisons

Within your posts you can have charts to compare various things.  Visually this looks good and there are many varieties of charts that you can use.  Here is the link to chartgo to check this tool out.

In Summary

Really there is a ton of things you can write about.  It can also depend on your niche and what your passions are, but without a doubt, if you are creating a website around something you love, you will be just fine.

Overall you dont want the blog that is just all written text, so make sure you are adding some really good images throughout your posts.  Keep your reader interested with your writing and your pictures!

I do hope you liked my post.  If you have any other ideas of what to write in a blog please add them in the comments below!

Cheers, Sharon




4 thoughts on “13 Ideas of What to Write in a Blog Post”

  1. Hi Sharon
    Thanks for this post. Sometimes it gets difficult to know just what to write a blog post about this week.

    I liked the part about being solution oriented. It’s easy to get to writing blog post after blog post — and forget the main purpose was to help readers find solutions to problems.

    But when I can remember my purpose is helping people get answers, I have more insight into thinking about what keyword phrases people are searching for that I can help with.

    Do you ever read other blogs in your own niche to get ideas? Sometimes when I’m wondering what to write about I just spend some time reading what other people are talking about in a few authority blog comment sections? (the ones in my own niche)


    • Hi Mike,

      Yes when you become solution oriented you then have a lot of content you are able to write about.  I definitely do read other people’s post. They inspire me to write my take on a similar topic and someone visiting me will no doubt relate to how I convey the message.  Hope this helps you out and thanks for your comments.

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Hi, Sharonwhyte..
    I like your stance on being solution oriented. Ive notice with many of my own posts that the most challenging part is the beginning paragraph. It seems like once the paragraph is solid, the rest of the post can be adapted from it. I also deal with the internet marketing niche and fortunately, their is a large variety of stock media available for use, not to mention combining media to instill some uniqueness. I agree about the stigma of the ‘text wall’. Pictures can be a way of conveying what text cannot.

    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your comments.  Yes a good opening paragraph is good and like you say getting good media into your posts. All the best!


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