11 Creative Blog Ideas

creative blog ideas

11 Creative Blog Ideas – Get Creative with Your Content!


Creative blog ideas and coming up with them can be quite challenging at times. What I think that is really important about blogging however, is to find a niche that you are passionate about and get creating content around that.


Here are 11 Creative Blog Ideas for Marketing


No. 1)  Find a Niche

This is really important.  If you want a good blog you have to be consistently adding to it. Focusing on a niche and something you are passionate about keeps you highly interested and your user will know for a fact if – a) you are passionate and sharing great topics because you know what you are talking about and – b) You will become the “go to guy or gal”  for that niche.  So make sure that your creative content is around something you really like and want to do.


No.2)  Be creative with your images

When you are scrolling through the news feed on Facebook or Instagram you generally move at a pace.creative-blog-ideas

Heh, we are all busy!

But if something catches your eye, an image, a profound statement, quote or a video, something just that little bit different we are more inclined to check it out. Action pics and videos often capture attention but always make sure it is relevant to your blog topic, so get visual and creative!


No.3)  Quotes – and Quotes with images

A good quote followed with your insight and thoughts preceding the quote are often a crowd favourite. If your blog is in the niche of personal development these types of posts can change your site up a bit.  And there is definitely not a shortage of quotes and quotes in images around. So definitely start sharing some inspiration with quotes.


No.4)  Be posting content regularly throughout the day and evening

A good measure is 5 to 7 updates a day of sharing good quality content. Of course that doesn’t mean 5 of those are of your business opportunity – actually they should never be!  But regular posting creative shares will have your audience engaged and looking for your content.  Add one of your creative blog ideas posts in one of the pieces of content your share daily.


No.5)  Creative titles

Get attention with your titles. Ask questions, perhaps be a little controversial, but always different.


No.6)  Host Webinars

I will be the first to put my hand up and say I haven’t done this yet but I definitely will in the future and I know the importance of sharing what I have to my audience. (Actually I used to host and do company back office walk thru webinars but that is a little different)

But offering solutions and stating how what you have, will better their business, also adding tips, testimonials, irresistible offers and all that good stuff. Plus webinars are a ‘fast track’ way of people really getting to know you, the value you provide and the support you will give them.


No.7)  Add videos

These can be fun, family videos or a video where you are offering value or a solution to your niche. Either way videos command attention and if you are regularly doing these your audience will get to know you a whole lot quicker. If you are new to videos I have a fantastic video training here to get you set up and getting engagement, likes and leads from your videos! Here are the contents of the training here.creative blog ideas videos

Types of video you can produce
Why video intro consistency is important
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Can’t create? Finding a related video to post
Using Rich Snippets for your Video (for the SERPs)
Participants Questions Answered


No.8)  Be You

Let your personality shine.

Often you see people who having parked them self in front of a flash car (that is probably not theirs). Or claim they have had huge success in short time.  On video they may be dressed all formally, even to the degree of wearing a suit when they wouldn’t normally.

Don’t ever be the person who does these things!
Just go online and don’t be anyone other than yourself.
We will like the authentic “YOU”


No.9)  Copy other’s resources

And no, that doesn’t mean copy and paste their content onto your posts.  But be inspired by what others do, put your spin on it and share something similar that you have learned onto your audience. But stressing again here – never copy!


No.10)  Share personal experiences

Share personal experiences of Company or Product Reviews if that is what your site is about. Share what you do with your family. Share the fun you have with your home business. Share your wins. People love seeing others in family situations and achievements – so be proud – and share!


No.11)  Connect with your audience

Don’t just put your content up there and expect everyone to like and share it and you have not helped others with theirs. Get commenting and liking other people’s posts. Be engaging if you expect engagement on your content.  Connect with new friends and talk to them!  It’s an absolute must to be engaging with people on all the social media platforms!


I do hope you enjoyed these creative blog ideas for yourself to implement into your own blog and business.  Make sure you Bookmark this site now and come back to enjoy more posts – I add to this blog nearly every day!  And definitely check out the free video marketing training to assist you when making video for your content!

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