So, What is a Niche Website you ask?

what is a niche website

What is a Niche Website?

A niche is simple, it is an audience. A distinct segment of a market. It is an audience that looks for specific things online. So what is a niche website then?  Well, it is basically building a website around a targeted audience.  Your website would be primarily around the one topic.

If someone was looking to lose weight and was searching for ways to do it online… that is a niche.  Want parts for your computer and looking online to find them?  That is a niche.  Got a dog and want the latest gear to take them for walks and keep them warm… then that is a niche also.

And with each of those seperate niches, you could build a website around them containing lots of detailed information, advice and links to products or services.

And this is what Google returns;

 A niche website is a site that focuses on a narrow group of people in a larger market with a common specific interest. While targeting a very specific term that people use on search engines, a niche site offers its visitors helpful and quality content that answers a question or solves a problem.


Anything with an Audience can be a Niche

As you can see anything really can be a niche. What was the last thing you searched for online? Was it something for your pet, or perhaps utensils for your kitchen?  Were you looking for a mobile phone? Well, that is a niche. And essentially what niche websites are all about.

And as an affiliate marketer, you can create websites in one or many of these niches and direct traffic to products and services. You can be part of an affiliate program that will reward you from as little as 1% and as much as 75% in commissions.

what is a niche websiteWhen choosing a niche for your niche website, you should be choosing something that really fits you.  Something that is ideally an interest, perhaps a hobby, but something you are passionate about. It could be a problem, or a need or want.  Really, almost anything could be a niche.

And the point of a niche website is there are billions of people searching every day for things… for stuff.  Which means there could be thousands searching for what you have got on your site.

Searching and finding your information, your problem-solving ideas, and going through your (affiliate link) to your products or services!

How to Make Money from a Niche

One of the most common and easiest ways to make money from a niche is to become an affiliate marketer.  Where you can earn revenue if people go through links that you have promoted. One of the biggest networks available is  They have thousands of items that you could be an affiliate for.

And not only are there networks like Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction to name a few, there are also affiliate programs on independent business websites.

For an Example.  I love children. I love children’s clothes.  Not only am I going to enjoy writing about all things children, about the clothes etc, but I am going to easily find affiliate programs associated with children clothing, and become a seller of their goods.

As the image shows, that is a search in google with the term “affiliate program + children clothes”

And as you can see, the very first website is actually a Directory of top ranked listings!


so what is affiliate marketing

Children’s clothing is a niche, but to even get more specific and to sub or mini niches, you could just do things like children’s swimwear, boys clothing, girls dresses.  All of these are smaller niches and more specific to your audiences.

Building a Website for Your Niche

So if you find something you can are passionate about, it has an affiliate program attached, or you can see there is potential to have your website become profitable.  Then building a website around your new passion would be the best route to go.

The alternative is sending paid traffic to affilate programs to earn money.  However, I think there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than builiding your passion in a website, assisting people and getting paid to do it.  And with your own website, your content is out there on the internet forever!

Learn more here about building your own website around your chosen niche.

I do hope you enjoyed my post and have some more idea of what is a niche website.  And if it something you would love to do then GET INSTANT ACCESS here to our system, 2 free websites and unlimited time to check out!

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