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Create Your Site with these Website Building Courses!

Brilliant Website Building Courses

If you are building a website then you will definitely need to follow some website building courses to get the best site built for your needs.

Anybody can get a website up these days. With sites like Weebly, Wix, and Yola to name a few, you can have your website up in minutes.  But then what?

How are you going to go about getting traffic to this new site?  If you don’t have a healthy advertising budget which could cost you hundreds even in the thousands, then you will need to learn methods to get traffic to your site. And I mean free methods.

So what are these free methods?  Well, methods like blogging, which means getting your posts ranked high so they are found in the search engines.  Or social media marketing methods that include Facebook, Google + and Youtube and when used effectively, will have people visit your site.

In this following 5 minute video, I give you an insight into the courses that I participate daily in to assist me in building my business. This has enabled me to build this very website you are on now, and the ability to know how to create other “niche” websites should I choose to do so in the future.

(Please Note:  This is part 2 in a 6 part Video series.  See bottom of post for all links to these informative videos or alternatively Go Back to the Online Business Opportunity Home page for all video listings)

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So as you saw in the video, the program starts with a Certification course in website building, blogging and getting your site profitable.

Get Started Here – Certification Coursewebsite building courses

The 1st part of the course starts with you fully setting up your profile within Wealthy Affiliate and getting to know your way around the whole system that you have now discovered.  The very system that is going to assist you in creating a profitable website.

There is always preparation in doing anything worthwhile.  And building a business online is no different to building a brick and mortar business. (Just handy you can do it at home and for way less money!)

So the course starts off with some core fundamentals to get help you initially understand about making money online, what niches are all about, and the importance of good SEO, or search engine optimization for your new website.

And you will be given ideas on how to find something that is worth building a website around, also known as your “niche”.  From this you will learn how to find the right keywords and how to write content for your blog.  And by “right” keywords, I mean low competition words that will give you a better chance of your content (blog posts) being found in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Now as you go through the lessons you will have some good detailed information to read, perhaps a video to watch to see the lesson in action. The most important part are the “Tasks” at the end of the lesson.  These are non-negotiable.

The reason I am having success with my website, I am getting posts onto Google’s page 1 and lots of people visiting my site (and sales within my business), is because I followed these lessons and tasks as they were presented.  And you must do the same if you want a profitable website.

Affiliate Bootcamp Courseaffiliate bootcamp wealthy affiliate

Upon starting at the Certification course outlined above, you may (like I was) have no idea of a niche to build a website around.  So this is where you have the option of promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program and creating a website primarily about online business and building websites.  Which is exactly what I did here!

The course, lessons and tasks are somewhat similar to the Certification course but instead of say building a website about dogs, or fitness or camping gear, you are leaning more towards topics about online business and marketing.

I would highly recommend however, if you are new to online business then the Certification and Get Started Here would be the route to go. Going the Affiliate Bootcamp route is good if you have been online for a little while and have a bit of knowledge in online marketing.

In saying that though, both courses are fantastic!

In Summary

Basically it is 4 steps to successfully building your online business.  And doing the Certification (Get started here) course or the Affiliate Bootcamp will have you at step 3 – attracting visitors, and step 4 – earning revenue…. in no time!

the best work at home opportunity

If you have never tried to build a business online, or better still you have, you will know that it takes time to create the success you want.  Just because you get a website on the internet does not mean instant success.  Like anything it is a process and following the lessons in these courses will educate you how to do it, and that it is a process…  but a process worth your time and effort and sticking to.

There is nothing worse than starting a business online and not having the right tools, training and more important, support all in one place.  So do go through all of the Videos and Blogs in this series I have listed below.  They are quick but concise and show you (without any fluff) how this wonderful Wealthy Affiliate program can work for the newbie wanting to do online business, or the seasoned entrepreneur who may be just a little stuck.

I wish I had these website designing training courses when I was first online many years ago.  I tell you now, alot of time and money would have been saved!

Below are the other short but very on point videos in this series.  Take an hour of your time to go through them, it will be worth it.  You will be very informed on how this system can assist you in your own online business, but with a lot of tools and help along the way.


Full Video and Blog Series

Video 1  (3 mins 42)  A quick overview of the Wealthy Affiliate Program

YOU ARE HERE  Video 2  (5 mins 20)  Explains the courses and lessons you can take

Video 3  (7 mins 54)  Covers SiteRubix and how to start creating your website

Video 4  (3 mins 39)  Shows you the extraordinary amount of training you have to learn from

Video 5  (4 mins 30)  Additional tools available to use in this program

Video 6  (  )  Check out the LIVE Chat in action, this is 24 hour live community support



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The next step is to go to my review to see how you can check all of this out for free and how to become a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate.  Join now with me and I will be there to assist you in your new online venture.


I do hope you enjoy the video and blog series on these website building courses. As you can see I am very passionate about online business and thrilled I am able to show people a better and truly legitimate way of making money online.

See you on the inside!
Sincerely, Sharon














10 thoughts on “Create Your Site with these Website Building Courses!”

  1. great review and I must say that the video is great. The video is simple straight forward with the important small tips. Using the platform of wealthy affiliates is great as it is user-friendly.

    Can you tell what the upgrade benefits are? you do show a better and legitimate way of making money online.

    • Hi there Manor,

      Thanks for your comments.  Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate platform is very user-friendly and great for beginners or the seasoned marketer. 

      With a free account you do enjoy 10 lessons but as an upgraded member you enjoy everything, the live chat support, and live classes.  So much for so little money! 

  2. These seem to be really great courses, I think there is a lot of value there if you are about to create an online business. I study usability and User Experience and I think that also are important aspects to keep your readers on your site. If they have a bad experience or can’t find what they are looking for they will leave. I think that a combination of the courses you recommend will make a brilliant idea how to start an online business..

    • Hi Linda,

      Yes, the courses are great.  And you have to give your reader a good experience when they come to your site which is what we are taught to do.  Thanks for your comments today!

  3. Great review. I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate and I’m really enjoying the training so far. I’m only a couple of weeks in and haven’t made any money yet, but I think what a lot of people don’t grasp is that this is a process, and it takes patience. A website doesn’t just get ranked or gain authority overnight. It takes months. Only the people dedicated to putting the work in and who are able to wait for the results will succeed with this program.

    • Hi Jack,

      You are absolutely right.  It is a process and does take time to make money. I often see people in the live chat area who have left Wealthy Affiliate then come back. Obviously wanted things to happen quick and went off and tried something else.  But there is nothing like this program out there online for such little cost.  They always come back!

  4. Thank you for this very helpful information! I’ve been a premium member at WA since March and found the courses to be very helpful. They take you step by step through the whole process of building a website and making money from it.

    Before WA I had no experience in building a website or in internet marketing. I needed the best training. Like the video you included clearly shows, WA provides the best training courses for building a website.

    Have you used Weebly, Wix, or Yola? How long have you been with WA?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Weston,

      You are very welcome and yes WA does take you step by step it is fantastic. I have used Weebly in the past however it just does not have the support and community like this does so I would rather be here anyday!
      Thanks for your comments and stopping by

  5. Hi there, great post and excellent video. Setting up an online business does take time and you are not guaranteed success straight away. The tools and training Wealthy Affiliate provide makes it easier than ever however to make you successful in the long run.

    I look forward to more posts from you.

    • Hi Harjit,

      Thanks for your comments and checking it out!  Yes they do make it easy! 
      Yes, come back, I am always updating my blog.  Cheers, Sharon


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