What is a Niche Business?

what is a niche business

What is a Niche?

So what is a niche business?  But HOLD UP!  First please tell me, what is a niche?

Simply put, a niche is an audience. It is an audience that looks for things online. And more specifically, it is a target market looking for a specific thing. And a “niche business” is having that specific thing as the main topic material on your website. Then, getting targeted traffic wanting to know more about it, and even buying products (via your links), related to the niche.

You can start with very broad niches like weight loss, exercise, cooking, healthy food etc. The important thing to do for a niche is to be more specific and narrow down the broader topic to a more defined term. But in saying that also, you don’t want it to be so narrow, that you have nothing to talk about!

So let’s take a step back and elaborate more on a niche and then on a niche business.

Finding a Niche

So let’s look at an example in the Weight loss Category. Doing a keyword search on this very topic brings me back over 329,000 searches a month via my trusty and reputable keyword tool that I use.

“That’s great!” you say. But having a topic so broad and so big like that, will have your content from your website being lost on Google’s pages to the bigger authority websites and basically never being found.

However, there are so many subcategories under Weight loss.
So let’s take a closer look at these;

– Low Carb Diet

weightloss niche
“Healthy Eating Niche”

– High Protein Diet

– The Paleo Diet

– The Atkins Diet

– Becoming Vegan

– Fasting

– Losing weight at 50

– Dieting in your 20s

– Losing Weight after Babies

– Being Healthy Parents

As you can see, these are all types of losing weight themes however, they are now narrowed down to a more targeted audience.

And narrowing them down even more could look like this;

Losing Weight at 50  > > >  Women Losing Weight at 50  or  Men Losing Weight at 50
Being Healthy Parents > > > Being Healthy Parents with Toddlers  or  Being Healthy Parents with Teens
Dieting in Your 20’s > > > Women Dieting in their 20’s  or   Women Dieting in their 30’s

And as you will find when you do your research, the needs of a woman in her 20’s is going to be different from the high protein diet that a male body builder may embark on.  So the audience is very different, and so will the content, and products to guide your potential audience too.

Being more specific you may feel you do not have as much to talk about, but there are heaps of topics within that “Dieting in 20’s” niche. Like their food, which could lead down a vegetarian or vegan path, to types of exercises that may involve equipment like you would use at your local gym. The content and product promotion ideas are truly endless.

Looking at the food option of a young woman following a vegan lifestyle. This could present itself with another niche opportunity. When you do your research and start digging deep, you will be surprised at the opportunity of smaller niches within a broader one.

Really Important When Finding a Niche!

What’s really important when you do decide on a niche, is you have to ask yourself these following things.

Is it something I could talk about till the cows come home?
Am I passionate about it, and truly love the niche I have come up with?
Is it within a buyers market – are people buying products from this niche?
Will I enjoy not only writing about it but continue to research and learn – ongoing?

Because if you answered “no” to a couple of those questions then you will run out of steam for your website. You truly have to enjoy the content you write and have fun doing the research behind it. It’s a huge requirement if you want a Niche Business but more so if you want it to be successful.

And you must get clear on a profitable niche and one that is in within a buyer’s market. Most niches are profitable. If you can give great content on your website that will provide knowledge and value to your audience then you will be building good relationships with them, hence when you suggest a product, they will be more inclined to take you up on your suggestion and buy. But the key is, to provide the content in the first place.

And now onto the Business part of the Niche

So you have found your niche and you are very passionate about it. You could write endlessly and talk about it to anyone who will listen!  And, you have done your research, know it is definitely in a buyers market and you are champing at the bit to create content about it.

Well the simplest place I will suggest and I know what has worked for me, (and hundreds of thousands of others), is with the website creating platform SiteRubix. You can have your website up in minutes. And also, within the system you become part of, which is free to trial for an unlimited time, will give you training and tasks to assist you to get your new niche business website cranking!

If you really want a profitable business in the coming months and are prepared to put in the time and work to get your information out there, then start right here with SiteRubix and get your Niche website created today.

Just enter a name for your site – the niche you have chosen to write about. You can get more information here on how to build your website for free.

With this platform comes guidance, lessons, and tasks to assist you to get your niche website fully functional and have you sharing your content in no time.

The beauty of building your own niche website is that your content about your chosen topic will be online forever. Which means, if you follow the lessons from this website-creating platform, you could have a profitable site within months and one that could pay you well into the future.

But it comes down to the effort you are prepared to do now. Please do not have the expectation of going into any online business, and just because you “bought in” you are going to be rich in weeks. It does not happen like that in multi-level marketing, blogging, freelancing or anything for that matter.

And it will not happen here either.

It takes time to write content and build your site, however, your efforts will be rewarded if you just keep working it.  With a bricks and mortar business, a new owner just doesn’t buy it and think the sales are going to roll in – now does he?

Well, this is no different.  But with a lot of dedicated work, you will definitely reap the rewards.

If you want more detailed information on the platform I use to have a successful niche business then check out my detailed review here that gives you everything involved within the system.


I hope you enjoyed my latest post and are more informed now on what is a niche business.
Do comment and let me know below!
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What is a Good Business to Start?

what is a good business to start

What is a Good Business to Start?

So what is a good business to start you ask?  There are so many things you can do these days however today I wanted to share a list of businesses that relate to the online world.

With so many people loving the portability of online business and even some who enjoy working from their mobile phones, the opportunity to have your own business, and working online these days, is more popular than ever.

So here is a list of good businesses that you may consider to start. Being online for over 10 years now I can say I have participated in a few hits and misses.  One thing I want to share is my highly recommended online business and the one I think anybody could do.  And yes, it is my No.1 recommendation!

Online eCommerce Store

Perhaps you could open an online store to sell a variety of things.  These days there are so many options of online stores and websites to use that they have made it relatively easy to do.  Places like Shopify, BigCommerce, Shopping Cart Elite and Wix to name a few.

Most of these come with free 1 or 2 week trials and the key to all of this will be getting an audience in front of your wares.  So learning social media strategies or paid options if you have a bigger budget may be the way to go.

A Virtual Assistant

You could become a virtual assistant to many and varied online business owners, working various tasks at any given time.  If you know how to do emails, data entry, customer service queries or other administrative tasks, then you could be earning an okay hourly rate.

Become a Mobile App Developer

With smartphones becoming more and more popular these days most people are doing a good quantity of their business and pleasure from their phones.  So if you do come up with some great ideas for apps, then perhaps you can collaborate with software developers if you don’t know how to do it yourself.  The potential for this is huge and is just growing daily.

freelance writer for blogsFreelance Writer

Perhaps a content writer for bloggers, or magazine or even news sites.  New content is wanted online, daily, and if you have this skill and are really diverse with your writing style then this could be an online business for you.

If you know how to be engaging on posts and optimizing your articles for best search engine results then there definitely is a market for your skill.  This is another one of those online jobs that will not be going away in a hurry.

Freelancing – Website Developer, Website Design, Banner, Logo Design, SEO Expert

So you know how to do website design and layout.  Or you have got a creative flair and design all types of banners or create logos. Perhaps you are a Search Engine Optimization specialist that knows how to optimize websites to help with ranking on search engines. Or you are a web developer with HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript knowledge.

Then places like Upwork and Fiverr have a community of people just like you. And the right organization to be a part of as there are always people getting on theses sites to look for someone capable of these sorts of tasks and ultimately a long term job.  If you are good at any of these skills then you can command some pretty good hourly rates for your work.

On Fiverr alone some fees may start at $5, however the more you can offer the more you can be paid from one client.  And I know Upwork has their own fees schedule so you could be paid a lot more per hour or a set fee for a job. So this can be a great place to make an online income.

Multi Level Marketing

MLM or multi-level marketing may be an idea and something you would like to do.  Perhaps you would love to build a team of people under you. You may enjoy the seminars these types of businesses hold and the motivational speakers they bring in.

What is important is to really like the products you are representing.  This is your selling point accompanied with a good compensation plan as well. Plus of course, most mlms come with relatively good support teams and all the tools you need to run a business.

Just be very wary of entering these types of businesses though.  Doing your due diligence is imperative as there are a lot of scams in the network marketing arena, unfortunately. I have dedicated a reviews page to some mlms I have been part of in the past, good and bad!  Check those Reviews here.

Business Coach

So you have successfully learned sales and marketing, perhaps offline, and can offer to coach in this arena for online business owners.  Especially if you have proof of results with your own experiences.  If you are confident and capable enough, you could coach someone who is really new online to an mlm or blogging business.  People are always looking for mentors and those in leadership positions, especially if it is lacking in their upline in the business they joined.

blogger and blog writingBlogging

Blogging may be right up your alley if writing is something you enjoy doing.  You may have a passion or hobby that you can share content about online.  There are always people searching for information on most things these days.

And you could provide links to products that are congruent with what you blog about. You can learn in more detail what a niche website is about.

Social Media Strategist or Consultant

If you know your way around all the latest social media platforms, how to engage audiences on a bigger scale, and are up with all the trends then this could be a gig for you.  Even though individuals with online businesses can do social media advertising themselves, it can take a lot of their time. I know – I have done this myself. Paying someone who gets results fast is often a better option.

Creating Your Own Website / Niche Blogging / Affiliate Marketing

These really come under one umbrella for me and all collaborate together to make a great online business.  So this is my No.1 pick and something I am successfully doing with this website and I am about to create another.

For my online business, I am learning how to create and build an authority site.  Going through my training within my program I am able to build a website that has good SEO, so it is being found on Google’s page 1 for many posts.  My visitors are going up daily which means more people are in front of “my stuff.”

My No.1 Recommendation – Learn more Here!

The Niche blogging component is basically blogging around my main niche/target market, hence engaging interested visitors, but always gaining new ones.

And the affiliate marketing is being able to be the middle link from me to a target product for my niche that I highly recommend, so that is very exciting as well. Because if my visitor buys, I get paid.

So learn about my No.1 highly recommended business and then test drive it for FREE. No credit card required.


I do hope you my latest post on what is a good business to start and have more idea of something that you would like to pursue.  All the best in your endeavors and do visit my recommendation to get more of an insight.

Check out a full review on the Wealthy Affiliate University here!

And if you have any questions do connect with me directly – message me here on Facebook
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So, What is a Niche Website you ask?

what is a niche website

What is a Niche Website?

A niche is simple, it is an audience. A distinct segment of a market. It is an audience that looks for specific things online. So what is a niche website then?  Well, it is basically building a website around a targeted audience.  Your website would be primarily around the one topic.

If someone was looking to lose weight and was searching for ways to do it online… that is a niche.  Want parts for your computer and looking online to find them?  That is a niche.  Got a dog and want the latest gear to take them for walks and keep them warm… then that is a niche also.

And with each of those seperate niches, you could build a website around them containing lots of detailed information, advice and links to products or services.

And this is what Google returns;

 A niche website is a site that focuses on a narrow group of people in a larger market with a common specific interest. While targeting a very specific term that people use on search engines, a niche site offers its visitors helpful and quality content that answers a question or solves a problem.


Anything with an Audience can be a Niche

As you can see anything really can be a niche. What was the last thing you searched for online? Was it something for your pet, or perhaps utensils for your kitchen?  Were you looking for a mobile phone? Well, that is a niche. And essentially what niche websites are all about.

And as an affiliate marketer, you can create websites in one or many of these niches and direct traffic to products and services. You can be part of an affiliate program that will reward you from as little as 1% and as much as 75% in commissions.

what is a niche websiteWhen choosing a niche for your niche website, you should be choosing something that really fits you.  Something that is ideally an interest, perhaps a hobby, but something you are passionate about. It could be a problem, or a need or want.  Really, almost anything could be a niche.

And the point of a niche website is there are billions of people searching every day for things… for stuff.  Which means there could be thousands searching for what you have got on your site.

Searching and finding your information, your problem-solving ideas, and going through your (affiliate link) to your products or services!

How to Make Money from a Niche

One of the most common and easiest ways to make money from a niche is to become an affiliate marketer.  Where you can earn revenue if people go through links that you have promoted. One of the biggest networks available is Amazon.com.  They have thousands of items that you could be an affiliate for.

And not only are there networks like Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction to name a few, there are also affiliate programs on independent business websites.

For an Example.  I love children. I love children’s clothes.  Not only am I going to enjoy writing about all things children, about the clothes etc, but I am going to easily find affiliate programs associated with children clothing, and become a seller of their goods.

As the image shows, that is a search in google with the term “affiliate program + children clothes”

And as you can see, the very first website is actually a Directory of top ranked listings!


so what is affiliate marketing

Children’s clothing is a niche, but to even get more specific and to sub or mini niches, you could just do things like children’s swimwear, boys clothing, girls dresses.  All of these are smaller niches and more specific to your audiences.

Building a Website for Your Niche

So if you find something you can are passionate about, it has an affiliate program attached, or you can see there is potential to have your website become profitable.  Then building a website around your new passion would be the best route to go.

The alternative is sending paid traffic to affilate programs to earn money.  However, I think there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than builiding your passion in a website, assisting people and getting paid to do it.  And with your own website, your content is out there on the internet forever!

Learn more here about building your own website around your chosen niche.

I do hope you enjoyed my post and have some more idea of what is a niche website.  And if it something you would love to do then GET INSTANT ACCESS here to our system, 2 free websites and unlimited time to check out!

Make it a great day
Cheers, Sharon