Start Small Business Online

Start Small Business Online

Are you Ready to Start a Small Business online?  

I know that appealed to me so much when I first started my family and to start small business online. I wanted nothing more than to be there for my kids and the only way I could do that (which I did for the first 5 years) was stay at home and enjoy them, and only my husband went to work.

Which meant I still enjoyed my beautiful kids.  However eventually I did want my own business, make my own money and I wanted it online.

But Where do I start?

There are so many things you can do. Affiliate marketing selling other people’s products and services.  Becoming part of an MLM, a multi level marketing business which means growing teams and purchasing the company’s products.

Or an e-commerce store selling products in a particular niche.  Maybe freelancing where you specialise in writing, creating graphics and site design and offer up a service where you get paid.  Or even (my favorite) Blogging about a particular niche and sending people to the niche related products and earning from that.


So You like an (MLM) Network Marketing Business; But is it a SCAM?

So perhaps you decide to go down the route of joining an MLM business.  So how do you know if is all it’s cracked up to be?  The products look great and the Company’s compensation plan going from the video seems brilliant and will have me making an awesome income in no time.

Please do your due diligence and GOOGLE it!

Look for reviews on the company and the products and do not just look at one.  Look at many.  I have a dedicated Page of Reviews of company’s and products that can give you an idea of what to look in a review so do check it out.

And make sure the company comes with ongoing and daily support, and that means at any time of the day.  You must have easy and ongoing access to your up line and they are communicating and assisting you with your business.

Also make sure the Company has a robust learning platform for your website (if you are doing blogging) or an

start small business online
How to Start a Small Business Online

overwhelming amount of marketing training’s to learn from. And more importantly – it is all up to date.

Plus knowing the Company is reputable and going to be around for a long time.  Yes it is exciting to get onto something new, however knowing a platform or business has been around successfully for a number of years is reassuring you are not wasting your time.

My No. 1 recommendation

I have been online for over 10 years and been part of many things, some not so great.  But what I can recommend for anyone who wants to start small business online is the Blogging Platform I am now part of.

It comes with everything I need to be successful.

  • 24 hours a day LIVE support.
  • Owners engaging with everyone and always offering support.
  • A platform to build my website from.
  • And all the tools I need to assist me to do it – like this keyword tool
  • Up to date training’s.
  • Live and interactive training.
  • Ideas and training’s on how to market small business online (free and paid methods)
  • My enroller is always ready to assist.
  • An affiliate program I am part of and making money from!

The list could go on.


Click here to Check out this amazing platform for yourself – Ongoing and for FREE!


I do hope you enjoyed my tips on how to start small business online and realise, even though you go into business alone, you don’t have to do it alone as you build it.  There are so many others to assist you.  Check out our platform for Free!  Click on link above!

If you have any other comments on how to start small business online then do comment below.  I would love to read them!

Cheers, Sharon












12 thoughts on “Start Small Business Online”

  1. Thank you for all the info!
    I can be a second vouch for saying that your recommendation is legit and I absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate!
    Everything that you learn is truly invaluable and the time that you spend is easily reciprocated back to you. I hate sites that just waste your time and money and you get nothing out of it. WA is the complete opposite. Plus they are so unique and deliver so much help it’s basically impossible to fail!

    • So true Hailey and thank you for your feedback on this post and also about how good Wealthy Affiliate is. It is such a good program for anyone!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    It’s really tough trying to get up and running all by yourself. I would spend hours on Youtube trying to do this myself. So many questions and where do you go for help? WA is such a great learning platform and the community is top shelf. Thanks for this.

    • It sure is Peter. That is what I like about the platform I am part of. Real community that helps out when you are stuck and all the tools I need to grow my business. Thanks for your comments and stopping by!

  3. Your recommendation sounds interesting as I too think that blogging and earning money from your own website is far better that joining the MLM network.
    Is the program you are referring to, affordable and has an easy to follow ‘how to’ courses?
    You have been online for 10+years and probably have gone through many programs that are either scamming and/or expensive. So I bet this recommendation is legit and worth the time and money.

    • Yes it is better and yes the program Wealthy Affiliate is very affordable for anyone who wants to knuckle down, learn and build a website. I know I do! And yes I have seen many good and not so good things. That is why I am sold on WA and all it has to offer. It is brilliant! Thanks for your comments!

  4. Hello Sharon,
    Thank you such a concise picture of an online business idea.

    You are right, putting family first, you need to be able to find your voice in order to ‘bring more meat to the table’. It is not easy, however, it can be done.

    I have looked at your reviews and the current platform which you use for your online presence. It encourages me to know that I do have options.

    I am a more mature mother and family comes first for me – your article gives me hope on how I can present myself in today’s fast growing ‘internet reality’. I will look closer at your Wealthy Affiliate platform. It has quite a few advantages to help get you started online – I am psyched.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this article.
    Much success to you as well in your business.


    • Yes definitely family first Michelle. And the Wealthy Affiliate platform is a godsend as far as I am concerned! Thanks for your comments and stopping by!

  5. I was toying with the idea of starting up a small store on eBay but I really do like the idea of having my own website…set up as a store. Where would you recommend I go for more info on this – I need a bit of education with the bones of getting a website off the ground?

  6. Hi Sharon,
    As you stated all MLM business opportunities are not scams. Some are honest in both the products that are promoted with a specific company, the support service they provide, educational training and business/compensation payout model.

    The MLM companies however that have their pay structure devised as a pyramid scheme where a member could earn money solely on the efforts of people placed 3, 4, 5, 6 or more levels below him/her is in fact illegal and could land that person in vert hot water if the company gets investigated after he/she had earned $$$!

    Research is the most important thing that any person NEEDS to do before investing a penny into any business opportunity. The fact that with the Internet available really nothing can be hidden from view that is proven to be a scam SHOULD benefit any person willing to invest the time before committing to any venture.

    The problem is that people are either too lazy or else have dollar signs waved in front of their faces selling “financial freedom” b.s. These people, naive and careless just buy all in into anything that promises them riches without performing their due diligence. It’s why scams still exist online.

    Your article helped set the record straight on what ANY person needs to do looking to get into an online business for him/herself!


    • Thanks Jeff and yes I love how we can go searching for information on the company these days. It is so necessary to do this! Thanks for your comments and stopping by.

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