The MLSP Review Compared with Wealthy Affiliate 2017

mlsp vs wealthy affiliate

I want to share the MLSP review with you today, as you have probably been introduced to it and getting online to do your due diligence – good for you!

I also want to compare MLSP with the Wealthy Affiliate program – side by side – to give you some key comparisons as to why one may be a better fit than the other for you.

I was an active affiliate with MLSP for well over a year.  I am now currently with Wealthy Affiliate.  But, first up I want to say, this is not a bias review.  I like both of these systems.  I just want to share what each has to offer, their features, price points, the community spirit with both, pros and cons of each and my overall experience.

At the end of the day, you have to go with what is right for you, your needs, and to participate in the system that will better your business.  Only you will know what that is.  So read on and get informed on two of the most educational and popular programs to use.

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Introductions to MLSP and Wealthy Affiliate
The Good and Not so Good of each of these Platforms
Training and Tools Overview
Support I will get and the PRICE Points of each
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The MLSP Review

Company:   My Lead System Pro or MLSP
Overall Ranking: 75/100
Price: $49.97/mth BASIC,  $149.97/mth PROFESSIONAL  $299.97/mth PREMIUMmlsp vs wealthy affiliate
Owners: Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer, Norbert Orlewicz

vs The Wealthy Affiliate Review

Company:  Wealthy Affiliate or WA
Overall Ranking:  95/100
Price: $0/mth STARTER or  $49/mth PREMIUM
Owners: Kyle Loudon, Carson Lim

 An Introduction to MLSP

My Lead System Pro is not a business opportunity, but more an affiliate and training platform.  I was attracted to this as I struggled big time to get leads for my primary MLM business.  With MLSP, you are taught through many training and video tutorials, to implement various online marketing methods.

Attraction marketing is also a major part of these training, and most are encouraged to have blogs branding themselves.  The idea is to become an authority in your field and be the go-to person for advice and tips, which in turn leads to signups into MLSP, your own business or your visitor purchasing products through your links.

It does sound great in theory and many do in fact achieve this status.  I found it very difficult however to put myself out there on video and tell others I knew how to successfully get leads to my business etc.

I was getting some leads but not earth-shattering so making out I was the “authority” did not sit well with me when I was just new at this.  I guess, like anything it all gets easier over time, but I felt I was setting myself up for disaster.  In other words,  did not last long!

To me, it felt like I was just promoting MLSP and this did not help my primary business at all.  The idea was to get a lot of people to join MLSP and have them doing the same methods as you are.  And when they are in their own account, that is where you have the liberty to promote your MLM biz op.  Also, if they happened to buy other products within the system, we got a commission.

I found it to be helpful in marketing and learned heaps, however, upsells were always there.  Plus, within the system, many of the leaders whom had been around successfully online, were at times, promoting their own new products.  There was no shortage of training to buy.

But the tools you had to use were pretty good, like the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to manage your prospects.  Or the Funnelizer to produce your own landing pages – a very cool tool!

You could use training in marketing campaigns to build your own list.  You also got 1 website (only with the $149 membership – not with the $49.95)  And the live weekly webinars were very helpful also.

There was a plethora of training.  I guess my only beef with this; it could be 1 hour and 30 minutes long, and after initial intros and a bit of chat, you could be at the 30-minute mark before the actual training you were there for had begun.  But in saying that, the training calls were extremely good.

Support was good, from the person who initially signed you up and also if you put in a support ticket, it was addressed within 24-48 hours.  Plus they have a good community vibe on a Facebook group as well.

An Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate websitesWealthy Affiliate is similar to MLSP in that has alot of fantastic and up to date training. And it has its own affiliate program, similar to MLSP, if people join you, you can make a commission.

But it is more about building websites, (you get 50 in your paid membership), and you build this site around your passion or niche.  You then learn how to get targeted traffic to your website, and you monetize your site so if your visitor goes through your link and buys, then you get paid.

What I found different about Wealthy Affiliate, is they really teach you the nuts and bolts of setting up a website right from scratch.  You get very detailed and straight to the point training so there is no fluff to sift through.  Each lesson and training is on point and tells you exactly what to do, to get your website evolving.

As you can see from my website, it has taken shape over the past 6 months.  With 90 plus posts and many of those ranking on page 1 of Google, I can definitely vouch for the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, that it works and it works every time, so long as you follow the lessons and apply the tasks.
The support is second to none.  You get it from the person who signed you up and the company owners are always assisting in the live chat area. You can ask questions in a blog format and get support there or if you have website issues then a support ticket will be addressed pretty quickly. But what I really like is the live chat feature I mentioned, it is 24 hours a day live community chat, so assistance is only seconds away!  That alone is brilliant.


MLSP The Good!

    •  Heaps of training with all topics covered like social media, email marketing, blogging, seo, article marketing, attraction marketing, video marketing and more
    •  1 website (if you pay the $149 Professional membership)
    • 2 websites (if you pay the $299 Premium membership)
    •  CRM – Customer Relationship Manager – to manage all you leads
    •  System Campaigns – Use company trainings to share to social media to get leads
    •  Weekly webinar training that you can invite guests to
    •  Funnelizer – to make your own custom landing pages
    •  Ranking system and Contests within the system to recognize hard workers
    •  Ability to promote other people’s products ($7 – $497) and earn commission from them
    •  Access to top industry 6 and 7 figure earners
    •  $100/$200 commissions if you refer others to the system
    •  30 day Risk free trial on the whole system

MLSP The Not So Good!

    •  Even though it is 30 days risk-free, you still have to sign up and pay up front
    •  Recurring $149 or $299 can be expensive if you do not refer anyone quickly.  And it usually does take time
    •  You only get 1/2 websites and that is on the dearer memberships. No website for the $49.97 membership
    •  Trainings are really long, alot of unnecessary talk etc, (socially good/but not good if you just want training!)
    •  When you sign up, you will be hit with one time offers and upsells.  And ongoing upsells as a member
    •  Additional Coaching at a cost was added within the system as well
    • Overall, can be a huge information overload if you don’t have someone to guide you on initial startup

Wealthy Affiliate The Good!

      •  No credit card required to check it out.  And you can remain a starter member ($0) for as long as you like
      •  Absolutely NO Upsells which is quite refreshing for an online program
      •  2 Websites on the Starter option or 50 websites you can use for various niche’s on the Premium ($49) option
      •  Live Weekly Training Calls – all topics that are covered will assist in growing your business
      •  Unbelievably helpful community.  Ask a Question.  Answered in minutes because of the 24 hr Live Chat feature
      •  Video tutorials that are on point with no fluff.  They range from a few minutes to around 30, so no time wasting
      •  Lessons are followed by tasks so you are building your website as you go through the training
      •  Dedicated topics in Classroom training that cover things like blogging, SEO, article writing, social media etc
      •  Fast Hosting is part of the very low priced package
      •  Access to Industry experts and 6 and 7-figure earners

Wealthy Affiliate The Not so Good!

    •  Live Chat (although very helpful) can also be a time waster if you let it
    •  Training can be overwhelming as there is so much of it, which is why it is important you follow the lessons
    • Some of the training is outdated and you see this as you go through the system (however there is a Request button you can click on to give feedback on the training)
    •  Commissions could be considered low compared to other programs – but it makes it affordable for all

Who is MLSP For?

MLSP I believe, is for the more seasoned marketer as I found the training intermediate to advanced.  Even though it is meant to be at the forefront of your MLM business it seems in essence, you are just promoting this system rather than your business.  I think it is good for those who really want to brand themselves, and want just the one website to do so.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate could be for those with no experience, but also marketers who have been online (with little success), for a while.  With the very detailed and on point training, anybody could have a website built in their chosen niche.  And the beauty is, you can have many websites if you choose.

So, if you have a hobby or a passion for something, then they have the websites and training for you.  And with the ongoing dedicated website training, you have a big chance of evolving to an authority site in your niche.


MLSP Training and Tools

Upon starting you get a Beginner Marketing Guide.  There is so much training that covers all aspects of marketing, social media, video, blogging, SEO, article, email the list could go on.

You get daily mindset calls and weekly webinars that you can invite non-members to which are all very good.

Tools consist of a website, CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), system campaigns to capture leads with pre-written emails, funnelizer for building custom landing pages, video and media hosting, sample ads, split testing tools, video and media hosting and integration of your own autoresponder.

Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools

The training inside Wealthy Affiliate is very comprehensive. If you are a newbie to online and affiliate marketing, then you are fully catered for.  You just follow the step by step instructions on setting up your website and blog and just continue following the process.  It is pretty much lesson (with video), then do a task.  And all types of marketing is covered, so as you build your website/blog, you will also learn how to do SEO, social media marketing, video marketing etc.

There is also a Weekly live interactive webinar that assists in all things to do with your website, and also what’s going on now in marketing and best ways to promote.

Tools consist of;  50 websites with hosting costs included, WordPress express – 3 click website builder that is easy to set up, Keyword and competition research tool, low competition keyword lists, free SSL certificate (keeping your website visitor’s personal data safe) and also a referral program.  Once inside Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about the tools and services needed to run your business. EVERYTHING is included, it truly is the only “all-inclusive” online business platform out there.


Support in MLSP

You generally get support from the person who you signed up with.  You don’t have direct contact with the owners although there is participation from them in the Facebook Group which is another area to get community support.  A ticket into the system support is usually addressed in 24-48 hours.

Support in Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate live chat supportAgain, the person you signed with is always there to assist.  There is a brilliant Live Chat feature which is available 24 hours a day and you speak with people from all over the world.  You can also blog a question within the system and get many people answering your question.

What’s good about this is there are many questions that have been answered and a quick search in the search bar will give you answers.  And there is also system support so a ticket into them will have your query resolved in 24-48 hours.

With Wealthy Affiliate, I also noticed the company owners participating in the live chat regularly.  Something I have never seen in an online opportunity.



      •  $49.97 – BASIC which includes most training, however, no website
      •  $149.97 – PROFESSIONAL which includes most things plus 1 website and the ability to earn commission for referrals
      • $299.97 – PREMIUM which includes everything, plus Live Chat, mentorship training and archived MLSP training, plus earn commissions on referrals

    Costs are reduced if you pay either of the above memberships annually.

$42/$125/$250  (per month depending on your membership)

Wealthy Affiliate

        •  $0 – Starter which includes 10 lessons, and 2 free websites hosted here and the ability to earn $11.75 for referrals
        •  $49 Premium member which includes everything to build your websites and earn $23.50 for referring others to the system

      Costs are reduced if you pay for the membership annually – $495 per year.

      Becomes $41.25 per month


      Wealthy Affiliate have a once a year “Black Friday” Sale of $299 for your WHOLE YEARS MEMBERSHIP which reduces your cost dramatically (this is equivalent to 1 mth Premium at MLSP) 

      Becomes $25 per month (and the route I took).

      FINAL OPINION & What I HIGHLY Recommend

      As I am a Wealthy Affiliate member, of course, I would love to refer others to the program as I think it has everything in one place and little need for a beginner, or even a seasoned marketer to go elsewhere for training and tools.

      If you do have a passion or a hobby and want to translate that into a profitable website then Wealthy Affiliate could be for you.  Do definitely click on button now and check us out for free – yes free, put your credit card away!

      If you just want to get leads and people in front of your MLM business, or you want to brand “YOU” then MLSP may be the route you would like to take. It really is up to what you want and need for your online business.

      Comparison Table to give you some Insight

      In Summary

      Even though the chart does show some differences in what is available, listed here is what they both give you:

            •  Top notch and very up to date training
            •  They have large active and very supportive communities – WA, within the system and MLSP on Facebook
            •  They give you live webinar training weekly and keep you up to speed on what is working now
            •  You get a referral program within both the systems
            •  You can create profit through products via affiliate links
            •  They both have the vision to help you succeed online

      You may be thinking I am trying to pitch WA over MLSP but this is not the case.  Yes, I am part of Wealthy Affiliate, however, being part of both programs I can give you a true insiders view of both.

      I think they both give fantastic training and support and I just believe Wealthy Affiliate suited my needs more than MLSP did.

      I prefer to build niche websites around my passions.  I find it fun and challenging to do, compared to branding myself as an expert when I clearly was not!

      And with the results I am now getting with traffic increasing daily to my website, and my posts ranking well in Google (with page 1 results), I know I am in the right place for me.

      I do hope you enjoyed the MLSP review and the comparison to Wealthy Affiliate.
      You just have to choose which one is right for you!

      If you are happy to go down the Wealthy Affiliate path then definitely check out my detailed review, put your credit card away, and get started and check it out today!

      I may see you on the inside!
      Cheers, Sharon