Have You Ever Wondered What is Affiliate Marketing and How it Works?

learn what is affiliate marketing

So have you ever wondered what is affiliate marketing and how it works?

Well bottom line, Affiliate marketing is just awesome!  As an affiliate, you have the potential to make a lot of money from products and services that you can promote through Affiliate programs.  And you don’t have to purchase the product yourself.

Basically, your goal as an affiliate is to drive traffic to their website or product sales page, and if someone buys from them, you earn a commission.

To be Successful in Affiliate Marketing you have to do One of Two Things

Send a lot of paid traffic via pay per click campaigns or send email lists to your offers, and if they buy through you link, then you get a commission.

The other way and the one I consider the best, is to have a website that is relevant to the products or services you are promoting.  And a website that gets a lot of traffic (organic traffic, which is free.)  And you can check out here how you can build a website for free!  The important factor is you have a lot of relevant content on your site that helps your visitor and your target audience.

what is affiliate marketing and how it worksBut keep in mind, you cannot just randomly post links and hope people will buy. They are on your site for a reason, they want something, so it has to be highly relevant to what they are wanting.

Relevancy is really key, and the information you provide in a blog post will be a big decider as to whether your visitor (goes through your link) and buys from you or not.

What are Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs allow you to sell a product or a service of theirs and they offer commissions.  You are given a link that is unique to you, and if somebody clicks on that link, and buys, then you can earn a commission from 1% and up to as much as 75% depending on what is offered to affiliates.

And there are tens of thousands of affiliate programs.  Just type your  *niche* + affiliate program and you will see there are so many.  So for an example, if I had a website in the weight loss niche.  If I typed in weight loss affiliate programs or diet affiliate programs, then Google would return so many programs I could be part of.

Choosing Relevant Affiliate Networks

Most affiliate networks generally have thousands of products that you can become an affiliate of.  And the great thing is, these networks are free to join.

Upon signing up, you will be assigned a unique link within the network and then be able to promote any of their products going forward.  And like I said, you have thousands to choose from.

Here are some of the more known and reputable networks you can become an affiliate for;

Commissions Junction
Amazon.com Associate

Relevancy is Key to Sales

Always make sure that whatever your website is about, the links that you are sharing tie into the topics surrounding your website.  You wouldn’t send your visitor to a pet product if your website was around weight loss would you?  And vice versa.

What is great, if you do find a really good program to be an affiliate for, you can write a lot of content around that product. Or you can write product reviews, as people are always looking for those who have experienced the product first hand, and want to know if what they are about to buy is worth their money.

And in the affiliate networks, like Amazon and Clickbank, you can promote these products without having to purchase them or ship them yourself.  All you have to do is send traffic to the product.  That could be with paid traffic straight to the product sales page, or you could have a blog, and as I said earlier, create relevant content around that particular product and have relevant links for your visitors to click through.

Keep in mind, don’t put too many links on your website.  Make them work naturally with your content.  And Google doesn’t like it either.  They will consider you a “bridge page” where you are just getting people from your site directly to another site and to affiliate products.  And if you are doing that… they just won’t rank you!

With your website, always be coming from the place of helping your visitor through your content, and as I said placing your links where the natural progression would be to go to through your link. You could send them to have a look at a review of the product that is on a post within your site, and from there send them directly to the product sales page.

In Summary

Once you learn how to get traffic, the sky is really the limit because of the amount of affiliate programs and products available to you that you can be a part of.  The only limit is your imagination!

I do hope you have a bit more understanding now of what is affiliate marketing and how it works. I am excited at the possibilities of affiliate marketing and I trust you can see that too!

Make it a profitable day!
Cheers, Sharon



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