How To Make Extra Income While Working Full-Time: 13 Practical Ways for You

Are you falling short on your monthly expenses and looking to earn more money on the side? Fortunately, many flexible job options exist to make extra income.

The best part is some of these side jobs are easy to start with, require zero investment, and have the potential to earn good money.

Here are our top ways to make extra income while working full-time.

App Testing

As an app tester, your job includes:

  • Identifying and fixing bugs.
  • Improving user experience.
  • Ensuring the app or website is ready for release.

Remember, this is only a way to earn extra cash. Many times, there are no tests for you to take up, and hence, it is not reliable.

Start with companies like:

You will need to clear an approval test post to get tests assigned. Each test can take up to 20 minutes or more.

The minimum requirement is a working PC or a laptop with a microphone and a good internet connection.

Pay: $10+ each test

Customer Support

As a customer support representative, you have to answer the common queries/questions of the clients. Many of these jobs are restricted to customer service via chats and emails. That’s why it would be a great way to make money while working full-time.

You can start by looking at the following:

With OutPLEX, for example, you can earn $9 to $14 every hour. You have to go through an interview process to secure the position.

Usually, all companies require good communication skills, typing skills of 30-40 WPM, and a grasp of English.

Pay: $9-15/hr

Online Surveys

Online surveys have always been the easiest way to earn extra bucks. All you are required to do is answer a few questions, play games, watch videos, and the like.

You can start with companies like:

  • Swagbucks
  • Survey Junkie
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Pinecone Research

They pay you in cash or gift cards. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and you can expect to make $10-100 a month, depending on how much time you spend on it.

Always look for bonuses, sweepstakes, and extra surveys on the platform to earn a little extra.

Pay: $10-100 a month

Online Tutoring

Do you love teaching and have expertise in some subjects? You can earn money tutoring the students – online or offline.

Here are some platforms to start your tutoring side hustle:

Every platform works differently, so you must check out the application and review process. In most cases, you will be given a demo class to teach, based on which they decide whether or not they want to hire you.

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If selected, you can create your schedule and fix your rates. You can earn between $30-$60 per hour through online tutoring.

Having certifications in your subject and a friendly teaching approach can provide you an edge over other tutors.

Pay: $20-30/hr

Sell Artwork and Photographs Online

Are you a photography enthusiast? If yes, you can put your creativity to work and sell your photos to earn money online.

There are many platforms on the internet to get started, like:

  • Shutterstock
  • Getty Images
  • Burst

Register on their website and start selling stock images. You can sell pictures in any niche or multiple niches. For example, you can sell prints of nature, outdoors, games, workplaces, emotions, etc.

Ensure you are signed up to multiple platforms and have non-exclusive agreements. This will increase your chances of getting in front of more people and making more money with the same set of images.

The payout depends on your partnering agency. On average, you can earn 5-50% commission on every image sold.

Pay: $100-1000+ a month

Start a YouTube Channel

You can start a YouTube channel alongside your full-time job. Pick a niche or an area you have skills in, and start making videos.

On the weekends, you can shoot videos in batches, and during the few hours you get every day after work, you can edit them and put them out. Considering there is no client work involved, and you don’t have a deadline, there is a lot of flexibility.

Start by registering on the YouTube platform for free and create a channel. Besides having basic equipment to shoot, you should also brush up on SEO basics.

Making money with YouTube isn’t quick. The income in the start will be scarce, or even close to nothing. If you do it right, however, you can earn as much as your full-time job.

Consistency in video uploading, editing skills, and SEO knowledge can help you grow faster.

Pay: $500-1000+ a month

Virtual Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers keep track of a business’s financial transactions. Many companies nowadays prefer hiring freelance bookkeepers, making it an excellent side hustle to earn money.

You can either start your own consultation business on the side or find bookkeeping jobs on:

  • Accounting Department
  • Bateman & Co.
  • Belay Solutions

You can earn up to $20 per hour as a beginner and rise to $100 per hour once you hone your skills, experience, and expertise.

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Pay: $20-100/hr

Selling Crafts

If you are artsy, you can create and sell in-demand crafts like knitted clothes, pottery, jewelry, etc.

Once you have narrowed down the product, convert your hobby into a business by selling your products through online platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.

The initial setup phase may be challenging, but once done, you can earn as much as $500 to over $50,000 a year. The revenue will depend on the demand for the product, its quality, and your marketing skills.

Be original and have a unique selling proposition (USP).

Pay: $500-1000+ a month


Dropshipping is another side hustle that can be lucrative. It involves selling products without having to manage any inventory or shipping operations. The supplier or the manufacturer handles those details.

You are responsible for opening a storefront with Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc., marketing the products, and getting orders. Depending on the demand for the product and your strategy, you can expect to make $800 to $1500 per month.

Spocket is a good tool for researching trending products and gaining an edge over competitors.

Pay: $500-1000+ a month

Work as an Email Marketer

Your work will include creating email strategies, writing email sequences, ideating and implementing promotional emails, etc. In short, you’re responsible for building relationships with your subscribers and promoting products or services without being too salesy.

You can find remote email marketing jobs on sites including:

The pay will depend on your experience, skills, and the client. However, you can expect to get $30+/hr for beginners and over $100/hr for experts in the field.

Pay: $30-100/hr


If you have a way with words and understand sales, you can moonlight as a copywriter. Your job would include writing copy that helps a business achieve a goal. It could be sign-ups, sales, having them download a freebie, etc.

While you do not need a degree in copywriting, you need the skills that come with practice. You can start by taking free courses online and hone your skills.

Find starter gigs on Upwork, Fiverr, or Facebook groups like The Copywriter Club.

Pay: $500-1000+ per project

Virtual Assistant

With many businesses turning remote-only, the demand for virtual assistants is rising. Your job could include handling admin tasks, writing, emailing, managing social media, etc.

You can earn as much as $10/hr as a beginner to over $100/hr as an expert. You can easily average $20-30/hr if you’re good.

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While you can also start with companies like Wing Assistant, where they find a client for you, we recommend contacting friends, family, and acquaintances to find your first few clients. You can also contact businesses in your area needing a virtual assistant.

Pay: $20/hr

Start a Blog

Blogging can be a great side hustle to take up along with a job because it is relatively low-cost and can be done in your spare time.

You only need to invest in a domain name and hosting to make your blog more professional. Once you have set up your blog, you can start writing about topics you are passionate about.

If you can write high-quality content that is informative and optimized for search engines, you can attract readers and build an audience.

There are several ways to make money from your blog, such as through advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, etc. You can also get paid to sell products and services.

If you are patient and persistent, you can eventually turn your blog into a profitable side hustle. Like YouTube, the income is nearly zero initially, but you can expect it to make a full-time income as you grow.

Pay: $500-1000+ a month

Besides this, you can also look into these ways to earn extra money:

  • Mystery Shopper
  • Dog Walking
  • Odd Jobs
  • Renting on Airbnb
  • Selling Products
  • Babysitting, etc.

Ready To Earn Alongside Your Full-Time Job?

There are many ways to make extra income while working full-time. The best way for you will depend on your skills, interests, availability, and the time you can spend on it.

Do your research and figure out what suits you the best. The methods listed in this article are practical and easy to start with. So what are you waiting for?

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About the author: Chhavi Agarwal is a lawyer who quit her job to become a full-time work-from-home blogger. She shares tips and tricks on making money online, side hustles, freelancing, and blogging through her blog, Mrs. Daaku Studio. Besides blogging, she works as a freelance coach and shares her expertise on YouTube and Instagram. When not blogging, she is traveling, sketching, or doing yoga.  

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