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Wanting to Start a Internet Business?

Wanting to Start a Internet Business?

So you are wanting to start an Internet business. If you are not sure how to go about it, what’s involved and the tools and training you may require, I’m glad you have come to my website today.

When you go online looking for business opportunities, it can be really daunting.  There are so many get rich quick schemes, scams to be really blunt.  But also shallow promises of – “If you click a button here or copy some content there you will be rich” – and it clearly and seriously is not the case.


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And there are a lot of people who fall for these online scams and why it really gives online business and working on the internet a bad name.  Such a shame as it is a great place to earn and enjoy meeting people worldwide!

So, I just want to share with you from my own experience online, that having an internet business can be really fun and rewarding. As long as you find a program that works with integrity and has been around for a long time.  It can also prove it’s success rate with testimonials and also have a community of supportive people to help you, then you really can’t go wrong.

There, of course, are many factors to an online business, however these 3 components are needed for your success online and starting a internet business.

3 Absolute Musts for Your Internet Business

No. 1   Your own website

No. 2   Education and training

No. 3   Help and support

Let’s delve into these a little bit more shall we?


Your Own Website

What’s the point of having your own website?   Well, having your own website could be considered like your own real estate online.  It will be the place where your targeted traffic, your audience, wants what you are offering and potentially buys from you.

But, how on earth do you build a website?   Well, let’s move on to No. 2 on my list of the three things that are an absolute must.


Education and Training

So you can easily get a website up these days, places like Wix or Weebly have easy building options.

That is all in good, but how do I add write content for this website?   How do people find me?   How do I get my blog posts ranked on Google’s page 1?

This is where good education and training comes into play.  When you put content onto your website, it has to deliver a good user experience, which means you don’t want a blog post that is just a page full of text.

You have to know how to use titles, paragraphs and really nice images that are relevant to the blog post, again all leaving your visitor with a really good visual and reading experience.  Plus with the education and training regarding a website and blog post writing, you need to know how to find keywords your audience are searching, hence finding the relevant content.

But what happens if you get stuck on how to write a blog post, how to find keywords?  Or knowing if images are legally allowed to be used?   Well, this is where the third component comes into play.


Help and Support

It is vital that you have help and support when building a website if you are wanting to start a internet business. You have to have people that have gone down this path before. That have had the experience of writing blog posts, finding keywords and relevant images and willing to share their successes and experiences with you.


Start a Internet business RIGHT HERE!

Now I want to share with you website building platform that I have been with for well over a year now.  This platform and program have been operating for over 13 years so right there, that number tells me that it was reputable and going nowhere. And it has all the results and success stories to back it up.

(Please Note; this post may contain affiliate links – please read my Disclosure here)

What Will this Internet Business Teach You?

There are four steps within this internet business to assist you in building your website and ongoing blog content.

Step 1:  Choose an Interest / Niche

You probably have a hobby or passion that you absolutely love talking about and sharing with others. When you are with friends, what is it that you love to share with them?  This could be the interest that you can build your business around.

With your interest or niche however, it is important that you learn it is a profitable niche. There is no point in writing content, if what you talk about, does not have a product or service that you can profit from. This is very important – this is how you make money!

Step 2:  Build Your Own Website

This could seem a little daunting however it really isn’t the case.  In fact, do you believe your website could be live and ready to place content on in under 60 seconds?  Well, it can!   The site builder feature that comes with the platform I am suggesting you try (for free initially!), creates your website once you choose a name and a theme for it.  As there are many themes to choose from, you can select the one that will best suit your needs, with the right format and color etc.

What is great is as you go through the steps on this platform, you will be taken by the hand to do these steps of finding your niche, a suitable domain name and your initial pages that contain information About You, your Private Policy and other important aspects of your website.

Step 3:  How to Attract Visitors to Your Site

mlsp vs wealthy affiliate


Search engine optimization or SEO comes into play here.  You will be shown how best to not only optimize your website, but each and every piece of content you write.

The techniques that have been proven to work time and time again are taught to you as you go through the lessons.  As you can see from the image I have shared, this is just one of the many posts I have on Google’s Page 1.

Which means my SEO is done correctly and I have the right keywords that my audience is typing into Google – hence having my post to select from the posts displayed on page 1.

So now we have covered, your niche, website building and attracting the visitors to your site…. well how do you make the money!?

Step 4:  Earning Revenue

Of course this is the best part of your online internet business.  And the fact you are helping others with your informative blog posts.  Once you have a regular stream of targeted visitors you will learn how to insert affiliate links to products or services that best represent your niche.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is the type of business you will be running which has the possibility of being highly lucrative, if you are prepared to do the grunt work of building your website and online business.

As you would know any business takes time to build whether it is online or off.  The difference between the both would definitely be the cost.

Offline business set up comes with a whole lot of expenses that could include rental of property, utility bills and buying your products to sell.  Online costs incurred can be very low, I know for a fact, my website and program I am part of is under $50.

Actually it started at just under $50 but now is under $25 due to myself taking advantage of a yearly membership.

What is fantastic about this program is you can do your due diligence without having to even share credit card details or pay a dime!

So if you are looking to start a internet business but want a detailed review then please visit here.

Have an awesome day!









18 thoughts on “Wanting to Start a Internet Business?”

    • Hi Dave,
      You are very welcome and glad you enjoyed my tips and information on this internet business. Thanks for stopping by to check my website out.
      Cheers, Sharon

  1. Hi Sharon
    This is a really honest post and you have certainly made it clear to me that I should join WEalthy Affiliate as it looks to have everything I need for my online future so thank you

    • Hi Vicki,
      Yes WA is pretty much a business in a box and why I loved it. It has all the training and support you need to succeed. I have never paid so little and got so much value for money than with this online program. All the very best in your journey with them!
      Cheers, Sharon

    • Hi Norman,
      It definitely is! The amount of value you get for money at WA is second to none. In all my years I have not seen anything quite like it online. Actually, they have just celebrated their 13 years online with where they have been and where they are going. You can read that WA Success story here!

      I happily promote this program as I know it is so much value for money and benefits new people to online business and those that have been around the internet for a long time as well. Thanks for your comment on my post here today Norman.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for sharing this successful internet option for me. Very interesting.

    In the world of internet marketing there is plenty of room for friendly competition and additional online business owners.

    We can also learn a lot from one another.

    • Hi Stella,
      Yes we definitely can learn alot from each other, in fact we never stop learning!
      Thanks for checking out my post on wanting to start a internet business today!

  3. I have just read and I intend to reread your article because it opened my eyes.

    I always got scammed by fake programs that promised me wonders just to rip off my hard earned money.

    I did not know that there are legitimate programs such as Wealthy Affiliate to learn online marketiig.

    I will surely get back to you as soon as I finish my second reading.

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      Glad I could assist however that is the idea of my site. To give you good detailed information so you can have a good idea if programs are scamming you or not.

      WA is very legitimate and the fact it has been around for over 13 years now with over 1 million members is a testament to that. Thanks for stopping by, adding your comments and checking out my site.

      Cheers, Sharon

  4. You make some excellent points on what it takes to build an internet business.

    Because without the right training your never going to succeed — and if you don’t have someone to ask for help it’s going to make your journey a very long and difficult one.

    Out of all the programs I’ve come across, Wealthy Affiliate is still my favorite program by far.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for that and yes you are right, you definitely need the right type of training.  And training that covers all types of things you need especially when website building.

      Thankfully with Wealthy Affiliate, they cover everything from content writing, selecting images to proper keyword research and SEO etc.  

      It is my favorite too Michael!  Thanks for your comments today and stopping by to check out my post.


  5. Your article certainly covers all the reasons to connect with a program like Wealthy affiliate. I had no idea before that there is so much involved in just becoming an affiliate, it really is quite involved but seems to be worth it in the long run. Thanks for giving me insights into starting a internet business.

    • Hi Olivia,
      Thanks for checking out my article, and yes it is quite involved to do a business online. That is why you have to get with a reputable and long running company like Wealthy Affiliate. What they offer is second to none and I have never seen anything close like it online. So much value for money!

  6. Hi Sharon, thanks for the comprehensive article on why you need HELP becoming an affiliate marketer. I thought you could do it just by posting links all over the place but boy was I wrong. Does Wealthy affiliate offer good discounts within the group for all the upgrades you’ll need to purchase?

    • Hi there,

      Glad you like the article on Wanting to Start a Internet Business.  No you definitely cannot just put links everywhere.  Especially on places like FBook unless it is in the appropriate groups.

      There are no upgrades or upsells with WA.  It is either FREE with access to most things in the first week and limited thereafter.  Or $49 monthly to access everything.  Nothing else is asked of you.  If you want to go yearly you can, and this means the cost per month works out to around $30 instead of $49 which is huge savings, plus you have paid for the year – you don’t get the monthly charge!

      Hope this helps you out,
      Cheers, Sharon


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