what is a good niche

What is a Good Niche?

So What is a Good Niche?

A niche is a distinct segment of a market, or in other words an “audience” of people who like the same thing.

A good niche is one that can be profitable to you should you choose to participate in the affiliate program attached to the product or service.

First things first though, when choosing a niche, you should be choosing something that is ideally an interest to you.  Or it is your hobby or passion.  And something that may solve somebody’s problem, need or want.  If you are building a website around your niche, again the importance of it being something you like is imperative.  You will be writing content about it in blog posts, which means being found in google, and traffic coming back to your site.

Finding a niche can be quite confusing and it is good to pinpoint something suitable to you.  So here is a video walk through to learn about niches, and how you can earn money through your chosen niche.

what is a good niche

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6 Things to Consider for a Good Niche

Here are a number of considerations when looking at your niche.  Usually almost anything can be a niche but there will always be some more profitable than others.

1)  Is there money being spent online in this niche, and is there alot?
2)  Is there an affiliate program you can become part of? (usually listed at the bottom of the website)
3)  Does Clickbank, Commission Junction or even Amazon have products in your chosen niche?
4)  Are there problems present that once people are directed to these products – they want to buy them?  (a solution)
5)  Are there tools to create a website so you can share information about your niche?
6)  Are there ways of learning how to get traffic and people in front of your chosen niche?

Really, your niche could be just about anything. But if you are creating a website around it, it must be something that you do like and one you have knowledge around, you can talk about and you love to learn even more about it.

But one thing also to remember, is your niche must not be too broad.  Yes there are millions of people looking for and buying stuff online every day.  But if you are too broad with your topics and content on your site, then you nay not be found amongst authority sites.

Example of Narrowing a Niche

For an example, you could be a cat or dog lover.  A pet niche is probably too broad.  But what say you found some cool accessories for your cat or dog and created a site around that.  Your content then is not just about the accessories but information on your cat which gives you alot of ideas to write about.

And if you are writing cool stuff about, say your cat, then you are going to get an audience of cat lovers on your site.  They will be informed by your content and no doubt clicking on your affiliated products, (the solutions) to serve them.  Win-win!

But what is a Good Niche?

You know, most niches are good.  I think the biggest goal is to get as many people in front of the information you are sharing.  And of course in front of the links you are suggesting.



These days Health and Wealth are really popular for obvious reasons.

In health it could be many and varied diets or programs for weightloss.  Or all types of exercise for fitness.  Or perhaps problem related ailments, like cellulite, diabetes and arthiritis just to name a few.

With wealth niches, people are always looking to make money online.  This can be done through affiliate marketing or trading or even network marketing.

So there is an example of 2 niche markets and narrowed down you will find some really good niches to target.

Make sure you do watch the video above to really understand niches and how to find them.  And if you are looking for a suitable website building platform for your chosen niche then visit here to get more info and sign up and check us out for free.

I do hope you liked my post on what is a good niche and you find something suited to you.
Do share your comments below – I would love to hear your thoughts and more tips on niche finding!
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4 thoughts on “What is a Good Niche?”

  1. One important consideration in selecting a niche is how it is trending. Ideally, a niche trending up in popularity is preferable to one that is trending down. To find what is hot and what is not, there are several good sources for information on trends, Google Trends and Trendhunter. Both give info as to trending products and the like.

    • Hi Glen,

      Yes a trending niche is good to look at however it doesn’t want to be something that isn’t going to have longevity. Especially if you are taking the time to write a blog and website on it.  But thanks for the Website ideas on where to find about Niches trending and taking the time to comment

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Hey Sharon, this is an excellent article on how to choose a good niche! I agree you must have a passion for whatever subject you choose. Your passion will drive you to really dig into the niche, and the audience you attract will be the kind of company you enjoy interacting with and helping.

    I also appreciated the way you walk your readers through the process of “narrowing down” a niche that may be too broad, with far too much competition. My hope is that lots of newbies thinking about getting into online marketing will find this post – I am sure it will be of great benefit to them!

    • Hi Marvin,

      thanks for your comments on this.  Yes, a passion is very important as you want to remain really interested in the niche to be writing about it.  Have a great day,  Sharon


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