how to blog for a living

Want to Know How to Blog For a Living?

Want to know the best way on how to blog for a living?

Then read on as I share with you the tried and proven methods of how you can build your own website and blog.

And the reason why a blog is a great path to take to earn an income, is because content you write today, posts and pages you create tomorrow, or a week from now – will always be online and possibly found by your audience… forever!

Why are Blogging and Websites so Good?

If you learn the importance of keyword selection for your chosen niche (which is the topic your blog is about).  And learn how to find well searched keywords that are in your niche (and not too competitive), then you have the potential of having a well visited website and blog, and even better, making commissions and money from it.

The internet is thriving these days. With over 40% of the population online and almost 3.8 billion users, bottom line, if you are not doing business on the internet, then you are leaving possible income on the table.  Check out some live internet stats here.

Because don’t you think, out of all those people, there will be an audience that will be interested on what you have to share and sell?

So lets get back to learning to blog for money.

First up, you will need a website.  Yes there are many reptuable sites online like WordPress, Wix and Weebly, however, ideally you will want to get step by step guidance.  Support is a must and you will need people who have done it before – so you know you are building your blog and website the right way.

The No.1 program I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate

The best work at home based businessAnd no I am not bias – not at all.

I have been online for years to see alot of what does not work in a blog with the objective to make money.   You see anyone can go online and create a blog.  There are so many platforms as I suggested before.

However there are a number of reasons I want to share with you about this program so do check out the list below and why I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

  • They are very transparent, so you get to see all they have to offer for free.  And I can tell you, not too many programs allow you to do that these days.  There is normally a starting fee to get in that front door!
  • And, if you choose to remain a free member, even though not all the training is not accessible, you still get 2 free websites that are also hosted free via the SiteRubix platform.
  • There are no surprise upsells on the way in.
  • There is step by step training. You are taken by the hand, starting at scratch with your blog and website.  You are taught how to write pages and posts, and how to optimize those posts to get found on Google and other search engines.
  • You have a keywword tool to use, to find competitive keywords in your niche.  And you can save lists of keywords for later use.
  • There is a huge supportive community where you can get live help from the Live Chat section. Which means you ask a question now and you will get an answer right now!
  • Support also comes in blog format where you can put out to the community a question, and several people may answer it.
  • The company owners are around to help at times in the live chat section to answer your queries.  Which is generally unheard of in big businesses online.  Usually you have no access to the owners.
  • And if you require website technical support, then a support ticket is answered within 24-48 hours.
  • On top of the very comprehensive training, there is also a weekly Live webinar which covers all topics and important things related to your blog and website.

So you truly are not alone as your website evolves.

Do yourself a favor and check out a full review on Wealthy Affiliate which includes the minimal cost price point, and all things involved with this outstanding platform.

But you still may wonder how your write posts and learn SEO to be found in the search engines?

Well all of those questions and many more are answered within Wealthy Affiliate.  With its step by step guided training, right from creating your website in about 45 seconds to writing pages and posts, this platform will have your website growing and being found online in no time!

I know – because I did just that.  I joined and followed the step by step training and as you can see, my website is growing in leaps and bounds.

And more importantly I am being found on Google.  You found me didn’t you?

I invite you to check out this platform that will set you up with a website and blog and the potential of making money for a living.

And if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, then please share your thoughts below on what it has done for you and your business.  Make it an awesome day!









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