small home business ideas

Small Home Business Ideas

Successful Small Home Business Ideas

For successful small home business ideas I am always on the lookout to better my blog for my business, but when I discover what Leaders in the internet marketing world are truly doing, it is definitely not what I thought. So I have put forth a list of important things you may want to consider in your home business everyday.

Be grateful

Wow, that was definitely not what I was looking for but now I know how important this daily expression of just being grateful for what I have and what I will have. When things just are not going so good and “the sky is falling” and “nothing is working” you have to just stop and remember what you have and be very grateful. So important and probably why it’s on top of the list.

Be Super Organisedsmall home business ideas

I think “Super” applies to the online business owner who still has a j.o.b. You probably have a family to attend to and work to go to – I know this for myself as I am still self employed so being super organised is key for me to get my business practices done, my home to run smoothly, my kids organised and to school on time, personal development studies and fitness addressed…. PHEW!  The list goes on.

But knowing what and when I am doing these things is imperative if I want to succeed!  So definitely add this to your “daily must dos” for your small home business ideas.  I have written an article on your Daily Method of Operation that you can check out here!

How are you Representing Your Business?

As part of small home business ideas I have included this one. You should be passionate about what you are representing. Not just for the compensation plan but because you genuinely love what you have and do. I definitely love what I do everyday and you can read my Review about Wealthy Affiliate here if you like.  So be really passionate about your business and it will truly shine through to the interested people you are putting it in front of.

Know Your Vision

Seriously, what is it that you truly wanting out of life?  What are you wanting out of life and for the rest of your life?  What is going to get you so pumped that at 5-6am, 6 days a week (I know, this is what I do!) that getting up is suddenly a normality to work towards your dream business and to fire your boss. Knowing your Why? is incredibly important as well. This alone will fuel you and get you out of bed when at times you really don’t want to.

Are Your Goals Written Down?

You have goals don’t you? Stop focusing on what isn’t working and start focusing on what is and what will be. Get your Goals written down on a card. Refer to them often.  When you are getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning and you suddenly don’t want to be, then reading those goals you have written down will without a doubt remind and motivate you on why you are doing this in the first place.

Be Yourself

So the last of my small home business ideas and this one especially applies to online marketers is – Be Yourself.  At the end of the day People join People not businesses so BE YOU!  I want to partner with people like me, who want to have fun, are genuine, want to travel and enjoy the good things in life with their families as I do, so I am not going to make out I am something I am not!  So be You!


I hope you enjoyed some of my tips for and these small home business ideas.  I have realised that is is not about finding the next best shiny object out there and I hope you realise that too. If you enjoyed this blog then feel free to check out the Wealthy Affiliate platform I use.  It may just help you in building a successful home business!

If you have have any other successful small home business ideas do share below – I would love to hear them!
Make it a great day – to your success!





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