EZ Bay Payday Review – PROVEN FAKE Testimonials

ez bay payday review

Welcome to my EZ Bay Payday Review.  What I must first say is – good on you for taking the time out to learn about this product.

There are so many scams online these days and so many useless products that are pure time wasters.  So doing your due diligence is key to sorting through the noise and finding something that is real and of value.

So read through to get fully informed on this new product – that makes amazing claims of using Ebay to make hundreds every day.

Is Ez Bay Payday a Scam?  Or can you really make $500 daily as they state through the presentation?

Can you really just plug into their system and with just a few clicks of buttons here and there, get paid?

Or is this just another one of those hyped up programs and a pure waste of your time?

With all due respect, I think the latter?!

Here I give you a thorough review of this new software that is the EZ Bay Payday program and training that is involved with it.


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The following will be covered in my EZ Bay Payday Review

What is the Ez Bay Payday Product about?
How does Ez Bay Payday Work?
Is Ez Bay Payday a Scam or Legit?  Why these FAKE TESTIMONIALS?
A Proven way to Make Money Online the Honest way!

STOP Wasting your Time and Money on useless Products with LITTLE or NO VALUE –


What is the Ez Bay Payday Product?

Product Name:  Ez Bay Payday

Owner:   Steve Richards?

Website:    http://ezbaypayday.com

Price:     $37 but downsells to $17 if you go to leave.
Also comes with many upsells within the system

Ranking:   Very low

Basically, it is about using Ebay to make money.  Actually, to make up to $500 each and every day.  And once set up, only 20 minutes a day for the rest of your life!

There are 2 ways that you make money from Ebay and that is if you own your own product sold from home or you warehouse products and sell those.  Or, you do it by drop shipping.

Which if you don’t know Dropshipping, it is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t stock any of the products it sells.

Instead, I could sell a product – I then purchase it from a supplier – be paid from a buyer and ship it directly to them. As a result, I never see or handle the product.

So with the Ez Bay Payday, they use this dropshipping method.

What I did not like when they present the Ez Bay Payday product and something you must understand for marketing purposes, is they always promote the program as SCARCE.

They hit you with stuff like, “It is going to end if you don’t buy in today, or while you watched this presentation – 10 others bought in – so don’t miss out.”


ez bay payday limited spots

So please, be aware of this tactic, as most products that sell on Clickbank or a similar platform will try to SCARE you with this.  Generally, people think they are going to miss out on something “supposedly good”, and tend to make quick irrational decisions that they regret later.  Don’t be fooled!


How Does Ez Bay Payday Work?

It really wasn’t that clear how this works however, in a nutshell and because it is soooo easy to make the $500 in 20 minutes apparently, you…

  • Log in to your account
  • Pick a product that you think may sell well
  • Connect your cash magnet with this Ez Payday system
  • Make money!

And following are the steps you go through to get your training

However as I have noted below, a lot of what is presented in your admin area of this program, has nothing to do with Ebay!

So, you log in to your account and this is what you are supposed to follow.

Step 1:  An Introduction to the system.

Step 2:  You have a webinar to attend and it directs you to John Crestani’s webinar on how to make 6 figures…. still nothing to do with Ez Pay Day?

No doubt it is a link and the creator of this product is making a commission if you go ahead and purchase John’s product.

Step 3:   You claim your free website.  And not sure what this has to do with selling on Ebay?

And then with your website, you have to buy a domain name and buy hosting for the website to go live.  Which now has this $37 product at over $140 once you take these  other fees into account.

Step 4:   Takes you to another product called CB Cash Code which I did a review on.

So what on earth are all these other products I am being linked to having to do with making money on Ebay and this Ez Bay Payday product?

After the first 4 steps, you are FINALLY presented with the actual Ebay course.

These consist of video training of how to dropship on Ebay.  How to set up your own store, sell from it and fulfil your orders.  And how to find things to sell.

Then it adds other money making methods which seem as useless as this product.

And also a bunch of upsells to upgrade to Gold, Platinum and Titanium packages.

It is a good overview of anyone who is interested in Drop shipping as it is quite a low price, and one of the PROS is it does come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

So is it really worth all of that when on the Sale’s video the presenter Steve Richards claimed that you get paid to click a few buttons?


Is Ez Bay Payday a SCAM or Legit?  Why these FAKE TESTIMONIALS?

To a degree it sounds legitimate, however, what really gets to me is why on earth they use FAKE testimonials to make out everyday people like you and I are making all this income.

Check below, this guy was in the sale’s video making all these claims of income he has made with Ez Bay Payday.  The funny thing is, is that he as in another sale’s video that was promoting a product called CB Cash Code.  I did a Review on that product here!

Busy boy I must say!

As you can see, he has a gig on Fiverr.com selling himself as a “spokesperson”

So why, if these programs like Ez Bay Payday and CB Cash Code, are so legitimate and making their creators soooo much money, then why are they getting guys like this to give testimonials?


ez bay payday review fake testimonial

So how are you to believe what is said in these sale’s videos when you discover findings like these!   This professional spokesperson on Fiverr.com is a guy named Brandon Young yet as you see in this Ez bay payday video it clearly says he is “Treyvon Lewi” from New Jersey, USA!

He also states in his promotional video on Fiverr that he can change to any background to suit what you are wanting in the testimonial.


STOP Wasting your Time and Money on useless Products with LITTLE or NO VALUE – CHECK THIS OUT…



This post may contain Affiliate links. Please visit my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.


A Proven Way to Make Money Online

Seriously, stop wasting your money and precious time on products or companies that are just not making you an income.

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But more importantly, for you, this platform comes with a 24 hour a day community live help and so much guided training you will never run out of education or assistance.

To check it out in more detail create your own free starter account to see if it is something you would like to do.

And no, you won’t be slugged with upsells, downsells or anything for that matter!

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Yes, you will have to put in some real work as this is not a get rich quick scheme.  Like so many others out there.  However, the reward for doing the work is so worth it!

You came online to find a legitimate business, to work around your family and for it to be long lasting, and earning a residual income for years to come.

This business opportunity gives you just that.  Learn more here with my detailed information.

Thanks for checking out my Ez Bay Payday Review today.
Cheers, Sharon




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