what are the steps for building a website

What are the Steps for Building a Website?

So What are the Steps for Building a Website?

What is truly wonderful these day about building a website is you don’t have to do all the hard stuff.  With website building sites like SiteRubix and Wix you can have a website created in minutes and adding your own personality and theme to it.

With the Wealthy Affiliate program I am now part of, and SiteRubix incorporated as the website builder, just following the training and steps as you will see in this video, will result in you having a profitable website in no time.

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So if you checked out Video 3 prior to this, you saw how easy it was to get your website created.  There are more steps to really have a substantial website, and as the video explained, the amount of training available to you in this program is quite remarkable.

Training and Steps to Build your Website

Besides the website building courses with structured lessons and tasks as shown in Video 2, this program comes with alot of additional training for you to check out.

There is also a Classrooms option.  What this gives you is dedicated training for more specific things and of course tips for building a website.  So following are the topics covered within these classrooms.

Keyword, niche and market research

Get answers and ideas for the best keywords to go for, and learn about the amounts of searches and traffic that define a good keyword.

Everything WordPress

From knowing how to get a comment box at the end of your posts, to adding a widget in the side bar or footer.  All things WordPress are covered in these tutorials.

Authoring and writing content

Learn how to come up with different ideas and become a quick writer.  Find ways on how to get your posts ranking better in the search engines.

SEO – Seach engine optimization

SEO is an important part of blog writing. Not only should you be writing good quality posts but your keywords should be in all the right spots, which means good SEO and a better chance of being found by the search engines.

Social engagement and marketing 

There are so many social media platforms we can share our business too and get engagement from.  Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube just to name a few.  Learn some good marketing techniques from these additional lessons.

Local marketing 

You may be a local business that has a website just for your town or city.  Learn different aspects of local marketing for your site and business.

steps to build a website


Website development and programming 

Your website will always be evolving but it is good to know we have so many tutorials and videos to refer to in this section for creating banners for your blog and what plugins to use.  Or where to put your widgets.  Just lots of information to assist you in understanding how your blog and website works.

Video, email and pay per click marketing

With so many methods of marketing these days in addition to social media, video, email and pay per click also get covered very thoroughly in these classrooms.

Live Video Classes

On top of all the training and lessons that we are given here at Wealthy Affiliate we are also so lucky to have one Live Video Class a week. This is held Fridays at 5pm US eastern time or, as I am in Australia, Saturday 10am eastern.

With this live training we are given very up to date ideas for what to blog about, or some type of marketing training. The great thing about these calls is they are interactive.  You have a question and it will be answered by Jay Neil, the live training host.


In Summary

Within each of the specific classrooms, you can write you own questions and get answers.  There are tutorials, video and additional courses.  These are added by the community so it is not just lessons provided by the Wealthy Affiliate program, but from successful members as well.

So as you can see there is a plethora of training available and up to date to keep your website ever evolving.  Make sure you check out the other videos in this series to get fully informed and an inside look into this awesome online business opportunity.



Full Video and Blog Series


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Video 2   (5 mins 20)  Explains the courses and lessons you can take

Video 3  (7 mins 54)  Covers SiteRubix and how to start creating your website

YOU ARE HERE  Video 4  (3mins 39)  Shows you the extraordinary amount of training you have to learn from

Video 5  ( )  Additional tools available to use in this program

Video 6  ( )  Check out the LIVE Chat in action, this is 24 hour live community support



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There is nothing better when you have so much training it can almost be overwhelming.  Lucky for us, with Wealthy Affiliate we are guided every step of the way.

I do hope you enjoyed my blog and video post on what are the steps for building a website.  Click here to check out a full detailed review and get started now.  I will see you on the inside!











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