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Thanks for coming to check out my Guide that will show you how to make REAL money online.  

Hi, my name is Sharon.  I am here to share the ins and outs of a program I believe ANYONE can be a part of.  Whether you are new to online business or a seasoned marketer, this could be a fit for you!

If you are anything like me you are sick and tired of the programs and products that hold big promises of you getting rich with little or no effort.  Just a few clicks and the money will come rolling in…  Hate to share it with you but it is absolute BULL**** !

Making money easily doesn’t happen in the real world, and it definitely does not happen online either.  It takes focus and belief, and oh – that’s right – rolling up your sleeves, working hard daily and never EVER giving in.  

What I love about what I am going to share with you is, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to get started.  It doesn’t have to cost you anything at all (to thoroughly check it out), in fact.  

There are too many programs and MLM’s (mulit-level marketing businesses) online, that have big entry fees.  Some programs may have a little entry fee, but it is promptly followed with upsells, always saying you need this product and that one to succeed.  They don’t share this information in the sale’s video, it’s always after the sign up process.

Or you get the big MLM Companies that have you invest so much money into their products.  Initial signup always seems to be a minor low cost product, then there are upsells of bigger products or events. And worse still, I can guarantee they will tell you, you have to get to these events or you just wont be successful.  It’s pure crap at it’s finest, and something I fell for – and unfortunately many do.  

I’m not saying you can’t go to big events and not get value from them.  The big guy Tony Robbins has successfully changed many people’s lives at these conferences.

But we come online and we want to be successful… right?  And we start believing the lines these MLM companies feed us…

As I stated earlier, the program I am going to share with you, lets you sign up and CHECK it out for FREE for as as long as you want.  You then make the decision (whenever you choose), if the value you have received, is worth it.

Click on the link NOW to check out this proven 13 year old system! 

So you are probably wondering, what makes this program I share with you so special, and so much better than anything else?

The Beginner (or Seasoned Marketer's) GUIDE to Online Marketing... & REAL Money Online

If you are new or have been online for a while, you will know many factors play into succeeding online.  Listed below are some of the necessities the program you are part of – MUST HAVE – if you want any chance of making money.

>>>   A program that requires little or no start up costs. You get to check it out for free and make a fully educated decision.  And in the start up process – you are not going broke or going into debt to begin with.

>>>   Steps or lessons that are easy to follow, to ensure your online venture/website has a solid foundation and has you starting right.  And then building on that.

>>>   It is extremely flexible, you can do it whenever and where ever you like.  And your training resources are accessible at any time.

>>>   It has earning potential and lots of it, from many sources.  And your profits are reflected by your efforts and the type of website and products you are selling or affiliated with.

>>>   It has not only all the tools required to build your business, but the steps to build it and full support from a community of like-minded individuals who are always there to help out.  And this is ongoing!  

>>>   It is completely legitimate, reputable and the company is a leader in this industry.

So What is This Business Model?

The business model is Affiliate Marketing.  The program or system that myself, and thousands of others use is called Wealthy Affiliate.  In the image below I outline how the “Affiliate Marketing” process works.

Visitors Finding Your Blog Posts & Website Online

So in a nutshell, you have your own website with content in the form of pages and blog posts. 

And for this example lets say it is a ‘Cat Training Tips’ website.

The posts you write are potentially found on Google or other search engines (like Yahoo or Bing), when someone may be searching for specific information (about cats).

And in this example “Cat training tips” was searched in the Google search bar.

So the visitor looking for training tips may potentially click on your post (like posts displayed here) which takes them back to your site.

You have ads/links placed on your website that are relevant to your “Cat Website.”  They could be links back to an online pet store.  If the visitor who was initially on your website, purchases through your unique link – this is tracked back to you – hence you making a commission on that sale.

How the Wealthy Affiliate Program Works for YOU

(And if you have never built a website then this program is definitely for you!)

Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools, websites and processes for you to follow, to get a website running successfully and the potential to earn money from it. From setting up your site to writing posts and adding images – Wealthy Affiliate has everything available to use and to learn from – even if you have never built a blog or website in your life!

Below is a snapshot of the Wealthy Affiliate Homepage (and a snippet of what it has to offer!) below.

Training Provided

There are many options listed on the Dashboard, however the first step to your online success is to follow the training.

The training consists of task-based lessons.  They are video and text content and after each lesson you do the task that is set out, to start to build the foundation for your website.  

And it continues with lessons on how and what to write, keyword research, finding the best affiliate programs, getting traffic… the list goes on! 

Website Building Made Easy!

As you go through the training it will direct you to other options on the dashboard, and the first you are likely to visit is the Websites feature.

This is where you will create your website with the Site Builder – which is usually done in 30 seconds, (yip, 30 seconds flat!).  

Then you will be adding a Domain name (, and possibly use the Site Content writing platform which has over a million royalty free images you can use within your posts.  

This content – when ready – is then uploaded as a post onto your website/blog.  (Or alternatively, you can go directly to the back admin of your blog and write there).

Site Comments and Feedback are also very useful tools for your growing website and Support is ALWAYS available so you wont ever get stuck

Again, as I mentioned earlier, the training is task-based lessons so you will use these tools when required and you will easily learn how each and everyone of them will assist in your online journey.

Can't wait to check it out - then Click on the link now!

Live Weekly Interactive Training

The Live Events is a weekly live webinar presentation.

This is held Friday evenings, or Saturday mornings if you are (like me) down-under in the Southern Hemisphere.

These webinars are brilliant as the presenter goes over anything and everything to do with your blog.

Or things that are happening right now on Google and Social media platforms that you may be part of.

The idea of these webinars is to get the best website/blog you can create and learning how to get as much traffic to it.

Keyword Research for Your Website

The Research feature called “Jaaxy” is actually more of a bonus keyword tool we get to use.

Created by the owners of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, they share this tool for us to use (there is also a paid version with even more features within it).

This tool is an absolute must to find good keywords for your website to write about.

You can create lists of keywords for future use and also check to see how posts you have created are ranking in the search engines.


Hundreds of Affiliate Networks

Finding good Affiliate Networks and programs are imperative as this is where your money will be made.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate have compiled a list of hundreds of sellers from countries all over the world.

Listed is information about their websites, which affiliate network you will find them on, and the amounts of commission that you have the potential to earn.

You will know how each program rates, and the way each program pays out to its affiliates. 


Other Features Including Live Chat - Help Center - Support

I mentioned the Live Chat earlier.  This is a 24 hour a day Live feed on the Homepage.  The Live Chat consists of community members who jump on from all over the world to assist with your questions or just to be social.  It really is an amazing part of the program as you get help RIGHT NOW when you need it.  

The Help Center is where you can put in a Support ticket, message the person whom you signed up with or anyone in the community. Or write up a question that will list as a post and be answered by many.  

Support is an important part of any business and it is something we always need.  There is nothing worse if you are stuck and going no where fast. At Wealthy Affiliate there are so many who have walked the path you are about to embark on – and willing to help out in any way!

You wont find another program online that has so many tools and resources, easy steps to follow, and a community to assist like Wealthy Affiliate.

I will be there to assist you every step of the way… as will other members of the Wealthy Affiliate community.  I truly hope to see you on the inside!

Sharon Whyte

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