6 Reasons Why People Fail Network Marketing

why people fail in network marketing

6 Reasons Why People Fail Network Marketing

There are many things a new business owner gets hung up on, when first starting out in business. Of course you will only get better as you progress forward and with trial and error in many areas.

However sometimes its good to get a few ideas or reasons why people fail network marketing.  And of course a head start in knowing what to avoid, so you are NOT making every mistake there is when starting a new online business.

Following are 6 reasons why people fail network marketing.  Now there is probably a whole lot more, however I found these were some I definitely did and now daily avoid.

1)  A BIG one is Self Doubt

And this one usually starts early when you start in business. Yes,  you start excited and full of enthusiasm, but when things don’t go to plan you start second guessing why you started business in the first place.

“I can’t do this”.  “Who do I think I am being a business owner?”

Its definitely this self talk that can completely stop you from moving forward and just a few word track changes to “I can do this”  and  “I will do this, I will make this work” make all the difference.  So be aware there will probably be self doubt – and its up to you to turn that around!  And of course, this is where working on yourself and your mindset come into play.  So be working on yourself daily.

You can and You will !!!

2)  Fear is a BIG one and similar to Self Doubt

You will never grow if you never face your fears. So you just have to do it!  That can be easy for others to say but just little steps, even baby steps of facing your fear.  Every day, a little step tackling a difficult task is progress towards facing your fears. The feeling you get for accomplishing this will be the most rewarding of all.

3)  Competition or Comparison to others

Stop competing with others. So you just started a business and 6 months in you are pissed because you are not making the 6 figures you thought you would like the leaders in the company.


why people fail network marketing
You only fail if you give up up in network marketing

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it wasn’t built in 6 months either so just STOP THIS!

The only person you should be competing with is yourself.  Look in the mirror. There… there is your competition. So go get busy bettering you!  Compare your results to those you did yesterday.  But compare only with you.

And yes, it is going to take time!

4)  Perfection

The fourth reason of why people fail network marketing is, you have to stop thinking everything has to be perfect.  I started with this new blogging platform – you can check out my Review on it here.  I am building a Blog and it is far from perfect.

But it didn’t stop me promoting it in the beginning.  Even when I only had a couple of posts written.

And my business Facebook Fanpage.  Again, far from perfection, an far from having heaps of Fans, however I still share value from it regularly.

So stop waiting for things to be perfect.  You just wont get started – I can guarantee you that!

5)  Responsibility

Sorry to break it to you but you are responsible for your success. You will have mentors like I do in my Blogging Platform that will mentor and guide you but ultimately it is up to you to get out there and get busy doing what you have been taught.  Do not ever blame your mentor or the company you signed with as their fault for you failing.

You fail when you quit.

If you fail whilst trying to build your business – GREAT – Lesson learned, move on and try something else on for size.  But never ever blame anyone else!

6)  Lack of Belief and Worthiness

I think in any business you truly have to be passionate about what you are selling. That will definitely lift your belief in what you have. Then it’s just believing you can share that with others – if you believe in your product or service then belief should come easy…

And never think you are not worth it.

You are always worth it.  For you and your Family!
I do hope you enjoyed this post on why people fail network marketing.  I hope you are one step ahead and don’t go through half of these hiccups in network marketing, however it is through trial and error you will get past each of these.

Can you think of another reason why people fail network marketing?

Do comment and share your thoughts below!
To your success!
Sharon Whyte




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