How Do I Start My Own Business?

how do I start my own business

So How do I Start my Own Business?

If you are new to the online world and looking at opportunities you will, without a doubt, raise the question of how do I start my own business?  It is tough doing traditional brick and mortar business and going online can be a tough gig too.

The big difference from online to off is the amount of money you have to outlay.  Online business can be started up with very little investment, however it’s your time and effort you are willing to put forth that will make the difference as to whether you succeed or not.

Following is a quick overview of an online business that pretty much has all the tools, trainings and support you need to build a successful website and blog online.  And there are follow-ups to this with a series of 5 other videos that will get you fully informed on this online buisness opportunity.

(Please Note:  This is part 1 in a 6 part Video series.  See bottom of post for all links to these informative videos or alternatively Go Back to the Online Business Opportunity Home page for all video listings)

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The 4 Main Components

There are really a whole lot of components to the Wealthy Affiliate program however I am putting the main things into 4 areas or sections and I will share them in more detail below.

Training and Tools

This is a huge part of the Wealthy Affiliate program.  As soon as you enter your details in the sign up form, the “Get Started Here” is the website building coursesplace where your journey should begin.  The whole system and the way the program works will be shown to you in videos and lessons.  Step by step.

Get Started (green button) or the Affiliate Bootcamp (black button) are the choices you can take.  The first one is a course that gets your niche/hobby related website built.  The Affiliate bootcamp course is more about promoting Wealthy Affiliate and a money making website.  However, to get a profitable website you can take either course.  The key is to apply what you learn as you go through the courses.

Watch lessons, get given tasks… apply.  Its as simple as that.

Included also is a Classrooms section full of more specific trainings from;  getting to know wordpress and your blog, to social media marketing and also local marketing.  These trainings are not only provided from the program itself, but also from experienced members within the system.  They share their knowledge also so really, there is a ton of training you can learn from.

There are live video classes held weekly.  These provide you with up to date training and what is happening right now on social media.  Plus, how to find a good niche and ways to improve your blog.  These live calsses are also interactive so you can get your questions answered right away!

With your membership, comes the websites and hosting.  You can create your website with siteubix in minutes and it his hosted here for free, so no looking to host elsewhere.

A keyword tool is also available to find really good quality and low competition keywords.  You can save lists of similar keyword combinations for later use.  This feature is so helpful as you build posts on your website.


tools and training for your online business


Member Contributions

What I love about Wealthy Affiliate is everybody has a voice.  You can write up blog posts in question form and other members will be more than happy to help you out.  Or you can write up success posts, or trainings to help others.

There are so many people who start with this program every day, and you have the option to welcome some of them to the community.

And whenever you do write a post, it will be visible on your own profile. What is great about this feature, is those that have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a number of years, have got more experience and achieved great success.  You can check out their posts and apply things that they have done with their own websites.

The Live Chat Feature

I love the live chat part of this program.  I have never seen this before in an online business.  I have never had quick and instant contact with other members from all over the world!  The fact you can ask a question and get an answer almost immediately is just brilliant.

The only problem with this, is you can waste alot of time!  Good thing or bad thing?  I think it is great!  You are building some wonderful relationships with people from all corners of the globe who are on the same journey as you. How cool is that!

Profile and Personal Stats

You fill out our personal profile and add and an image, so members within the system can get to know you.  This area is also dedicated to your stats and shows you how many people you invite to the program to try out for themselves.

It also has all your banners and links that you can use on your website.  These have your own personal affiiiate id so if anybody goes through any of these when they are featured on your website, they are linked back to you giving you the credit.

In this area also you will see all the members you follow within the system, and who is following you.  Plus a place where you can create your own blogs to share within the system, type up questions, or send personal internal memos to other members in the Wealthy Affiliate system.

In Summary

There really is alot to cover in this program and this blog post does not do it justice.  The best thing for you to do is to get in and try it out for yourself.  With no credit card or personal details required, you can basically take this program for a test drive at no cost or obilgation.

Keep in mind this is the first video in this series and there are other videos that cover more specific areas of the program.  Do check them out below now!



Full Video and Blog Series

YOU ARE HERE  Video 1  (3 mins 42)  A quick overview of the Wealthy Affiliate Program

Video 2  (5 mins 20)  Explains the courses and lessons you can take

Video 3  (7 mins 54)  Covers SiteRubix and how to start creating your website

Video 4  (3 mins 39)  Shows you the extraordinary amount of training you have to learn from

Video 5  (  )  Additional tools available to use in this program

Video 6  (  )  Check out the LIVE Chat in action, this is 24 hour live community support



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I do hope you like my post on how do I start my own business?  As you can see the Wealthy Affiliate program is very comprehensive in its tools and training and truly has everything you requre to succeed.

The question is, do you have the drive?  Are you prepared to roll up your sleeves and go to work to build the online business of your dreams?

I know I am!

Grab your starter membership here and get started today.
I will see you on the inside