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keyword search tool for seo

If you are looking for a keyword search tool for SEO then you have come to the right place.  How would you like a tool that is designed by affiliate marketers, to find the best keywords, so your website and content are found?

You have found the Jaaxy SEO keyword research tool that will definitely give you the edge.  Being an advanced platform it will give you the best chance of finding ideal keywords.  It has the ability to check competitors ranking and info on their word count and site, and also do market research.

Advanced Features

There are millions of keyword combinations to search for, and with new search items being search every day, it is vitally important you have a keyword tool that gives you accurate traffic and competition.  Plus, information on whether you can have a domain in any specific keyword as well.

With Jaaxy, you will be able to find niches you probably don’t know exist, and discover which have little or no competition. Using the brainstorm feature, you will be able to see what is trending  NOW on Google, hot Alexa topics, see what is selling best on Amazon and trending Twitter topics.

Having this knowledge first hand gives you insight into what the world is searching the world wide web for!  This can give you new ideas or add to your existing niche you already have.

And a big bonus, is knowing if a particular keyword is available as a Domain name.  Jaaxy shows you whether the keyword can be used as a Domain name in either .com  .net  or  .org.

Know What Your Competition are Up To!

Jaaxy has the ability to check out what your comptetion is doing and why they are ranking well. You will also get insight into the website’s content structure, length, backlinks, meta tags and basically information that they probably do not want you to know!

Having this type of data truly gives you the competitive edge.

Site Rank – So Where are my Posts?

Want to know where your pages and posts are ranking?
And on which page – iIn Google, Yahoo or Bing?

Then Jaaxy’s site rank feature gives you just that so you can monitor and track rankings on your website, and know which of your content is performing the best.

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All the Features

  • Search – search thousands upon thousands of keywork combinations and know the traffic they recieve and if competitive or not.
  • Site Rank – know what pages in Google, Yahoo or Bing that your pages or posts are on.
  • Affilaite Program – you can earn money for sharing this program with others.  They become a paid memeber and you get recurring commissions.
  • Jaaxy Help – video tutorials to get the best out of this Jaaxy program.
  • Alphabet soup – a technique to find unlimited keyword combinations for your niche.
  • Saved Lists  – save all your researched keywords inspecific lists for later use.
  • Search History – saves keywords you have searched for to refer back to if needed.
  • Search Analysis – with search analysis you can check out the top 10 websites that are ranking for a keyword from Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  • Affiliate Programs – find affiliate programs for your selected keywords in Clickbank, Link Share, Commission Junction, or Digital River. Good info if you are going down the path of Affilaite marketing.
  • Brainistorm – for ideas on what is happening “now.” See what is trending on Google, Alexa, Amazon and Twitter from live feeds.


Memberhsip Options

Listed are the 3 Membership Options.  The brilliant thing is you can try it out for free  with30 searches, to see what it can potentially do for you and your website.  Plus you have the option of becoming an Affiliate as well!


jaaxy keyword search tool pricing


In Summary

As you can see it is not only a keyword tool, but has many features to better your content and website as a whole.  It is a tool that I regularly use.  And successfully find many keyword options for my online business opportunity site.

I do hope you liked my post and realise how Jaaxy is a great keyword search tool for seo. If you are a Jaaxy user, do let me know your thoughts on it below,  If not, then click here to create your account and trial 30 searches.

Have fun finding keywords for your niche!
Cheers, Sharon






Best Keyword Tool For Seo – Jaaxy ROCKS !

best keyword tool for seo

Jaaxy – The Best Keyword Tool for SEO

So you are looking for the best keyword tool for SEO – would that be right?

Well today might be your lucky day.  As today I want you to go through my very detailed review to check out this Jaaxy keyword research tool, the results you can get when using it and also the options, starting at FREE (30 searches) that are available to you.

I have never really understood SEO and how important that was, and also finding the right keywords were to my blogging and website.

I have always been too broad with my keyword selection, and mainly because I really wasn’t taught within the blogging platforms I was part of to do it properly!

That was until I discovered this amazing platform I am not part of – Wealthy Affiliate, you can Review them here – and them showing me the best keyword tool for SEO.  Plus I got Access to 30 FREE  searches to try it out and I now pay pennies really, to utilise this keyword search platform each month.

jaaxy seo keyword search tool resultsAnd has it been worth it?


Check out my pic here of posts that are ranking in the top pages of Google.  I have many posts ranking in the top 10 pages and it will only be a matter of time before they are on Google’s Page 1 and 2.

And this is something I can honestly say I have never experienced before.  I never knew how to structure a blog post properly and finding the right keywords was just out of the question!


An Introduction to Jaaxy

As I mentioned earlier, I really didn’t know what I was doing with SEO and keyword research. Most times lack of good traffic and results is just not knowing how to use something properly, or taught how to find things correctly.

Which brings me back to this Jaaxy keyword tool… they make it so simplified and easy to understand the data within the system. There are really only a few metrics of your niche that you should care about.

And they are:

How much competition the keyword you are going for has.
How much traffic does the keyword get.
And, does this keyword make sense if I used it in my posts.

The first 2 are based on very accurate data collected by the Jaaxy keyword tool.  The last one is pure common sense.

But first let me give you a quick look at what you have available to you from this Jaaxy platform and why I believe it is the best keyword tool for seo.  And why I really cannot live without!

From SEARCH you access the Keyword tool and find alot of keyword ideas. You can save keywords into lists to easily come back to. You can analyze other peoples sites that are found for the same keyword and get very detailed information that can assist you in bettering your content.

And also find out what Affiliate products you could potentially use that are associated with specific keywords.  And if you are not sure on Affiliate Marketing and how it works then I elaborate more on that here.

keyword tool online

SITE RANK gives you data on your keyword for your site and shows you where you are ranking on Google.  It gives you accurate positioning and what page your keyword is on. As you can saw in my picture above, I have keywords right up there on Google’s Page 1/2.  All learned and gained from the best keyword tool for seo!

TRAINING gives you 4 very straight to the point training videos on how to get the best out of the Jaaxy keyword tool.

AFFILIATE PROGRAM enables you to become an affiliate of this awesome tool and make affiliate commissions from it and I have added more information below on how to make money with the jaaxy keyword tool.

And of course you can see there are alot of other options that you can use to get your keyword lists cranking!

Keyword Research

People tend to think, that doing niche blogging or a website isn’t worth their time and energy as so many others are already doing it – hence lots of competition.  But that is just through lack of knowing that there are so many keyword options for so many niches and I will give you an example below.

Here is something I know very little about.  Golf.  However, for a more specific niche, I have gone the route of Golf Irons.  So just think if my Website and blog was about Golf Irons.

Please keep in mind though the key to any successful website and blog is to be passionate about what you are promoting. There is nothing like talking and writing about what you love and making a profitable income from it as well.

Now back to these keywords that I have successfully found for Golf Irons that have;

Good searches (Avg) amount of people typing this in monthly.
Good traffic (Traffic) which means if I get to Page 1, this is the traffic that will potentially click through to my site. Competing websites with the same keyword (QSR) – keep it low for low competition.
Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) is giving me the Green light in all of them!


Jaaxy seo keyword tool


I have chosen 17 keyword options I could go with as per the searches and low competition I stated above.

And this returned data also tells me which domain ( is available to use for any specific keyword.  You can see how all these prime .com names are available.  Another option I could do, is buy some of these domains and put a small site up on them. Because Google ranks domains that have the keyword in them, I could basically be ranking very high on Google Pages.

Starting to get the feeling of why this is the best keyword tool for SEO now?
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So What Jaaxy Plan would suit You and Your Budget?

I decided to trial the Jaaxy keyword tool for free.  Why not?  I got to see how good this platform for finding keywords really was.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  In fact, this is something I use everyday now as part of building my website. If I am writing posts, I don’t let it be a guessing game and what people may be searching for.  I want good, reliable data and that is exactly what I get from Jaaxy.

3 Plans Available

Jaaxy Starter = Free – gives you 30 searches and a good look at the keyword tool

Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month, $199 per year  ($29 savings)

Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month (discount this week only), $499 per year

The difference between Jaaxy Pro and Enterprise is the Enterprise is for the power user.  Every feature loads instantly so you can see results straight away.  But Pro is still very good and the one I use to get my fantastic keyword results.

Plus you can access it from anywhere that you have an Internet connection, including your phone.  So if you are out and about and come up with a great keyword idea, then login to Jaaxy – search –  save your keywords to a list that you can access later.  Just brilliant!

Here are the Price Comparisons and what is available for each Plan.

 Jaaxy price for best seo keyword tool

So check out it out, create your account and get your FREE 30 searches and see how Jaaxy can work for you!

The Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Should you choose to subscribe to Jaaxy and become a PRO or Enterprise member, you can now share the best keyword tool for seo and be compensated for your efforts.

Become a PRO member and each time you refer someone through your unique Affiliate Link, you will receive $8 per month. Doesn’t sound like much, however it will add up over time if you have a number or referrals!  And Enterprise gives you even more with a total of $20 per referral.


Jaaxy affiliate program


So there you have it, a thorough look into the Jaaxy keyword search tool back office and a look at just a few of my results I have obtained from using this tool.  I honestly could not do blog posts for my website without this tool and it really is a must if you want to get ranking high and onto Google’s Page 1.

I do hope you liked my post on what I think is the best keyword tool for SEO.
Do leave your comments below!

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Make it a great day!