seo keyword search tool

SEO Keyword Search Tool

An seo keyword search tool is super important if you want to rank high in Google and more specifically on Google’s 1st page.  And if your term is too broad, you are competing with hundreds even thousands of other websites and it is highly likely your website will not be found.

Following is some of the most important factors when looking for a quality keyword. And they all come as part of this free keyword tool software.  Yes free to try out!


Jaxxy Keyword Search Tool


seo keyword search tool
Jaxxy keyword search tool


What Each Part of the Search Results Means

The AVG is the number of searches that the keyword receives each month.  You definitely want to go for a good number here, but also keywords that are quality and low competition, which is where the other factors come into play.


The TRAFFIC is the visits you may get to your website if you achieve a Page 1 ranking in the Search engines. So it shows the importance of ranking high to get visitors to your website. Ranking further than page 1 and even 2 just wont cut it.  That is why this free keyword tool software (well free to try out for 30 searches) is imperative!


QSR is the Quoted Search Results – this being the number of competing websites ranked in Google that have this exact keyword. So ideally having a low number – under 200 or so will give your site a better chance to rank as you create posts.

I generally keep around the 100 mark for QSR and as you will see in the screen shot below, my results after just a couple of short months.  I have pages ranking high and on Page 1 of Google.  Which as you know, means FREE traffic daily!


seo keyword search tool
Google Page 1 Results with this Jaxxy keyword tool


The KQI on this seo keyword search tool is also known as the Keyword Quality Indicator and just a quick look shows the colour green is great and a low competitive keyword to use and red – basically a red flag!  This indicator also has a colour yellow (not featured here) but indicates a good keyword, of course green being the best to use.


The SEO feature is a score based on traffic and competition.  The higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page.


Domains is basically what is available if you wanted to use the keyword as a domain name for your website.


Try out the SEO Keyword Search Tool for FREE!


Here is the Jaxxy Keyword tool you can tryout.  Put in any keyword relevant to your niche and see what this software will deliver back to you!  Or ideally CLICK HERE to get your Free trial started right away!


I do hope you have more of an idea now of how this SEO keyword search tool could work for you. You too could be getting your posts on Page 1 of Google rankings.  Click Here to try it out now for FREE!

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  1. This is a great discussion on SEO keyword tools but I was wondering, as a longstanding member of WA, how do you think their keyword tool compares to Jaxxy?
    They don’t have the option of showing you page rank and there is a bit less info but the major points like QSR and Traffic are visible so I was wondering your opinion.

    1. Jaaxy is of course much better as it has alot more options but the keyword tool in WA does give good keyword returns as well. Jaaxy just tells you more about your site and why I love it!. Thanks for your comments Ryan and stopping by!

  2. What in your opinion is the best way to use a solid keyword once you find it? Do you think you need to add it to the body of your content a certain % to the number of words? Or do you think just having a good keyword with solid content is enough. You have pages that have ranked, what has worked best for you once you find the great keyword? Also, Jaaxy is great and the FREE trial is wonderful. Really allows you to get comfortable with it before having to invest some money…

    1. Hi Scott,
      I make sure it is in the Title, the first sentence of paragraph. I like to go by what Yoast tells me also and to have the keyword appear enough times. And in the closing as well. My posts are usually 500-700 in word content so ideally 4 to 5 times.

      Yes the Jaaxy keyword tool is the way to go! I love it and use it most days so it is so worth the little investment. Thanks for your comments and stopping by!

  3. I liked you clear and no nonsense explanation of the Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool. Having only been with WA for a little over a month now, I have realized just how important this type of research is when developing domain names and content for our web sites.

    Answering your comments is great. It helps establish trust and loyalty with potential customers.

    Great Job. God Bless!

    1. Yes the Jaaxy keyword tool is important especially for newer site. I want to be ranking for keywords that are being searched but not too competitive and this tool gives me that. Thanks for stopping by!

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