How to Make Money as a Blogger

how to make money as a blogger

There are probably many ways on how to make money as a blogger however today I wanted to share with you what I have discovered and what I am doing specifically so you too can consider blogging to make money!

Recently I discovered a very advanced platform for entrepreneurs who wanted to learn how to share their passions, and do so via a blog.

Making money online is definitely not the easiest thing to do. But if you are equipped with all the right tools and all in one place then this journey becomes alot easier than you think.


Some Tips to Help How to Make Money as a Blogger

You must definitely find your passion.

To begin with your blog can take time to take shape and receive consistent traffic, so writing about your passion will feel like more a labor of love than an arduous, monotonous event!

Writing what you love and what you know will keep yourself interested and you have to really consider “Who is my Visitor?”

They came to your blog, because they typed in specific keywords.  They want relevant, good honest information and someone (that’s you) who knows what they “need” from their visit. You give the goods, the “solution” and you not only have a happy reader, you will no doubt have a loyal follower and them coming back.

So if you want to really know how to make money as a blogger – then picking a niche that your are passionate about is a fantastic start!


You have a Niche to Assist Others – Now What?

how to make money as a bloggerNow it is time to start sharing your knowledge with others about your niche.  A platform I use is Wealthy Affiliate, you can check it out here.  This teaches you how to structure your blog and write it, the keywords to use etc – but ‘you’ have to come with the niche, the passion and your ideas to share with others.  And as my picture states you can see the detailed training, tools and support that is on offer with this platform.

Sharing links to Affiliate products is how to make money as a blogger. Of course these products will definitely need to be in alignment with what your niche is about.

You wouldn’t have a blog you have taken the time to write on say – weight loss and exercise tips – and send your visitor via a link to jewellery or something that is nothing about what your topics are about. Very important to stay congruent with what your are promoting.  Of course there are many blogs out there that have a variety of topics and this would be fine, but if yours is on a particular niche, then keep your content and affiliate links on the same page so to speak.

Get Social Media and Other Bloggers Commenting

Google loves sites that prove to have engagement and are popular so get sharing your value based content on Social Media – become part of groups that assist each other in blog comments.

How does this help you and how to make money as a blogger?  Well more engagement means your content will probably be found more often in organic searches, hence unique visitors checking out your posts and your offers.  So get social and engaging now!


Affiliate Marketing

That niche you are writing daily about. Well now it’s time to connect worthy Affiliate products that you can send your interested reader too.  There are many affiliate networks and places like Amazon and Click bank where you can find suitable products.

Wealthy Affiliate, the program I am associated with has pretty much “a blog business in a box” and covers everything in regards to having 50 websites to enable you to have a variety of niches, to all the tools and support you will need to make money as a blogger.  Check out my Review on this Wealthy Affiliate program now!

So in conclusion, I do hope this gave you a few tips on how to make money as a blogger. Blogs do take time to take shape however there is no better way than to get your personal passion, your creativity into your posts and sharing them with others.  Oh yeah, and perhaps being paid for all your efforts as well!   Don’t forget to leave your comments below – let me know what you Blog about.

So get blogging – Check out the Wealthy Affiliate Platform now!

Cheers, Sharon Whyte















7 Creative Blogging Topic Ideas

Below is a list of blogging topic ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  Have you ever just come to a standstill and not known what to write about?  Or you are just starting out and baffled as to what to write on your blog.

I have often pondered this question.  I mean where on earth do you find things to write about?  Especially when you see so much online and wonder what more could be written.  You see health sites, or sport and exercise sites, animals and pet websites…. or whatever!  And each of them seem to have covered all the topics related to that particular niche.

So why would what I have to say, be what someone is looking for?  And what say the topic has already been covered numerous times before?

Well… there are always things to write about.  Don’t think because others have already written about a certain topic that you cannot write a post about it.  Everyone relates to different people and writing styles so you are sure to captivate an audience of like-mind to you.

I know I used to get stuck. However there are soooo many blogging topic ideas.  Think about everything you learned today, yesterday, last month or even last year in a niche that really interests you – well… you could right a post about it.

So here are 7 Blogging Topic Ideas for You

These are to assist you to get you started and to inspire you to think of some of your own. And check out my post on How to Structure a Blog Post, if you now have the idea but not sure how to execute it!

Okay, now onto my first idea…

No.1)  Write about tips from your Company’s calls

If you are part of an online mlm business you will most definitely have training calls or mindset calls that you will be learning from.  So, write down some things you learned and write a post about them.

Or if you are part of a community not necessarily in an mlm, but perhaps a blogging platform you are part of, or forums, Facebook Groups, then you can be guaranteed you will have something you got from participating in that group and can write about. So get listening and start writing in your own words.

Because there will always be something that you have heard, that somebody else hasn’t.

No.2)  A Post full of Quotes

How about a post with pictures and quotes?  Or, a celebrity or sports star who has quoted things over their careers. I admire many inspirational speakers online and they all have fantastic quotes to offer so that always works a treat.

Just Google, motivational quotes.  I am a Jim Rohn and Tony Robin’s fan so in the past I have searched “Tony Robin quotes” as an example.  And trust me, you have tons that come up that you can now add to a post.  Look here is a number of ideas for you.  What about a post of quotes per every person that inspires you.  How many post ideas would that be?

People love inspiration and a good quote!

blogging topic ideasNo.3)  Go to You tube

Search for anything in your niche and you will find heaps you can watch, take tips from and share. Plus you could insert the same video into your post – the one that inspired you to write from. This way you are sharing the video for the maker but have great content, written and visual.  There is no shortage of videos in any niche!

No.4)  Company Events/Seminars

I bet you have pages of notes from events. Your own company events or an Inspirational speaker you spent a weekend seeing. Most of those could translate to value and tip giving posts so go back and check your notepads from events you have attended.

I have heard in the past that your notes that you have written, are like un-cashed checks.  So dust off those old notebooks, I bet you will without a doubt, find plenty of content to write from.

No.5)  Podcasts

Everything is either videos, blog posts or podcasts these days so there will be tons of inspiration there! Just go to itunes and type something relevant to your niche.  I am sure you will find something to listen to and learn from and share!  And make sure you link back to the author so they are getting credit for their good work too!

No.6)  Company Reviews

If you are in network marketing there are plenty of  marketing companies online – how about checking out what they are about and reviewing your findings and views about the company. I have been part of a few network marketing companies and I know I could write up Reviews about each of them.

Here is a Company called Wealthy Affiliate and my Review on them. People who are researching these companies – if they find your post on line – whether it is good, bad or downright ugly, will be very grateful for it!

So get writing reviews and be found for your honest insight.

No.7)  Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.  The latest of “What’s hot and what’s not” trends quickly on your favourite social media sites so there’s another blogging option you can choose from.

And what is good about these platforms is they are so up to date that the information changes quickly.  So you can have the hottest information straight away and potentially be one of the first to write about it. So get on your favorite platform as there will always be something spicy to write about!

I do hope you found these helpful. Within each of these you will find a lot to blog about. My suggestion is, if you are truly inspired and you have ideas flowing – Draft your ideas, write a bit and come back to them. Being ahead in the blogging game is a good place to be!

I have also added a link here to a training. Once you have your blog ideas, here’s how to get the blog creation rolling.  Check out this Anatomy of Blog Creation training here!


So if you have any more blogging topic ideas – do comment and share below!

Looking to create a blog of your own – INSTANT ACCESS here!

Make it a great day.