review six figure mentors affiliate program

Review Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program

Company Name:   Six Figure Mentors
Overall Ranking:   60/100
Price:   Free 30 Day Trial then prices start at $25/m, $97/m, $2,500/year + Up-sells of higher ticket items
Owners:   Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek

You have found this post today to review Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program and I am here to give you an unbiased review, but also an insider’s look into this program. I have noticed there are some reviews that slam this company and say it is a scam.

I wouldn’t say that, even though I did join them briefly.  Some companies get an unfair wrap. I just like to put figures and facts on the table, you read it and make up your own mind.  (Please read my Disclaimer here)


Six Figure Mentors launched in 2010 by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, and are a company who claim they have expertly designed a system that teaches you how to become an effective affiliate marketer. You learn knowledge on how to make money selling other people’s products, without the headaches of distribution, returns and other traditional challenges that everyday businesses face.

Below I will go into more detail regarding the membership, one off yearly payments and ongoing subscriptions. Also listed are the products and tool information as well.

There are probably 2 parts to this Six Figure Mentors (SFM) equation. But on first inspection of SFM, you only seem to learn about them and not Digital Experts Academy (DEA) until after you join.

So there is the Six Figure Mentors with their monthly and yearly memberships.  The other part of the equation is Digital Experts Academy with higher paid ticket items.

So not only is this about Six Figure Mentors, but also a brief Digital Experts Academy review as well.


The memberships as pictured, from Essential upwards come with an ANNUAL payment as well as a monthly subscription. So, if you are purchasing Elite at $2,500 for the training and tools, you will be paying that AGAIN  12 months down the track.

review six figure mentors affiliate program


FREE to be an Affiliate.  This includes – not only all your sales pages and funnels and marketing banners etc – but a consultant to close sales if someone was interested in joining SFM.

(NOTE; ALL LEVELS OF MEMBERSHIP make you an affiliate instantly.  But the option of being an affiliate without even joining the program itself and all it’s costs and upsells is quite good.)


Free 30 day trial (with credit card sign up) but then $25 per month.

You are now an affiliate and only have access to old live recordings and an introduction to the Digital Business Lounge, (you will see the tools explained below).  And also access to a consultant and videos to learn online skills.

As the title suggests, it is just access.  If you are new to the online world guidance and applying knowledge learned is key.  And updated training is really important also.  No point in using outdated methods.


$297 one off payment to begin (however this $297 becomes an annual cost) then $97/mth.

You get access to the Six Figure Mentor digital business system and to a senior business coach, plus access to the Digital business lounge which is explained in the tools below.

Includes also the smaller subscriptions below like the Digital Business Lounge, Graphix Creator, and Lead Capture pages.

You can now attend (at an additional cost) the live events held in various countries (US, UK, CAN, AUS) throughout the year and also access to a private community site.

Commission when referring an Essential Member:

$200 from the one off and $200 per year if they reinvest at this level
$20 from the monthly recurring subscription


$2500 one off payment to begin (however this $2,500 becomes an annual cost) then $97/mth

Elite is a private mastermind with live webinars and lots of training and coaching from the co-founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.  This membership is for fast tracking your way to success as you qualify for the high commissions by promoting the Six Figure Mentor memberships/training and tools.

Like the Essential membership, it also includes the additional smaller monthly costs of Simple Lead capture pages, DBL, Graphix creator and Simple trakk.

Commission when referring an Elite Member:

$1000 from the one off and $1000 per year if they reinvest at this level
$20 from the monthly recurring subscription


These are heavily involved programs, some with hands on workshops and events depending on what level you purchase at.


Here are the cost of your DEA products below and also more info here;

DEA Silver $3,000
DEA Gold $8,000
DEA Platinum $11,000
DEA Black $20,000

Commission on DEA Products:

You get 5% on sales of these products if you are an Essential member and 10% if you are Elite.

10% commission of DEA Black is $2,000

Checkout the full Six Figure Mentors and DEA payment structure here.

TOOLS & COSTS Associated

Digital Business Lounge:    $37 or $67/mth
A platform to create your own website and blog that is done quickly and easily. No need to host your site anywhere as well so this additional cost is covered.

Simple Lead Capture:    $29.95/mth
Make lead capture pages without knowing how to code or design yourself. This is a page builder program where you can create, edit and publish your own designs to suit your needs.

Graphix Creator:   $99/year
An application to create ebook covers or perhaps a cover for a product you may own.

Simple Trakk:   $9.95/mth
Very important to know where your audience is coming from, so this gives you funnel tracking capabilities and the ability to split-test.



  • Teaches basics on affiliate marketing to get you started
  • Lots of training videos to get you informed how to market
  • Sales team to close your leads so you do not have to
  • Ongoing commissions and the possibility to make $1000
  • Includes a website, however only for Elite members
  • Support is readily available and lots of it
  • 30 day money back guarantee



  • Free 30 day trial can only be given after giving credit card details
  • Not really clear when joining, as there is not only the Six Figure Mentor program but the Digital Experts Academy as well, which are separate programs/products.  DEA are all the high ticket upsells you learn about when you get in
  • Very limited training and offerings on the $25 package so you really have to upgrade to get access to more tools and training
  • Additional fees for tools (Digital business lounge, Graphix creator etc,) if you come in just as Student access
  • The higher ticket items could come with higher commissions



They claim it is for these following people;

People dissatisfied with their job or employer.
Stay at home mums or dads.
People after extra income or wanting to change their life path.
Unemployed people. (mmmm, wondering how they will pay for any of this?)
Retired veterans and Grandparents.
Those with zero business experience.
Affiliate and network marketers looking for additional opportunity.
College and uni students.
The list goes on….

I think it may be more suited to the seasoned marketer.



They seem to have a lot of support from system consultants to new member services but you don’t have direct access with the owners unless you are part of the bigger ticket items. There is no live interactive support, just a private community which can take time to get queries answered.  You can have a consultation, however an appointment has to be made.


When you join this program, you are basically taken through steps. You follow this information, and it will only take you so far unless you buy (dearer memberships) and further into the program. So if you are not prepared to pay as the memberships outlined above, then you wont get very far.

I think when you join something, you should know all there is to know about it.

I do hope you enjoyed my review of Six Figure Mentors affiliate program and can decide from the information if it is a fit for you.
Please read my Disclaimer here.





Wealthy Affiliate My No.1 Recommendation Vs Six Figure Mentors

Make it an awesome day,











24 thoughts on “Review Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program”

  1. I can see how so many people can come to the conclusion that affiliate marketing is a scam when they work with companies that have membership setups similar to this! I’ve seen some similar ones when I started looking into doing an affiliate program. What you get from Wealthy Affiliate for the price is so amazing I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. WA trains you on every little thing…I couldn’t imagine starting this for the first time and only get access and then be told…”okay, go gettem!!!” Your right in that technically they are not a scam and you can find success in it, but there are much better options out there that can give you better results for much less money!

    • Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for your comments and checking this Review out. And I am glad to see you are part of the Wealthy Affiliate community and you can see the value and everything that is provided for us there.  SFM just is not transparent enough I don’t think.   We are so lucky tow have a great platform that can be checked out for free before someone decides to join – with no upsells along the way.

      Have an awesome day!

  2. Well, that really summed everything up for me.
    I want to commend you on your honesty! Makes me trust you and your opinion on things, so thank you again.
    This article was very clear and we’ll written. I think you were wise to get out of that trap. Man, these people sound like they are very greedy. I can’t get over it.
    You did a great job Sharon!

    Take care,

    • Hi Eric,

      Thanks for checking my post out and leaving your comment. I get we are all online to make money however I am quite baffled at the low % of commission for such a high ticket program.  A big portion goes back to them and you keep $2k. Thanks for your comments

  3. Thanks for this thorough review Sharon,
    I’m familiar with this type of business set-up: they get you in for a low fee and then they attempt to suck you dry with upsales. While not necessarily a scam, this type of marketing is definitely shady.
    It’s a huge gamble for someone with a small bank account hoping to find a genuine way to earn online.
    Best wishes!

    • Hi Edwin,
      You are very welcome and yes you are right, it is not necessarily a scam, however I think it is great when an online business is fully transparent so you know what you are buying in to.

      Thanks for your comments and checking it out.
      All the best to you too

  4. Hi Sharon, I am always wary of fancy sounding business opportunity like Six Figure Mentors. I have been exploring how to make some side income online and the thing I dislike is the upselling. It’s a total turn off for me.

    Very comprehensive review and I’m sure your readers will be be able to make an informed decision whether or not to try Six Figure Mentors. Good one!


    • Hi Song,

      Six figure mentors is a funny one, in that it includes DEA and probably why I included a Digital Experts Academy review to show that you potentially are joining both… or more being upsold to DEA.

      I am not keen on upsells either and one of the reasons why I joined Wealthy Affiliate and proudly promote it, as it gives so much more value than it costs.   Thanks for your comments and checking it out. 

      Cheers Sharon

  5. I am always looking for new ways to make money online and just so happened to stumble across your page. I really like how detailed you were with this review and it seems very unbiased which I appreciate it. Is this something I may go for? Probably not, but it’s always nice to get further educated on money making opportunities online 🙂

    • Hi Corey,

      Glad I could help you check out the six figure mentors and a review on not only them, but digital experts academy as well. I do try to give out as much detail as possible, and fairly too.(and if I have been part of it – my experience also).  Very wise to get better educated on anything these days!  All the best on your journey,

      Cheers, Sharon

  6. It is easy to get discouraged by affiliate marketing if you have been persuaded that you need to spend more and more money to learn all there is about affiliate marketing. It is a shame that the six figure mentors affiliate program is not as transparent as it should be. Upselling is today’s tactic of persuading you that giving away more money guarantees that you will receive great training and therefore be more successful, which is not the case.

    • Hi John,

      Yes some systems are like that, where you need to keep throwing in money to get access to the training. And it is not apparent when you join, you learn these processes on the way in. So glad I am now with Wealthy Affiliate, with one low cost for everything and never any upselling at all!  Thanks for stopping by to check out my website and for your comments John.  Have an awesome day, Cheers, Sharon

  7. If it was me, I would stay as far away as possible. I don’t care if it is not a scam and 100% legitimate but if a program can’t even be transparent in what they can provide and then takes our money just like that, I do not appreciate it at all.

    Thanks Sharon, for this review! You’ve put it really well.

    • Hi Rab,

      Thanks for your comments on the six figure mentors review I did. I really enjoy getting all the information I can into a review and providing it for others.  I am glad I got a good inside look into this one and have decided against it

      All the best in finding something legitimate Rab!

  8. Sharon,
    Very good review of Six Figure Mentors affiliate program.
    Although it appears to be legit, i.e. it offers and delivers affiliate marketing training, I certainly couldn’t afford the payments required. If the training results in a profitable business that brings in more in a year than you pay, then all is well and good.
    However, my question is simple, is the value received worth the money paid? Or, can you learn the same thing for free on the Internet, or from another less expensive source?
    I think that you have answered that question by comparing it to Wealthy Affiliate so I will put my money on WA.

    • Hi Ed 

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. The 6 Figure Mentors program is definitely an expensive one. I find these mlms get you in on there testimonials. Are they real?  I hope so otherwise it questions the integrity of the CEOs and the business as a whole.

      I am glad you an see the Wealthy Affiliate University is a legitimate place to be. I have been with them for well over a year and am blown away at how much value I get for so little investment.   And it didn’t take me long for my profits to far outweigh what I pay each month,

      Cheer Sharon

  9. I am actually a member of both systems. While I see what you are saying about pricing. They are totally different programs entirely.

    I have had a lot of value as a member of SFM far outside of affiliate marketing. Including one to one coaching in my own personal growth which has been nothing short of excellent.

    I have also imported 2 physical products, setup a shopify store and learned how to sell on Amazon FBA.

    I have been with both programs since 2013 and find myself spending more time with SFM to be honest.

    Did you know they have many partnerships which give you access to loads of trainings. In fact they have over 7000 courses in technology, business, creative etc

    I am not doing affiliate marketing these days but I still like to learn from WA as they have great training on SEO.

    • Hi Marius,

      That is great you are happy with the six figure mentors. I hope you read my review properly as I don’t give the company an unfair review. I just state the facts as I experienced them within the program.

      There was alot of things I was unaware of when I joined, and I felt the upsells after taking their initial steps to getting started, just demonstrated to me that they are not transparent at all, which I state.

      I didn’t say Wealthy Affiliate and 6 figure mentors were the same programs at all, yes they are very different. And if this sort of program is something that aligns with you, then that is fantastic.

      I guess we are all different, and we relate to different people teaching us. And what the program has to offer. I just find Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer beyond the very small price tag.

      And that is what kind of blew me away with SFM. How you had to purchase the likes of Elite annually and then it also becomes a monthly cost. Usually higher tickets are one off (unless they are events) and you are an affiliate for them for life.

      In any case, you obviously enjoy the program, you are doing well with it and I just wish you all the very best with it.

      Cheers, Sharon

  10. I started relating to this review right away. I had joined a similar network marketing company with high ticket sales. I did appreciate the training and done for you tools but a lot was out dated on what they recommend. I’m with you on who I chose to keep learning and building my affiliate business. Thanks for such a good review.

    • Yes it can relate even if you are with other high ticket item programs.  They are, kind of similar in a way.  They do have alot of training and tools and a business in a box really.  But how high in cost do the products need to be?

      Being with my program the Wealthy Affiliate University, I am in awe of the amount of training they have for such little cost for the program.  Just shows it can be done and it is up to us to follow steps and become affiliate marketers ourselves – without astronomical costs!

      Thanks for your comments and stopping by to check out my site.

  11. Hey, Sharon nice landing on your blog for the first time. It’s about the six figure mentors affiliate program review and I’m happy your blog has broken it down for me to make a final decision and have a stand. I own business blog and looking for legit products to monetize it. Something that will help my audience out only if they find it beneficial. So going through your review I am going to join them as an affiliate to find out more about how it can help my readers. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

    • Hi Natasha,

      I am glad you liked the six figure mentors review.  

      If you think it may help your viewers and you become an affiliate then all the best to you. I think it is very hard to sell a product you haven’t bought or using yourself.   As you cannot tell your readers your experience. That is the problem with taking up the free affiliate offer.   But, I could be wrong.  

      I wish you all the very best with it

      Cheers Sharon

  12. Hi, Sharon. Being familiar with six-figure mentors program myself I can attest to the fact that it is definitely not for “newbies” or people who never have gone into business for themselves previously to joining this program.

    The training seems to be quite intense, and at a pace not suitable for some people who don’t easily grasp new concepts regarding any subject matter.

    The “free” membership level is only token at best and with that very few tools and training to provide a solid foundation for a new recruit. It’s like at the free level a new member would get next to nothing.

    Yet, with the various packages that are offered by the two individuals who co-founded this program it can be quite expensive to purchase most or all that is offered. I truly do not like online business programs that try to twist the arms of members through a number of “upsells” as they imply the ideal that not purchasing everything would be a hindrance to the progress of those people.

    Six-figure mentors is tailored more for the season and serious online business owner, just as long as he/she is willing to fork over a lot of money in purchasing as much of the total available packages as possible.

    A fairly decent program, but certainly not the best either!


    • Hi Jeff,

      Yes you are right, it isn’t for newbies.  And free membership is truly pointless like you say.  The fact that with our program here at Wealthy Affiliate and how you can remain a free member for as long as you want speaks volumes.   

      The Premium membership does give you more but for the low cost it is so worth it.   I am so pleased I am steering clear of programs like the six figure mentors, its just not worth it.

      Thanks for your sharing your insights and comments Jeff, all the best.



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