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18 Top Online Business Opportunities & My No.1

So you are looking at top online business opportunities?

Yes, I was too.  And I do believe I found what I was looking for.  But it took me a long time to get to this stage in my online marketing career.  I had to go through a bunch of obstacles and heartache really, before I found what I was looking for and my highly recommended No. 1 opportunity.

I really hope your learning curve in finding an online business isn’t too hard on you.  It can be a tough gig, online marketing and online business for that matter.  Honestly, I have never heard of anyone who came online independently and was successful within a few months.  It just doesn’t happen and you have to really understand it takes time to build.  But with that being said, if you have the desire and drive then that’s a big part of the successful equation, and you are moving in the right direction.

So first up, have a look at these following business opportunities that are available to you. Basically it is finding something that you truly love to do. Who wants to work at business they dislike? We usually go to work for a boss and do just that – dislike what we do everyday.  So why would we pursue an online business and repeat that same process?

A List of 18 Top Online Business Opportunities

top online business opportunityFreelance Writing and Resume/Cover letter Writing

Freelance writing or Resume and Cover letter writing may be an option.  People are always applying for a position in an offline job, or requiring articles or blog posts.

And quality is definitely needed in all of these instances. So if you are a writer and a good one at that, then this could be a business idea for you!

Affiliate Marketing

Become an affiliate marketer.  In this case you do not have to have your own products or services and you are promoting other peoples wares and in turn, you get a commission for your sales efforts.  The best way to do this however is through a website of your own – check out how to build websites here.

You can make alot of money affiliate marketing, however if you are using paid methods to send traffic to the products, that in itself can become a very costly exercise. I would recommend building your own site and getting your own content out there online. Your posts (with good SEO and other factors) have the chance to becoming ranked high.  You can them send your audience (your visitors whom are on your site) via links to products and services to possibly purchase.


Are you good at spotting errors in articles or blog writing? Then proofreading is another avenue of service you could offer to online publishers or bloggers. And of course at an agreed fee.

Web Design

There is an ever growing demand for web design as local brick and mortar businesses take to the internet and also aspiring entrepreneurs.  So there will always be work in this field.  An adventurous idea of putting your creative talents and programming knowledge to work.

Social Media Consultantsocial media advertising

Become the go-to person for social media advertising. Perhaps you have knowledge on the popular platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.  Having the know-how of sharing business posts and also the time to do it, then this gig could be for you.

Freelancing in Design

There is definitely no shortage for banner and logo designs or other creative ideas for your websites. You could become a freelancer designer with the very popular sites, like Upwork or Fiverr and command fees for your services.

Multi Level Marketing

There are so many multi level marketing businesses floating around the internet that there are so many to choose from. If you like to be part of teams, love products like skin care, make up, health and weight loss or personal development then this could be the avenue for you.

Actually there is an mlm around alot of things these days.And these types of businesses usually come with their own training and duplicated websites (for promotion).  But do be aware, it is always good to do your due diligence and search the internet for Reviews.  I have a dedicated page of the good and the not so good that I have experienced – you can find those Reviews here.

eBay and Auction Selling

You could sell a bunch of stuff that you have lying around – and we all have “stuff” –  but this is also good for buying in wholesale bulk and reselling those goods and a Buy it Now price or in an Auction.

Online Stores

Online stores like Amazon and Shopify are great choices to start with to obtain products, or more links for products. And you can sell almost anything on your website, books, clothing, jewelry, shoes the list goes on.


You may like to blog about a niche that is of great interest to you.  Blogging is growing all the time and with the internet and people searching for information on just about any topic, then blogging may be the route to go.  Here is more information on what a niche website is about.  And it may be something that interests you.


Taking surveys is an option and there is alot of opportunity in this.  However, you definitely have to research this type of online business as it can be very time consuming for little reward.  But in saying that there is alot of offerings for surveys and companies will always provide them.

Forex Trading

I did a little bit of trading but it was too nerve racking for me, as you are watching your money fluctuate depending on what type of trading you embark on.  People can make a lot of money through trading but this is one online business you definitely want to do your research on.  And there are many systems and programs out there that do make it easier.

Business and General Coaching

You could try business coaching and a service to assist others with their sales and marketing or strategies for their website.  If you have proof of results in your own experiences then you could offer your expertise for a fee.

General Coaching could be offered to coach those who have their own respective mlm or blogging business, in social media strategies or methods you have gained knowledge in and succeeded. All again for a set hourly fee.

Membership Sites

Being an expert in your field is huge especially if you have gained alot of followers online.  You could capitlize by creating your own membership site.  Offering people a lot of value and information that will assist them moving forward in their respective businesses and will definitely result in them remain subscribed and a member on your site.

It will be especially important keeping your content on the site up to date.  A membership site can be very lucrative but more importantly, a residual monthly income for what will be little work in the end.  Yes, it would be hard work to get to this stage, but would be worth it if you were to create a membership site like this.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is another online business that may be of interest to you.  Having had experience in general office work, accountancy, emails, customer service or the organising of online filing systems then a VA maybe something you could pursue.With the increase of local  businesses taking to the internet, as their businesses grow, so does the need for online help!  So again, an online option for consideration.

My No.1 Recommendation for Top Online Business Opportunities

Building a niche website.  But more than that, It is a blog, which means I get free traffic to my site every day and this steadily increases.  It is Affiliate Marketing as well so I now make commissions from those who go through my unique links.

And another great thing is I am part of a supportive community that are available to me 24 hours a day.  I have all the tools I need within the system and the company leaders are always approachable and offer great support.

If you want to check out what I do then visit my thorough Review so you can see the whole ins and outs of this awesome opportunity.  You can sign up with this program and check it out at your own pace for free.

message sharonOr message me directly on Facebook if you have any questions at all. I am here to assist always and it is something I just love to do – help others!  So I do hope you liked my 15 top online business opportunities.  Just make sure you do full research and due diligence on anything that interests you. And before you sign up to anythng!  Wishing you all the success in the world!

Wishing you all the success in the world!
Make it a great day,




P.S.   Looking for more options in a home business?  Do check out my 2017 Guide for ideas!









8 thoughts on “18 Top Online Business Opportunities & My No.1”

  1. Hey Sharon,

    Thanks for providing such an extensive list of the top online business opportunities. I think this will help newbies find the option that’s perfect for them; as well as a guide on what’s legit and what isn’t.

    When I first became interested in making money online, I had no idea what that meant. A post as thorough as yours would’ve saved me thousands of dollars and time because it would’ve showed me where to get started.


    • Hi Dianna,

      Glad you like the list and I feel the same. I didnt research things enough myself – I would have saved alot of money too. Thanks for your comments and stopping by!
      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Hello Sharon
    In today’s economy, most of us are looking for ways to improve our income to make ends meet, what with everything going up from medicine to groceries to rent and insurance and salaries staying more or less the same.
    Not many people want to take on to a second low paying job, people are tired of office politics and thanks to the internet, we can now have that second job right at home without having to deal with traffic or leaving the house.
    Although some of these can make some good money, some you mentioned on your site, in my opinion, are really not worth the time, I’m talking about taking online surveys.
    I have tried taking surveys for cash and it pays less than any low paying job.Most surveys pays cents and there are not enough surveys around to keep you busy all day.Not only that, depending on where you live(geographically) surveys can be far between.
    I live in Switzerland, and finding an online survey here is hard not to mention spending 10 minutes answering questions only to be told you do not qualify for the survey.
    I feel affiliate marketing or freelance writing is more the way to go if anyone is serious about earning that extra money online.

    • Hi Roamy,

      Yes I hear you. These were only options, and I have heard some people do make good money with surveys, you just have to research and find the right ones I guess. But affiliate marketing is the way to go. Thanks for your comments and stopping by.

  3. Excellent list of online opportunities! Thank you for the information you provided and your recommendation. It is crazy how many online opportunities are out there. The internet has created so many possibilities for earning extra cash or building a full-time job/business.

    I agree with you that affiliate marketing is the top option for making money online. You don’t have to worry about having your own product and you can have a website about anything you want.

    Great information! Thank you!


    • Hi Weston,

      And it because of everything you said as why I think it is the No.1 option and why I now do it. Such good opportunity for anyone. Thanks for your feedback on this.

  4. Hi Sharon
    Many examples you talked about, but one that everybody should try is affiliate marketing. I feel this has the most diverse possibilities for making money, as there are thousands of niches, and thousands of products.
    Take your pick, there is always something to promote. It is easy to change programs/products and change course.

    • Hi Greg,

      Yeah I wish I had of embarked on Affiliate Marketing years ago but then better late than never! Thanks for your comments and perspective on this.
      Cheers, Sharon


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