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Are you wanting to Start a Blog Business ?

Blogging as part or your business is so important. Especially if your Multi Level Marketing or Direct Sales Company that you are part of is online too.

And most are these days!

Having a blog, you now have a home online, a place you can send people to share value with and give advice too.  And also a place you can share links to, your chosen business opportunity or a product that is in alignment with your niche.

It’s your Online home.start a blog business

And it’s the only thing you actually will “own” online besides your list – Your list of subscribers you create via your blog with free offers and with an autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse.

Being part of a multi-level-marketing or direct sales company is awesome and a great part of how we can succeed big online.  And it is this company that you are passionate about, somewhere you can direct people after they have visited your blog.

You see with a blog, people can get to know you through the value you provide in posts and various things you share on Social Media platforms. (Or if you learn how to rank your post correctly like we do here, you will be found organically on Google)  Through this blog they will get to like what you share and like the solutions you provide for them.

And with that comes trust.


Blogging for your Business is Really Important

What say the MLM or Direct Sales Company you are part of – folded – came to an end – a screaming halt!

Where would that leave you?

And I have been in that position before.  Going from daily pay to nothing!

If you had a blog, then even though sadly, the MLM you loved so much has disappeared, your blog and your list you created from your blog, still exists.

And you can continue to create awesome content, email your loyal list of subscribers, provide value, service, and suggest digital products, affiliate products or e-courses that they can purchase from you.

Because you saw the importance of a Blog and were smart enough to Start a Blog Business.


start a blog busisnessMy Blog is associated with Wealthy Affiliate for the very reasons I will explain to you below. You can check it our for free Right Here!   They provide 2 free websites, but 50 websites if you go premium which is valued incredibly cheap for under $50. They have easy to follow step by step training to get your new blog/website up and running so you can get your posts ranked and people visiting.

You have a huge supportive community where you can get live help from the Live Chat section. Which means you ask a question now and you will get an answer right now!

The Site Rubix feature is where you follow a step by step guide and build your website. Once you know how to do one, you can then build many.

Full, detailed and very comprehensive training of what is working right now with advertising and what works best for your blog is included with the Certification Courses you go through.

Live Video Classes, which are held weekly, are always informative, and always with a question and answer segment at the end of the call.

Hosting of all your websites is covered in the very minimal cost.  There is a keyword tool to select the best keywords for your post and have them ranked faster.

You can check out my Full Wealthy Affiliate Review here where I go into alot of detail about this platform to see if it is a fit for you and your business.



So are you ready to Start a Blog Business ?

Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing I have discovered in all my years online.  I have had blogs in the past but they were never structured correctly, I was never taught how to find keywords efficiently and how to rank my posts correctly so I am thrilled with what I use now for business.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out –  Get it here!

To you and your successful blog!
Sharon  xx