What is Affiliate Marketing Training?

what is affiliate marketing training

What is Affiliate Marketing Training

So what is affiliate marketing training? In a nutshell, it is training that teaches you how to find a niche or a target audience and getting yourself in a position with a website and blog to promote products to your audience.

To explain it better though I will go into more detail.  This way you can be fully informed and if it is a path you would like to go down, then you are definitely in the right place.

Affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate is set out in 4 steps

1.) You Learn how to Choose an Interest  

This is often referred to a niche and something you are very passionate about.  If you have a hobby right now that you love to do and you love talking about it.  Well what that means is you can potentially build a website about it and share your passion for it online.  And… make a very profitable business out of it in the process.  

So first up, choose an interest. Make sure it is something you will enjoy talking and writing about. And in the affiliate marketing training, you will be taught how to understand if your hobby or interest is in a buyer’s market.  Most things are these days, but it is important that both passion, and an audience for that passion are met.

2.) Build Your Website

You will learn how to build out a website with information about you, but mostly about the niche and products you will be affiliated with. On your website you will have all the important things added like your privacy policy and commission disclaimers etc.

As you go through the program, you will learn how to find keywords and write posts that are in your niche. But don’t worry.  When doing keyword research for your niche (or passion as we like to refer it to), you will be inspired by many, many ideas.  Just through your keyword research results.  

I have often been looking for a keyword in particular, and ended writing about something completely different within my niche.  Only because there are hundreds and hundreds of keyword variations and ideas.  So no need to worry about what content to write, you will always have lots to blog and talk about!

3.) Learn How to Rank in Search Engines

One thing you will be taught here with the Wealthy Affiliate program is how to rank in the search engines.  And it is brilliant as you see in one of my screenshots I did a little while ago. Here are a few of my keywords that ranked on Page 1 quick, and are still there to this day.

You will be taught how to find keywords that keyword search seo toolpeople are typing in to fulfil their needs online, and with some optimizing on your posts you will have the potential of ranking on Page 1 of Google and other search engines -and be found!

What optimizing means, is putting your keyword in your title, url and in your post. This way Google has an idea of what your content is about and along with a couple of other factors like quality, amount of word in your content and comments/engagement, you can be ranking high!

That is the beauty of blogging and learning to rank.  And why I truly love this type of platform for my online business.  Your content is out there and the chance of being on Page 1 – forever!!!   What that means is free advertising for you!

Check out how my Review now on the site that teaches comprehensive affiliate marketing training!

4.) Earn Money from Your Traffic

So once you have your website set up, which doesn’t take too much time at all mind you, you can start your keyword research.  Doing this you will find appropriate low competition keywords for your blog posts and get creating content.

Bottom line.  The more content you create, the more visitors you get.

And this is when you can start monetizing your site with aligned products to your niche. There are many Affiliate Networks like Clickbank and Amazon and Commission Junction to name a few that you will find thousands upon thousands of products to search through to find the right thing for your niche.

But not only that, there are many online stores and private online businesses that have affiliate programs attached to them. Just Google – your niche + affiliate program, and you will be presented with heaps to choose from.

If you become an authority in your niche, provide content and provide solutions to people’s needs, then you could be pointing your targeted audience (via affiliate links) to products that you can make commissions.  Yes it is a process.  But get this process mastered and moving along, and you could have your self an awesome profitable online business in no time.

Course 1 with 10 Lessons Outlined

So here is the first course with 10 lessons – and you can trial this for free here if you would like to really check out what is affiliate marketing training.

This Course with the 10 lessons is just the start of your journey.  The training consists of another 4 courses on top of this, each with a bunch of lessons within them.  They include how to do content creation, learning SEO and getting your site and posts optimized, and mastering social media engagement.  The list goes on!

wealthy affiliate free lessons

In Summary

So do your due diligence now and see what this Wealthy Affiliate program is about and what it can do for you and your hobby and passion.  Like I said earlier you can trial it for free, with no obligation and definitely we will not ask for any personal information or credit card details.

I do hope you liked my post on what is affiliate marketing training. Make sure you share your thoughts below.  I would love to hear them!

Make it a great day and I will see you on the other side.
Please message me when you sign in, I am here to help out!
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Wealthy Affiliate Review – Brutally Honest Review!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Overall Ranking:  95 / 100
Starter Price:  Free to check out for an unlimited time. $0  Join Here
Premium Price:  $49 per month with NO Upsells!  Join Here
Owners:  Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim
Website:  www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Who Can Use This?   A newbie or an expert!

wealthy affiliate online business


An Introduction to my Wealthy Affiliate Review

First up, let me tell you I am truly excited to be writing this Wealthy Affiliate Review for you today. I seriously cannot believe I had not discovered this online platform earlier than I have.  I have been online for years working very unsuccessfully but now I just know I have found the right system  It has the tools, training and support to do exactly what I want to do!

In a nutshell let me ask you this.  Do you have a Passion?

It could be a sport you play, hobby you enjoy, business you partake in – anything really.  Well, Wealthy Affiliate could turn your passion into a thriving online business.

And if you are a little unsure of what you would like to write about in regards to your passion/niche, then you can take the path of writing about making money online and share the Wealthy Affiliate program with others. Going through the Affiliate Bootcamp and learning to monetize your site with different affiliate networks will get you on the right path for this.

So definitely go through this post, I will share my experience with it thus far, the pros and cons and also how I truly believe this business could benefit YOU.

The Pros of Being part of Wealthy Affiliate

If you have found this review, chances are you are looking at it, or you are looking to create a successful business online. What is exciting about the Wealthy Affiliate platform, is that it makes it easy to do regardless of your background, your experiences online or the technical knowledge you may (or may not) have.

Here is My list of Pros and truly positive things I can say about Wealthy Affiliate.

First up and this is a big one.  It is 0$ to check it out.
The ‘Getting Started Training’ – You know exactly where to begin your journey.
2 Websites on the Free option or 25 websites you can use for various niche’s on the Premium paid option.
Live Weekly Training Calls – all topics covered to assist in growing your business.
Unbelievably helpful community.  Ask a Question.  Answered in minutes.
Video tutorials plus Classroom training and Courses.
Fast Hosting is part of the very low priced package.
Access to Industry experts and 7-figure earners.
Completely FREE to get started!  PLUS + if you start with me I will be giving YOU a couple of FREE Bonuses!

My Cons – I really don’t have anything Negative!… But …

There is ALOT of training’s and to a Newbie this can be very overwhelming.  Just follow the steps 1 after the other and you will be fine!

Usually I get a little disappointed with a platform for the simple but costly reason that – When you get ‘in’,  there are all these surprises of having to buy this program or that to help you moving forward.  Well with Wealthy Affiliate you do not get that. Besides the premium cost there is nothing else to buy.  Just this part is brilliant and not seen in most blogging or affiliate programs.




So what exactly is this Wealthy Affiliate and Who is it for?

Wealthy Affiliate is something you can turn your Passion into a thriving online business. But really it is alot more than that.  It has a huge community base whom provide a wealth of service and knowledge to everyone.  If you are looking to earn money online, network with fellow entrepreneurs, get help and give help, and learn everything that is working now to progress your business then you are definitely in the right place.

Wealthy Affiliate caters for all levels of marketers.  From a newbie to a seasoned entrepreneur who wants to scale to a whole new level, then this platform is definitely for you.

So really anyone with a Drive to succeed, a Passion to share, then this service can be for you.  Any age, any country.  Just internet and Desire required!


Steps to Your Online Success

wealthy affiliate steps to success

Once you Get Started and go through the step by step lessons and apply them as you learn, this is pretty much the path you will follow to your online success.

Step 1:  Choose an Interest – absolutely anything that you would love to write about. It could be a pet, or food related or sport and exercise. Niche websites are endless. Make sure it is something you love!

Step 2:  Build a Website – as you go through the lessons you will be adding pages and posts to a Website you create in minutes, all surrounding the niche you chose.

Step 3:  Attract visitors –  These visitors will come from you sharing your posts on Social media platforms but more so from your posts being found in the search engines like Google and Bing. And yes, you will be taught how to do that.

Step 4:  Earn Revenue – You can earn revenue from promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program or, being an affiliate for particular companies and having links on your website that send your visitors to niche related products (where you can earn a commission), or adsense, the list could go on.


Training / Tools Overview

The training inside Wealthy Affiliate is very comprehensive. If you are a Newbie to online and affiliate marketing, then you are fully catered for.  Step by step instructions on setting your blog up and step by step guidance on how to structure posts and then promote with the most current ‘What’s working now’ training’s.

The Training Consists of:

Live Weekly Training Classes
Classrooms with Specific Topics
Interactive Discussions
Video Training and Tutorial Training’s
Task based courses – you only move on if you have completed specific set out tasks


The Tools and Services within Wealthy Affiliate enable you to accomplish all of your research, writing and website.  Included in this section of the site:

Keyword and Competition Research Tool
Wordpress Express – 3 click website builder that is very easy to set up
State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting for Premium members.
Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes to use for any of your 50 sites (Premium members)
Rapid Writer, your content friend
Low Competition Keyword Lists
Free SSL Certificate (meaning visitor’s personal data is kept secure & encrypted)
Referral program (make money from referring others to the program)
Membership Ranking – Your efforts within the system and the community do not go unnoticed and you are ranked accordingly.

Once inside Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about tools and services needed to run your business.  EVERYTHING is included, it truly is the only “all inclusive” online business platform out there.


Wealthy Affiliate Support


I was blown away by the support.  There are 3 types really.

1.)  The community.  Just put up a question in Live Chat as the picture reveals and that question will be addressed by the community in minutes.  It is mind boggling how 24/7 there is always someone willing to assist.

2.)  Contacting Support if you require assistance for your website and they are onto it quick smart and getting back to you with solutions.

3.)  The owners, Kyle and Carson are always open to answering anything from the field and that alone is rare in any business online.

Check out some Wealthy Affiliate testimonials here!




Wealthy Affiliate has two membership price points:

Starter Membership, $0    – Join HERE
Premium Membership, $49 per month or $359 per year (a $229 savings)  –Join HERE

The Starter Membership gives you a good “look in” at what is available with Wealthy Affiliate.  You have access to the community, live chats, over 500 training modules, keyword tool – you get 2 free websites the list goes on.

The Premium Membership gives you all of the above plus no fees to host, access to owners, no limits on training’s, live chats, member messaging etc.


Check out the 2 plans below to see them in more detail

Keep in mind!

That is it.  It is either $0 or $49 per month.
There are NO upsells and NO surprises once you get in.



Final Opinion and My Verdict + BONUSES

I am just so happy I found this platform.  I love the fact that the cost is a low monthly fee and when you get in – there are no surprises or upsells.  The tools are everything I need to build a successful business and I don’t feel I am in competition with any of the community because they are all building different “niche” websites compared to mine.  Plus the step by step training guides you through the process of website set up and then structuring different types of blog posts leaving you with a full understanding of how to put posts together yourself.

The company owners are always participating in group discussions and I was contacted personally to see how I was and how I was going with everything.  Again, so happy and so thrilled that I have found this platform.

AND…. if you get started free and go PREMIUM within 7 days I will throw in some awesome BONUSES.
This will include some really targeted keywords (for whatever niche you decide to do).


So don’t hesitate, come and Join us!
Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Online Business.

GET STARTED HERE!   and get your BONUSES today!
I will see you on the inside

Do comment below and let me know your thoughts on this honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Make it a great day!