Learn How to Surround Yourself with Positive People

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How to Surround Yourself with Positive People

So you are looking at how to surround yourself with positive people. Taught by our parents as they guided us not only to work hard at school, but to be mindful of who we are spending out time with.

Well, perhaps you need to take stock of who you are hanging out with.  Who is in your circle of influence? Who is in your network of people whom you listen to on a regular basis, (and without realizing) taking ideas from and acting on things they suggest.

So are they Your Decisions or Theirs?

Have you ever really thought about some of the decisions you made – good or bad?  Was it your idea, or that of someone close to you? We surround ourselves daily with family and friends. With work colleagues if you are in a job.

When we are online it is with other network marketers. Or even locally, the shop assistant or green grocer that you know well and you visit every other day. Or perhaps even the every 8-week hairdresser visit!

These people in your circle or network could be having a huge profound effect on you – again good or bad – whether you realize it or not.  How do you feel after you speak to these people who are nearest and dearest to you?  Are you left feeling great after a talk to your brother or mother-in-law – or do you leave the conversation feeling like “How on earth did I continue listening to that garbage, why did I buy into all that negative talk?”

Identify the Good and Out with the Bad!

It’s so important to identify who is close to you – it can be family or not, and figure out what impact they have on you.  Are they supportive of your “out of the box” ideas and decisions, or do they quash or belittle any new found thought you bring to the forefront.  Some idea that could be a huge change for your future?

What’s to note in that phrase right there, are the KEY words, ‘your future’.’  Always remember, it is your future you are working towards, not theirs!

how to surround yourself with positive peopleWhen you do identify these people – you may need to cut them from your circle of influence altogether. But how do you do that if it is family?

An absolute must is learning how to put parameters on these conversations and influences.  Nobody says you can’t “love from a distance” and sometimes, just that very thing needs to be done!

Definitely become conscious of who you are allowing into your life, you want to be left feeling good and positive after conversing with most people you speak with. If they choose to speak constant negative talk about general “stuff” well, it’s your choice to be a part of it, or not.

My Positive Network I Surround Myself With

I had been part of a business in 2016 that had alot of negative people in it, and it truly contributed to its demise here in Australia (not to mention also it was a bit of a scam as well). And I have been in a personal development business and environment where it exuded positivity and it made for alot of productive and positive outcomes overall.

With positive people, you just work better, have a good mindset about your business, people are inspiring as you move forward in your business and you also aspire to be like these successful people.

In recent times I have become part of the Wealthy Affiliate network of entrepreneurs who are all building websites just like I am. And the majority of these peeps are helpful, supportive and just give me great ideas every day to go away with to work in my business.  And I contribute too, which I just know is having an impact on them too.

If you want to check out this community and get an idea of how to surround yourself with positive people then get instant access and a look into what I do.

To know your circle of influence are positive, like-minded individuals who totally support your views and more importantly listen to them, is paramount.


I look forward to your thoughts on my latest post of how to surround yourself with positive people. Please leave a comment below.

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