Support in Online Business – Do You Have it?

Do you Have Support in Your Online Business?

Support in online business is vital for your success if you are creating a website, or anything online.  I stress, it is so important.  The reason being is if you are very new, this internet world is filled with lots of people and some with hidden agendas.  Simply put, scam based businesses.

But there are also alot of really good people who are real, just wanting to build a business for themselves and their familes, and those who provide a legitimate business to be part of.

An online business and program should really let you in at no cost to see what it is all about.  So you can be fully informed without shelling out hundreds, even thousands to realise it isnt the route you want to take.

In your research for an online business you should check out the quality of the training and tools to build your business/website with.  And always make sure there is a ton of support for you.  It is a crucial part to your success.

Anybody who was ever successful in business, in sport, or anything for that matter had the drive to succeed, but more importantly, a ton of support surrounding them.  And in business online, you will need that too!

Watch the following video to see our Live Chat feature in action.  It is amazing how questions can be addressed straight away and it is available in this program 24 hours a day.  I will also show you other areas of support within this Wealthy Affiliate program.

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The Live Chat Feature is Awesome!

As you saw in the video the live chat part of this program is a great way to get instant support.  I asked a simple question and it was addressed within minutes.  No waiting till tomorrow, or days from now to get simple and even complex questions addressed.

What I think is fantastic also, is you never know who is going to be in there. You could be chatting with someone who has had years and years of experience online, that will not only answer your question, but perhaps give tips for you to take away to apply on your website.

support in online business


If you begin as a starter or free member which most of us do, this live chat feature is available to you for a week. Just to show you the support you have should you upgrade to the very low cost premium membership.  And of course the 10 lessons in course one are included to get you started!

Other Commumity Support

Everybody has a voice here at Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been in programs and mlm companies and you could never voice your opinion or ask questions and get support like you can here. Or, you could, but only to your upline.  As you saw the Activity dashboard is very active with many posts written daily of queries to be answered or success posts to inspire.

Site Support

I did cover the site support in the SiteRubix and creating websites information/video but I still wanted to mention the support you get from the compnay in regards to your website.  Not everything can be fixed from a front end point of view and on the rare occassion your website may have something technical go wrong with it, then there are technicians on hand to assist.

This is where you send in a site support ticket and they are onto it within hours but usually within a day.  They know the importance of your website being active and you being able to work on it and post blogs.

In Summary

Again I stress how important support is to you and your online business.  Without it, you wont get far.  Being part of a community like Wealthy Affiliate gives you people who have experienced the good and the bad, and are willing to share it with you.  And to hopefully teach you not to do the same mistakes they did!

Do check out the other video and blog information in this series to get more detail and fully informed on this Wealthy Affilaite program.  See the amount of value you get at such minimal cost, but the best thing is, you get to check it out without providing any credit card or personal details.



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I do hope you liked my post for support in online business and you do realise the importance of this aspect for you online ventures.  I love nothing more than sharing what I learn to my readers so I do hope you find these posts and videos helpful to you.

Click here to get started now, I will see you on the inside!
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