Scentsy Reviews – To Join Scentsy or NOT to JOIN?

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Name:  Scentsy
Price:  US$ 99 – plus local taxes and shipping costs
Owners:  Heidi and Orville Thompson
Overall Rank:  70 out of 100

There are many Scenty Reviews online that claim Scentsy may be a scam, and whether it is legit?  Is it really all it is cracked up to be if I want a promising work from home business?

Well first up, it definitely is not a scam.  Nothing online survives for nearly 15 years if it is a scam, I can tell you that much!  What I want to share, however, is detailed information on the Scentsy opportunity to see if it is a fit for you.

And of course share a comparative opportunity, that comes without the purchase of multiple products, or expensive upsells to buy to begin your online business.


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Quick Links

A Brief overview of the Scentsy Business
The Good, Bad and What’s that Smell…?
Will I get the Support I Need? 
Costs Involved to Start Your Scentsy business
My Opinion & No.1 Biz – Don’t worry about purchasing products or building a downline!


A Brief Scentsy Business Review

Scentsy is a business opportunity or mlm company that sells scented wax and now many other fragrance products,  including cleaning solutions, laundry care, personal care for kids and more.

The main product is Warmers and wax which when plugged in, provides a safe way of melting wax hence filling your room with lovely fragrances.

With the company launching in 2004 by Heidi and Orville Thompson, it truly reflects their vision for this online and growing international business.

Its headquarters and Manufacturing sites are in Meridian, Idaho, USA, and with distribution sites in 6 countries worldwide and a business opportunity to over 11.

Which leads to why they now have over 1000 employees and over 200,000 affiliated consultants worldwide sharing their Scentsy wares and building their own respective online business.

The Good – The Bad & What’s That Smell?

The Good

    • The products seem to work well and enjoyed by many.
    • The Scentsy company is reputable and has been around for along time.
    • Seems like the company overall has a good vibe and family culture.
    • Offers of incentives and rewards for hard work.


The Bad

    • Costs a bit to join (plus local tax and shipping) with ongoing website costs, which with an mlm or direct sales company is pretty standard.
    • Because it is a fragrance product, hosting parties may be the best way to demonstrate how it works (and smells) versus online promotion.
    • How is your customer going to know “What’s that Smell?” online?   Which means your audience could possibly be less unless they know the product well.
    • There are monthly sales requirements on your PRV (personal retail volume) to be met.  This is a points system and points have to come from customer orders, party and online orders or through your personal website.
    • Which leads me to the Compensation plan and all the percentages and PRV that will be required to earn your commissions. (This comp plan is for US.  From the original Scentsy site you can view the compensation plan that reflects your country).



Will I get the Support I Need?

You will get support from the person you signed up with.  There is a dedicated consultant support team and ongoing personal and business development.

Also with your distributorship, you will get online training, business tools, and free marketing resources.

Here are some mixed reviews of Scentsy support, good and bad from Scentsy consultants and customers.


Costs Involved to Start Your Scentsy Business

The cost will depend on the country you reside in.  You will be given a warmer, scent testers, product samples, website, business tools and more.

It is $99 US Dollars, however, depending on your country and local currency, it will no doubt reflect a similar amount to get started.  You will also have additional costs of local taxes and shipping costs.

My Opinion & No.1 Business Opportunity – Don’t worry about purchasing products or building a downline!

The Scentsy opportunity seems like a nice family oriented business to be part of.  The products are enjoyed by many worldwide and with the company being around for over 10 years, this is reassurance it is legitimate.

And if candles and fragrances are of interest to you, then this may definitely be the opportunity you have been looking for.

However, what I have learned online, is it’s great if you can start a business without having to purchase product or pay to access the business admin area.

There was nothing better when I found my existing business, that I could get in, and trial it for free – for as long as I wanted.  And then, pay (initially) $50 a month, but now I pay under $30 a month to be a part of it.

Of course, I could have stayed a free member for as long as I wanted to build my online business, however, I wanted to be able to access all areas of the platform.

I have been part of this community and business for over 18 months now.  It is the best decision I have made. Having made many bad decisions of joining mlms and other schemes before I got here, I can, with hand on heart, say this has been my best move yet!

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate University Review for yourself to see what it involves, why it is free to check out and seriously, get in, set up a free account and do your due diligence yourself.

For once I am ahead with my return on investment which far outweighs the very small cost to be a member!


Please note this post may contain Affiliate links – Please refer to my Disclosure page for more info.


Below is a comparison of the Wealthy Affiliate program to Scentsy and what each program has available to you!

Please feel free to comment below, any additional information you have on this Scentsy business.

There are many Scentsy Reviews online and I do hope I have given you enough information to make your own informed decision.

Cheers, Sharon






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