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The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing – Get it Here!

The beginners guide to affiliate marketing is a program that will take you by the hand, step by step to set up a profitable website that is in your chosen niche.  The training that is covered is very comprehensive, but shows you the importance of covering all bases for your success in affiliate marketing.

First up, What is Affiliate Marketing?

In a nutshell affiliate marketing is the process of building a website in a particular niche, for example; cat toys.  You would be writing content about cats, cat toys etc and also reviews on various cat toy products.  Within this content you will have links to an online store, like Amazon, or to third party websites that sell products.  If the visitor buys a product through your link, you earn a commission.

So as the image suggests:

Choose your interest  >  Build a website  >  Get rankings on your posts and in return visitors  >  Earn $$$$

what is affiliate marketing training

What you have to keep in mind however, is that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.  Not that any legitimate online business is anyway.  If you roll up your sleeves and put in the required work, then your efforts can be rewarded really well.

People turn to the internet these days for online purchases, and it has grown dramtically.  So doing affiliate marketing and driving people to your website, getting them in front of your products/services and links, is not going away anytime soon!

Who is Affiliate Marketing For?

What is really cool about affiliate marketing, is anyone can do it.  If you have a hobby or passion for something then you can turn that into an online business.  Because you (no doubt) love talking about your passion, well putting content together for your website will come as a breeze.

But with this guide and program, the important thing will be to apply everything you learn.  With really easy lessons, video content to follow, and tasks to apply, you will have your website up in no time.

So What is Covered in the Beginners Guide?

There are 5 full levels. And within these levels are many lessons and tasks.  Here is a visual of Course 1.  And do keep in mind, this is just 1 course, there are 4 others in this beginners guide!

wealthy affiliate free lessons

So as you can see many areas are covered to get you set up for Affiliate Marketing.

Understand the Making Money Process:
Really understand how you will get paid.  From when a visitor comes to your site, to clicking through links, buying products that result in you getting commissions.  This whole process will be fully outlined in this lesson.

Picking a Niche:
Going by what you are interested in, you will learn how to find a niche.  This can be anything and there are thousands upon thousands of niches that can make for a profitable website.  The key is to find something you enjoy, and will enjoy talking and creating content about.

Creating a Website in Minutes:
You will choose what to call your site and have a unique url.  You will also pick a theme, write up a title for your site and create your website in less than a minute as the video will demonstrate.



Building your Website and SEO:
Once your website is built, it is onto getting it ready to be found.  You will learn how to optimize it with keywords so you are in the best position to be found by the search engines.

Keyword Research:
Finding relevant keywords for your niche will be taught.  It isn’t just finding any keywords however, but those that are low in competition and have good searches worldwide.  There are literally thousands of combinations for any given niche, so finding good keywords will be easy and fun!

Creating Pages and Posts:
You will be shown step by step how to create static pages and blog posts for your website.  How to properly structure them so they read well, and also how to find good images so your posts visually, look really good!

Other Elements to This Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Getting your website up and running will be just the start of your affiliate marketing journey.  With so many lessons in this program, you will learn how to find Affiliate Networks that you can be a part of.  Clickbank and Amazon just to name a couple that you will learn about.

Social media is covered in many forms, because as you know there are so many popular platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ to name a few.  Learning how to share socially and get engagement will be covered.

As you go through the program and guide you will have so much support from not only the person you signed up with, but the community as a whole. There is a live chat feature that you can go into and ask questions or just chat socially.

If you want more information and a full detailed review then visit here to find out more, otherwise click on the link below to get started – with no credit required – and check out this program today.

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