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What is the Best Website Builder? – HANDS DOWN Wealthy Affiliate

So what is the best website builder you ask?

Well hands down I am going to say the Wealthy Affiliate program.

I could end the post right there as I know from all the website building platforms I have used in the past, this program has beaten everything I have attempted to build websites’ with.

But you will want to know why?  How can it be?  What makes it better than other popular platforms?

And I am here to tell you why. And please, click ahead on any of the links below if you want to skip ahead.


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Why is Wealthy Affiliate the best website builder?
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Why is Wealthy Affiliate the Best Website Builder?

There are so many reasons why and I do want to elaborate on a few of them. The really important one that I think that any new person introduced to this – is the Support that comes with this platform.

It is all well and good starting a website, which could be with anything these days with so many options available like Weebly and Wix and WordPress to name a few.

But will you get the help you need when you run into a roadblock?

And I can guarantee you will.

wealthy affiliate support
Website creation and building a business online is a tough gig. But getting help from those who have walked that road before you, can be the difference between you remaining stuck and progressing forward.

Which is why I wanted to mention why just the support alone that Wealthy Affiliate offers is second to none.

You can ask a question in the search bar feature and you will be presented with heaps of answers.

Or go to the Live Chat feature which is – yip like it says – Live, 24 hours a day. Here you can ask people from all over the world who are active on this, at any given time, from anywhere in the world.

Send a support ticket to site support if you are having website difficulties and get answers within 24 hours.

Or, send a private message to a member of the community or to the person who got you started with the platform. You can even send a query to the premium coaches and/or owners.

This is why I wanted to highlight the support here at Wealthy Affiliate. It truly is a fantastic place to be and I have never seen so many people willing to assist you no matter where they are in their respective business.

What Makes it Better Than Other Platforms?

Well like I said earlier, it has the best support for your website and ongoing content that you put on it. But other features of why this makes it better than others is because…

The Training

There are two types of training you can follow. One sets your site up to share posts and promote a specific niche and this is in the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

There is also an Affiliate Bootcamp course which is more directed to promoting the Wealthy Affiliate website building platform and keyword tool. Either courses, if followed step by step, get you on the path to creating ongoing success.

There are also dedicated Classrooms with video and blog type training which cover all things from SEO, to social media marketing, paid campaigns and how to write content for your website – and more.

Live Webinar classes which I will share more detail a little later.


The websites’ area is where you first create your website, in pretty much under a minute! Then move onto the Site Domains feature to find an appropriate “URL.com” for your website.

You can access your site from site manager where you will continue to add content.

Run into technical trouble? Then access Site Support and have your query resolved quickly.

What is great here also in Websites, is you can get comments for your blog posts, share comments on other people’s sites, and also get feedback so you know how you’re progressing.

And a few other (technical) things but also worthy of a mention in regard to your websites’. Your paid membership comes SiteSpeed, SiteSSL and SiteProtect.

SiteSpeed to enhance rankings and an overall better experience for your visitor.

SiteSSL (https) which is really important your visitor knows their data is safe.

SiteProtect (spam blocker) no more spam hitting your site and cluttering your database and slowing your site down.

Live Events

Live webinar training classes are held once weekly. Then they are accessible as recordings to revisit as many times as you like.

These cover everything from building your website, finding the best keywords, writing content, finding images, doing good SEO for your posts to be found, Social media training and much more!

These classes are also interactive with the host answering questions on the topic covered.


For your blog posts to be found on page 1 of Google, then researching and finding good keywords is a must.

The Jaaxy keyword tool is available to use here. Visit my post on the Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review to learn more about this awesome tool you get to use within the platform.

Live Chat

As I mentioned earlier, the Live Chat is brilliant and instant help 24 hours a day. Getting answers from people who have already built websites’, from all over the world is such a great help.

I have never seen anything like this before on a website platform. Yes, most website building platforms give you help, but to get an answer straight away is just mind blowing. There is nothing worse when you cannot move forward.

We are in the “instant gratification” era so this feature is just fantastic.

Help Center

I covered the help center and support above.

Again, I think this is such an important factor in many people’s success. And with Wealthy Affiliate providing you with the best tools, community and support you truly cannot go wrong.

The Very Little Costs Involved

Here at Wealthy Affiliate first up – you can trial this for free. Yes free, and for as long as you want.

Starter membership $0.

Get in and try it now! Most things accessible for the first week then limits will apply.

Premium membership $49 per month. (With absolutely no up sells for other products)

This will give you access to everything I mentioned earlier. It is a very small investment to build a lucrative website, that may pay you a residual income for a long time.

The $49 option was the route I took, and then I saw an even better option to pay annual. This resulted in my investment being under $30 a month!

Yes, under $30 to build this website which gives me a fantastic return on my investment!

Get Started Now with this No.1 Platform

So what are you waiting for?

Get started now with this no.1 platform that will have you building a business online in no time!

In my honest opinion, I have never been part of something online, that has a community with so much help – and so many success stories to show what is possible for all of us.

For the first time I am in front with regard to return on investment. Actually well in front. With such a small investment, this makes this very possible in a few short months – so long as you follow the training and do the tasks.

Also, Worth a Mention

Wealthy Affiliate also offer an affiliate program to promote their website. If you show somebody the platform I am sharing with you today, and they like it and become a paid member, then you are rewarded for it. Simple as that.

If you have also wondered “What on earth would I put on my website? I don’t have a product or business. Well, I am here to tell you that you have probably more ideas that you can imagine.

We all have a hobby or something that gets us motivated. Something we love to talk about till the cows come home. It may be to do with your pet or a sport you play. There is always something that can be written about, and products your audience may need.

But I am not tech savvy? And you don’t need to be. Once you choose a theme your site is built within a minute ready for all the content you will be adding to it.

And all of this is done through the training as mentioned above. Video and task-based training so you can instantly apply what you are learning.

In Summary

As the title of this blog post suggests, hands down I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best website building platform going for your online business. Get in now and try it for free, you truly won’t be disappointed.

I do hope you liked my post on What is the best website builder.

If you are part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and program, then please comment on your experience with it thus far, I would love to hear how it has changed how you do business online!

Cheers, Sharon








4 thoughts on “What is the Best Website Builder? – HANDS DOWN Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Thanks very much for writing this review. There are so many options out there for website builders that it can all get confusing.
    It’s great to see a website builder with a solid support function!
    Quick question… How easy is it to build a website if my design skills aren’t the best?

    • Hi Shane,

      Thanks for checking it out and you are very welcome!   Yes there are many options available however most don’t come as a complete package.  What I mean by that is the support is okay, not great.  Having a community of thousands you can call on anyone at Wealthy Affiliate it is brilliant!  And you always find somebody who has had your problem and willing to help solve it for you.

      Answer to your question:  What is great about the training is you are taken by hand right from creating your website, built in under a minute once you pick the theme (which can be changed later down the track if you want).  

      To learning how to add your header, images, write content and how to set it out.  Absolutely everything.  So if you are a willing student, and wanting to learn, you can do so from the video classes which the CEO (Kyle) then gets you to follow up with a task.  It really is as simple as that and the way I built this very website you are on now.

      Hope that helps out!  Get started now with a Free Starter account and check us out now!
      Cheers, Sharon


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